March 27, 2012; Palm Beach, FL, USA; Miami Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin listens to a reporter

Whose Played Worse -- Miami Media or Dolphins Defense?

If you know me, you know that every once and a while I tend to get off on a rant about certain things.  Today is one of those days.  The target of my rant is the Miami Sports Media.  I started wondering who played worsethe Miami Sports Media today covering the Chad Johnson soap opera or the Dolphins Defense on Friday against Tampa Bay?

By now, everyone who is keenly interested in the Miami Dolphins probably knows about the Chad Johnson saga.  He shot his mouth off a week or so ago in a press conference including dropping the “f” bomb multiple times.  Coach Philbin did not like it and let him know to shape up or ship out.  Then, Johnson “ocho-cincoed” his career by head butting his bride of one month and getting arrested.  Coach Philbin concluded that Johnson and the Miami Dolphins were “not a good fit” and released the problem.  This is not a complicated issue.  Johnson was on a short leash, he screwed up, and the Dolphins got rid of him.  People should not be surprised by this action — case in point, Brandon Marshall.

I applaud Joe Philbin in the matter.  It is done … over with … let’s move on!

However, despite the fact that the Dolphins did not play well last Friday against the Bucs, particularly the first team defense, the idiotic Miami Sports Media questioned everyone in the Dolphins organization and their dogs about what they thought about Johnson getting released.  I am surprised that they did not label the soap opera with something like “Ocho-Cinco-Gate”.

I watched the media availabilities today on the Dolphins Official Website, particularly of the defensive players (Wake, Smith, Jones, and Dansby).  The questions asked were like … Were you surprised by the release of Chad Johnson?  Do you agree with the decision to release Chad?  Do you think this will be a distraction?  Do you think Chad was a good teammate?  Do you think he was a good guy — on and off the field?  Do you think he was treated badly?  Do you think he should have gotten three strikes?  These were the types of questions being asked by the Sports Media.  In my opinion, it was ridiculous and professionally embarrassing for the media.

As said in the ESPN NFL Countdown Show … C’MON MAN!

C’MON MAN!  If I only had the chance to shove a microphone in front of one of the Dolphins defensive starters, I would not be asking about Ocho-Cinco-Gate.  I would ask … Hey Karlos, why couldn’t you tackle the Bucs’ RBs Blount and Martin? … Hey Cameron, why didn’t you get a sack?  … Hey Sean, why couldn’t you cover that guy, that second or third string guy, what was his name, Underwood?  … and, … Hey Reshad, why couldn’t the safeties get the defensive backs lined up against the Bucs?  And, I would ask all of them … what was wrong with you guys on the first team defense — the second team looked better?  I think that these are the questions the fans are wondering about after such a dismal performance last Friday!  NOT Ocho-Cinco-Gate!

I believe this is a sad day in Miami Dolphins coverage by the media.  PLEASE … guys and gals … get with the program and report on football.  Forget about the soap opera.  Stop reporting like an audition for HBO’s Hard Knocks.  And, think about something!  Did it ever cross your mind that the Dolphins are a relatively young football team with a new coaching staff?  Did it ever occur to you that the Dolphins need to move past this incident quickly and focus on football in order to have a successful season?  PLEASE … be part of the solution, instead of being part of the problem … C’MON MAN!.

I do want to give out KUDOS to the reporter who asked Joe Philbin about his thoughts on acquiring Usain Bolt at wide receiver.  Good question!  I thought Philbin’s answer was equally good!  Get some video on the guy and we’ll send it up to Jeff Ireland.  Now, if you wish to be creative, ask that kind of question.


What do you think about the media and Ocho-Cinco-Gate?


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