August 3, 2012; Green Bay, WI, USA; Green Bay Packers center Jeff Saturday (63) (left) and guard T.J. Lang (70) (right) block defensive end Jarius Wynn (94) during the Family Night scrimmage at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, WI. Mandatory Credit: Jeff Hanisch-US PRESSWIRE

Week 14 NFL Game Predictions


Welcome to Week 14’s predictions! So many questions to be answered. Will Houston ever cool down? Who will separate themselves in the AFC North? Can Kansas City ever catch San Diego? Will Detroit catch up to Green Bay? Can Dallas unseat Philadelphia in the NFC East? Well, enough with all of the questions! Let’s get down to the meat and gravy!!!


New England Patriots – (10-2) [4-1]

Buffalo Bills – (7-5) [2-2]

Miami Dolphins – (6-6) [3-1]

New York Jets – (4-8) [0-5]




San Diego Chargers – (9-3) [3-2]

Kansas City Chiefs – (8-4) [3-1]

Oakland Raiders – (4-8) [1-2]

Denver Broncos – (4-8)[1-3]




Baltimore Ravens – (8-4)[3-2]

Pittsburgh Steelers – (7-5)[3-1]

Cincinnati Bengals – (7-5)[3-1]

Cleveland Browns – (1-11) [0-5]




Houston Texans – (11-1) [4-0]

Tennessee Titans – (5-7) [2-2]

Indianapolis Colts – (2-10) [1-2]

Jacksonville Jaguars – (1-11) [1-4]



Kansas City Chiefs – (8-4) [3-1]

Pittsburgh Steelers – (7-5)[3-1]

Cincinnati Bengals – (7-5)[3-1]

Buffalo Bills – (7-5) [2-2]

Miami Dolphins – (6-6) [3-1]

Tennessee Titans – (5-7) [2-2]

Oakland Raiders – (4-8) [1-2]

Denver Broncos – (4-8)[1-3]




Philadelphia Eagles – (10-2) [3-1]

Dallas Cowboys – (8-4) [3-2]

New York Giants – (6-6) [3-2]

Washington Redskins – (2-10) [0-4]

San Francisco 49er’s – (10-2)[4-0]

Seattle Seahawks – (6-6) [2-1]

Arizona Cardinals – (3-9) [1-3]

St. Louis Rams – (2-10) [1-4]




Green Bay Packers – (10-2)[3-0]

Detroit Lions – (8-4) [3-1]

Chicago Bears – (5-7) [1-2]

Minnesota Vikings – (1-11) [0-4]




Atlanta Falcons – (10-2) [4-0]

Carolina Panthers – (7-5)[3-1]

Tampa Bay Buccaneers – (6-6) [1-3]

New Orleans Saints – (4-8) [0-4]



Detroit Lions – (8-4) [3-1]

Dallas Cowboys – (8-4) [3-2]

Carolina Panthers – (7-5)[3-1]

New York Giants – (6-6) [3-2]

Seattle Seahawks – (6-6) [2-1]

Tampa Bay Buccaneers – (6-6) [1-2]

Chicago Bears – (5-7) [1-2]

New Orleans Saints – (4-8) [0-4]


Denver (4-8) @ Oakland (4-8)

Match up to watch: Von Miller v.s. Darren McFadden


Jan 8 2012; Denver, CO, USA; Denver Broncos outside linebacker Von Miller (58) pass rushes in the fourth quarter against the Pittsburgh Steelers of the 2011 AFC wild card playoff game at Sports Authority Field. The Broncos defeated the Steelers 23-29 in overtime. Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-US PRESSWIRE


Both Denver and Oakland are still technically “in” the AFC Wildcard race, but I wouldn’t expect either to make a run for one of the last playoff spots. Denver is probably the favorite in this game based upon their talent level. Denver has the superior defense, as Oakland has the superior special teams unit. Neither team has a great offense, but both are serviceable. Oakland may have the technical edge here in this one playing at home, it is pretty tough to win in the black hole….but I say Denver steals this one.


Denver – 20 Oakland – 17


St. Louis (2-10) @ Buffalo (7-5)

Match up to watch: Cortland Finnegan v.s. Stevie Johnson


St. Louis is playing for pride and dignity at this point in the season. The team can still pick up one or two more wins and build towards next years season. Although, the Rams actually match up quite nicely against Buffalo across the board. Buffalo should have one of the leagues top defensive units, although it hasn’t looked that way through two weeks of preseason action. Buffalo’s defense should be able to bully an anemic St. Louis offense in this one.


St. Louis – 13 Buffalo – 27


Dallas (8-4) @ Cincinnati (7-5)

Match up to watch: DeMarcus Ware v.s. Andre Smith


Dec 11, 2011; Dallas, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys linebacker DeMarcus Ware (94) in action against the New York Giants at Cowboys Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE


Dallas and Cincinnati are both behind in their divisions, but are almost locks for wildcard births. This could be a great contest, and I’m intrigued by this match up. Andre Smith is one of the better right tackles in the game, but has always been pegged as an overweight and slow moving offensive lineman. It would be awesome to see Smith absolutely shut out Ware, but some of the best in the NFL can’t even do that. Cincinnati has the talent to beat Dallas any day of the week, but there is just something about Cincinnati winning games they should….they usually don’t win.


Dallas – 24 Cincinnati – 23


Kansas City (8-4) @ Cleveland (1-11)

Match up to watch: Jonathan Baldwin v.s. Joe Haden


Watch out for Kansas City this season, I’ve been saying that all along it seems like. The Chiefs are getting a huge boost from some of their best players returning from injuries! Kansas City is in position to sneak up behind San Diego at any point and seize control of the AFC West. Cleveland, well, they’re not very good. They’re stuck in probably the hardest division in the AFC, if not the entire NFL. I don’t really know what else to say about the team.


Kansas City – 35 Cleveland – 14


Tennessee (5-7) @ Indianapolis (2-10)

Match up to watch: Chris Johnson v.s. Pat Angerer


Aug 17, 2012; Tampa, FL, USA; Tennessee Titans running back Chris Johnson (28) rushes for yardage against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers during the first quarter at Raymond James Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Douglas Jones-US PRESSWIRE


Tennessee is in position to possibly steal a wildcard spot in the last week of the season, as Al Davis said, “Just win, baby!” The Titans actually have one of the better offensive units in the AFC. Indianapolis on the other hand is playing for pride and trying to upset a few wildcard contenders. They definitely could end up stealing this one from the hungry Titans, but CJ2K always seems to play amazing against the Colts.


Tennessee – 27 Indianapolis – 20


Chicago (5-7) @ Minnesota (1-11)

Match up to watch: Brian Urlacher v.s. Adrian Peterson


Chicago is technically still in the race for the remaining wildcard spot – it usually always comes down to week 17 for that one!!! The Bears have underachieved big time this season, and they know it. This team should be able to build on their success this season next year and make a playoff run. Minnesota is looking for a few upsets here and there, and they’ll get it here at home. Pounding AP inside against that Chicago defense is their best bet for a win at home, and they’ll do it.


Chicago – 21 Minnesota – 24


Philadelphia (10-2) @ Tampa Bay (6-6)

Match up to watch: Philadelphia’s Wide Receivers v.s. Tampa’s Defensive Backs


November 15, 2010; Landover, MD, USA; Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Jeremy Maclin (18) celebrates with wide receiver DeSean Jackson (10) after catching a touchdown pass in the second quarter against the Washington Redskins at FedEx Field. Mandatory Credit: Geoff Burke-US PRESSWIRE


Philadelphia is vying for the title of “Best team in NFC”. The Eagles have been steam rolling competition left and right, and it may continue here. Tampa has been some what a surprise, and some what an underachieving team. Tampa has a young squad but the team has so much talent across the board. They just need time to mesh together. Philadelphia has such a fast offense I can’t see how Tampa is going to contain that speed for the whole game. Philly is just too good, and too fast.


Philadelphia – 35 Tampa Bay – 24


Baltimore (8-4) @ Washington (2-10)

Match up to watch: Terrell Suggs v.s. RG3


Baltimore is atop the tough AFC North division. They better not get too comfortable up there though, both Cincinnati and Pittsburgh are no push overs. The Ravens must keep winning to keep their Super Bowl hopes alive. Washington is playing for pride and trying to upset a few teams here and there. The ‘Skins will NOT beat the Ravens. Baltimore is just too good for Washington to play with. Simple as that.


Baltimore – 27 Washington – 13


Atlanta (10-2) @ Carolina (7-5)

Match up to watch: Brent Grimes v.s. Steve Smith


Aug 17, 2012; Charlotte, NC, USA; Carolina Panthers wide receiver Steve Smith (89) runs a route during the first half against the Miami Dolphins at Bank of America Stadium. The Panthers defeated the Dolphins 23-17. Mandatory Credit: Jeremy Brevard-US PRESSWIRE


Atlanta is in the driver’s seat to win the NFC South right now. If Carolina could pull off an upset here, it could be a close race down to the wire. Atlanta actually has one of the better defenses in the NFL, not to mention one of the best offensive units. Carolina on the other hand has the league’s best rushing attack and a recharged defense. If Cam Newton can throw the ball a little more this season, Carolina could be in position for a big year, playoffs? Carolina should be able to run all over Atlanta, Cam shouldn’t have to throw more than 15 passes the entire game.


Atlanta – 20 Carolina – 28


New York Jets (4-8) @ Jacksonville (1-11)

Match up to watch: Antonio Cromartie v.s. Justin Blackmon


New York has been anemic this whole season. The only reason the team should be sitting with 3-5 wins going into week 14 is their defense. The Jets has little to no offensive fire power at all, nobody on that offense scares defensive coordinators. Jacksonville has talent on defense and some talent on offense, but that offensive line is not helping anyone. I’d like to see what Blaine Gabbert could do throwing the ball with a decent left and right tackle. HELLO, Jacksonville are you listening!?


New York Jets – 20 Jacksonville – 14


San Diego (9-3) @ Pittsburgh (7-5)

Match up to watch: Philip Rivers v.s. Troy Polamalu


January 1, 2012; Cleveland, OH, USA; Pittsburgh Steelers strong safety Troy Polamalu (43) jumps over Cleveland Browns tight end Jordan Cameron (84) after breaking up a pass at Cleveland Browns Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Greg Bartram-US PRESSWIRE


San Diego has Kansas City breathing right down their neck and is definitely feeling the pressure. The team has been able to pull off a few close victories here and there, but the team is seeing Kansas City as a distraction. Pittsburgh is trying to keep up with Cincinnati and Baltimore. The Steelers are looking to win out and finish with an 11-5 record – that would give them the best shot at the playoffs. San Diego is usually very good in late november and december, but the Super Chargers will see how hard it is to win in Steel City.


San Diego – 27 Pittsburgh – 30


Miami (6-6) @ San Francisco (10-2)

Match up to watch: Ryan Tannehill v.s. Patrick Willis


Miami has been right where they should be this season. The Dolphins have little to no hope of making the playoffs, and fans understand that. The team is looking for experience to build upon for the next few years. San Francisco is one of the best in the game in all three phases of the game. The Niners are looking to keep up with the likes of Philadelphia and Green Bay for the top seed in the NFC. It will be interesting to see how Tannehill fairs against one of the top defensive units in the NFL.


Miami – 17 San Francisco – 29


Arizona (3-9) @ Seattle (6-6)

Match up to watch: Patrick Peterson v.s. Sidney Rice


Nov 6, 2011; Arlington, TX, USA; Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Sidney Rice (18) attempts to catch a pass during the game against the Dallas Cowboys at Cowboys Stadium. The Cowboys beat the Seahawks 23-13. Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-US PRESSWIRE


Arizona is absolutely out of the playoff picture here. The Cardinals are looking to pick up a few more wins and build towards a potentially strong future by giving young players playing time. Seattle is still in the thick of things. The ‘Hawks are picking up steam and are turning around an abysmal start to the season into one of the more intriguing stories in the second half of the season. I would love to see the Cards put up a fight here, but Seattle is way too talented on offense and defense to let the pesky Cardinals stand a chance.


Arizona – 17 Seattle – 28


New Orleans (4-8) @ New York Giants (6-6)

Match up to watch: Drew Brees v.s. Antrel Rolle


New Orleans has been in a hole from the beginning of the offseason until now. The Saints are trying to salvage a lost season by finishing off the 2012-2013 season with an 8-8 record. Can they do it? Sure they can. Will they do it? It’s definitely a big question. New York is trying to slide into the playoffs – like they always do – unnoticed and sneak up on everyone. The G-Men have been underachieving based upon last season, but maybe they overachieved last season…


New Orleans – 24 New York Giants – 23


Detroit (8-4) @ Green Bay (10-2)

Match up to watch: Ndamukong Suh v.s. Jeff Saturday



Here comes the battle!!! Detroit is trying to stick with Green Bay and possibly take the NFC North division title. Green Bay is attempting to fend off the young and ferocious Lions. Detroit’s air attack is quite similar to Green Bay’s, but the Packers seem to do it quite a bit better. I would look to the defenses in this one, although it will be a shoot out. Green Bay has the superior defense to match up against Detroit, therefore I’m riding with the Packers!


Detroit – 28 Green Bay – 36


Houston (11-1) @ New England (10-2)

Match up to watch: Arian Foster v.s. Brandon Spikes


Man this is going to be a great one! Houston is on a roll and should be the team to beat in the AFC. New England is the team of veterans that could end Houston’s playoff aspirations. Houston has a killer running game, not to mention the team also boasts one of the league’s best passing offenses. New England also has quite the offense. BUT, the team that will win has the better defense, by far…Houston wins. These two teams should see each other again, quite soon…


Houston – 30 New England – 23


Wow, what a great week of action. Houston takes the title as best team in the AFC, not to mention Philly and Green Bay are separating themselves from the pack in the NFC. The Wild Card spots are heating up!!! Keep up with all of the action coming at you!! See you next time!


Keep your fins up fans!!!


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