GM Jeff Ireland Should Be Held To Blame

Two weeks into the NFL pre-season and Miami Dolphin fans are starting to get very frustrated.  It’s not the two embarrassing losses that Miami already has this pre-season, but rather the quality of play in both games.  Most people know that the pre-season is no indication of the season, for example, The Pittsburgh Steelers, New England Patriots and Green Bay Packers usually lose the majority of their preseason games and still dominate during the season.  As well as the fact that Miami went 3-1 last pre-season and then went 0-7 to start the season.  So the losses aren’t what sting, but draft busts and below mediocre play is what has fans starting to get very worried.

General Manager Jeff Ireland has been on the hot seat since last season when Miami was spiraling out of control at 0-7 and then Head Coach Tony Sporano was about to get fired.  He stoked the fires even more in the off season by trading away top receiver Brandon Marshall for 2 third round picks and then cutting the teams top tackler and fan favorite Safety Yeremiah Bell.  Two very important positions on the team that have yet to be properly addressed and are visibly lacking in talent. Then in this years Draft, reaching in the first round and over drafting a QB that is far from proven and has the potential to be either a savior or straight out bust.  And so far the rest of his 2012 Draft Class has not shown any promise what so ever. 

Jonathan Martin was drafted high in the second round to help a improve a lackluster offensive line that gave up the third most sacks in the NFL last season.  So far, he has done nothing but put us on track to be the first in most sacks.  On Friday, against the North Caroline Panthers, Martin gave up 2 sacks, a holding penalty and an offsides penalty.  He was also abused by Carolina’s Charles Johnson the whole game and can be seen getting knocked down and ran over by other Miami players on last weeks episode of Hard Knocks.  So far Martin has not proven himself and is starting to look like bust or maybe a good back up.

Other draft picks like Oilvier Vernon, Josh Kaddu, Lamar Miller and Kheeston Randall have all been just about invisible so far this preseason while draft picks like Michael Egnew and Richard Matthews are only being noticed by how bad they are playing.  BJ Cunningham has also shown little or now promise and most seem to forget he is even there.  Some of these names if not all should be on headlines and leading stats as they try to earn a spot on this team and are getting more playing time then the majority of the team.  Instead Undrafted Free Agents like Chris Hogan, Les Brown and Derrick Shelby are leading articles and top stories on Hard Knocks and are surprising fans and coaches while Ireland’s draft picks are disappointing fans and coaches with subpar play.

Also as previously mentioned, Ireland still has not done anything to address the areas of real concern like WR and Safety.  Chris Clemons and Reshad Jones are the Phins starting safeties and neither are hard hitters or ball hawks and react incredibly slow to the run.  In both preseason games, the opponents running backs have racked up yardage on runs to the outside because the safeties are not stepping up to support the run.  Yes, the starting linebacker corps has not been on the field but the secondary should be stepping up to help in the run.  Not mention that Cam Newton completed several passes right down the middle, right in front of the safeties who forgot to pick up the cross routes and streaking tight ends.  Along with the screenplays to the outside that, yes the linebackers should have been on top of, but so should the free safety who should be hawking the running back as well.

At wide receiver, Miami has the worst receiver corps in the NFL.  Not taking anything away from Devone Bess, he is truly amazing as a slot receiver, but not as a true number 1 receiver.  After Bess there is not a single known or proven receiver on the team. Every week another name is getting thrown around as a surprise star to watch and not one has lived up to the hype.  Roberto Wallace cannot get separation, Legedu Naanee has been invisible, Clyde Gates looks like a bust and the list goes on and on.

Ireland has done a great job of stripping this team of star power and talent and then wondering why they cannot win games.  Ireland openly admitted that the team has plenty of 4,5 and 6 receivers but need 3,2, and 1s, which is all his fault.  Trading away Marshall and not replacing him in either free agency or draft was one of the most damaging things he could have done to this offense.  At the end of last season, Miami needed a strong number 2 receiver to play opposite Marshall and free up the running game.  Instead they went backwards and got rid of their biggest offensive threat.

All these players and choices were picked and made by non other then General Manager Jeff Ireland.  If anybody is to blame for the catastrophe that appears to be headed our way this season, it should be him.  Not the coaches or players but the GM.  It is his job to get players that Head Coach Joe Philbin can use and to make sure that any needs are filled.  Instead he has created more needs and bigger holes and tried to fill them with his idea of great player that continue to fail.  I am a true fan of this team and it’s coach Joe Philbin, but the turth is Miami needs a lot of help and unfortunately as long as Ireland stays in office, Miami has little or no chance of becoming successful.


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  • Heywood Yablowme

    Absolutely dead straight right on. Ireleand/Ross has made us the laughingstock in the NFL. Somebody needs to rent a flying banner and hold more protests. That’s what works, not fans saying we “need more time.” Or “Henne was handcuffed by the OC.” These ludicrous fans are partly to blame for the crap product we see on the field week after week, year after year.

    • Heywood Yablowme

      The cupboards are bare. I doubt even Tannehill will make it through the year because of that lack of protection. We are dooooooomed.

      • Man Up

        I’m embarrassed to be a Miami fan when I’ve hear all u pussies cry. Be a man damn it. I’d hate to b ur wives and kids when the shit hits the fan and ur whining in the corner.

        • Ronald

          I don’t think they’re “crying” they are fed up with losing so many years in a row with no end in site. Jeff Ireland has lost confidence with fans in so many ways. Can you name a player who he chose that became a star? I for one am fed up with this regime and am about to throw in the towel on this year. Apparently you haven’t seen one pre-season game because if you had there isn’t one player to get excited about.

          • Man Up

            I’ve watched both games all the way out in CA. I’m excited about tannehill. Maybe u aren’t but I think he’s gonna be what we’ve been looking for. Did you really think we were going to the super bowl with a brand new coach, new offense, and a rookie QB? Set ur expectations right. I’d be happy to see Ireland go. Personally I think he’s a dirt bag but everyone needs to stop crying…its embarrassing

      • Farley F Waters

        IMHO you are not a fan.

  • Bobby

    ITS PRE SEASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you cant expect a rookie to play like an all pro from day one. there going to make mistakes. Veterans dont play 100% in preseason. Miami is building a winner. Mark my words

    • Heywood Yablowme

      You’ve totally missed the writers/posters point. It’s not just rookies, it’s top down, all players are playing like crap. There is no hope because we have no emerging players, no exciting players and the moves we made are coming home to roost.

  • Heywood Yablowme

    Hey Esteban ya got any more pics of that hot hoochie mama?

    • Esteban Perez

      Hey wood,
      Thank you for getting the point. But take it easy thats my wife there killer.

  • studolfan

    if you don’t jump off the ledge I’d be happy to push you! It’s preseason and we are implementing new offensive and defensive schemes!

  • Caliphinfan

    For the love of God, learn how to spell before posting your opinion for the entire world to read!

  • Farley F Waters

    It’s preseason and your not accustomed to the inner workings that hard knocks combined with a new coaching staff has provided. Man up son !

  • Esteban Perez

    Understand I am a fan and a passionate one. As I stated in my post, I know preseason doesn’t matter but read it again. Those rookies and those fighting for a spot should be playing alot harder to earn a spot. Our o-line should be protecting the QB just the same and niether is happening. I hope we have a great season and I am wrong about eveything, but I have a hard time believing that Im that far off. Look at the games and the stats. I truly hope I’m wrong but I doubt it

    • Heywood Yablowme

      Esteban, ignore the fools, you’re spot on. This team should all be playing much harder especially to impress the new coach. The opposite is happening. You’re the best writer on this subject and site.

      • Farley F Waters

        Your a bunch of whinny little beaches. Two preseason games means zero. Wah !!

  • gman

    hmmm, chris clemons hits RB hard, makes him fumble and he recovers it.

    you make bad examples IMO. boo birds unite! Its time to hang Ireland! For real?
    Hispanics know football like I know soccer.

    • Heywood Yablowme

      That’s a racist comment. Go back to your nazi site.

  • HeardItThroughtheGrapevyne

    It’s not as bad as it looks. You have to remember that majority of the players aren’t playing at 100% to avoid injury. I would love to see some player just dominate the game though, preferably a WR.

  • bill

    Heywood you just sound ignorant, immature, and clueless. Stop ruining the integrity of this site. Say something intellegent for once.

    • Heywood Yablowme

      Hey bill, why are you such an ignoramus? How’s that?

  • ctfinsfan

    The one thing that jumps out at you is that there doesn’t seem to be alot of positive energy comming from the team. At least sporano used to yell encouragements at the team and cheer them on. I don’t see any of that. Joe Philbin reminds me of a stoned woody harrelson. The O line really should be getting it together by now and they just look like the usual train wreck. I hope this isn’t another cam cammeron year!!!!

  • Adam Spohn

    I find this article pretty funny being posted right after the one Brian posted about chilling out on the panic button.

    Seriously calm down. Yes Jeff hasnt hit in the early and middle rounds. We might as well not have 2nd and 3rd round picks sometimes. Egnew doesnt look amazing yet. If that doesnt change and we pick another stinker we gave marshall up for nothing… which sources say the Phins were prepared to do anyway….. Ireland isnt an Egnew guy though. not in the past anyway. That has Philbins fingerprints on it. So lets be patient.

    The roster isnt optimal. Hartlines injury timing makes it loook even worse in these pre season games. But seriously calm down and lets re visit this mid season. There is no reason for alarm right now. None of us expected to win 11 games after only winning 1 the prior year. Have a little faith in Philbin and the plan that … well might not happen overnight. It might take some time. Have some faith.

  • Heywood Yablowme

    The biggest excuse is “it’s just preseason!” Jimmy Johnson said he wanted his players to play hard no matter what. Bill Parcels said every game should be played hard so you don’t develop bad habits. When the Dolphins have a good preseason watch the same people jump up and down to praise the Fins who earlier said “it’s just preseason!”

  • Jake

    You seem to forget, Brandon Marshal accounted for all of 6 touchdowns last season. Hardly a stud receiver.