Miami Must Amaze Against Atlanta

Wake's Intensity needs to spread to the team now rather then later.


The Miami Dolphins are heading into the third pre-season game of the 2012 season against The Atlanta Falcons and the fans are nervous about what they are going to see from their team come Friday night.  The first two games of the pre-season have been nothing short of embarrassing.  The first game had the excuse of a new coaching staff and play book and even had the coaches defending the team. The second game even the coaches had no excuses and were more then a little upset about the performance put on by both the offense and defense.  Head Coach Joe Philbin ripped into the team at half time about their performance while OC Mike Sherman and DC Kevin Coyle were practically jumping up and down in the booth.

There are no excuses this week, the team must simply must do better in every aspect.  The fact that LB Karlos Dansby and DT Tony McDaniel shouldn’t matter, injuries are a part of football and the team should be ready to play and win with out some of their starters.  The team has had ample time and coaching to get ready for this game and must show that they are the team that the coaches and fans believe that they are.  It may not exactly count yet but the fan base needs something to believe in desperately before the season starts.  Fans have been canceling season tickets and their Sunday Ticket on Direct TV after the first two games.  A win in a pre-season game wouldn’t exactly change that but a dominating win against a playoff caliber team that just so happens to have Miami’s former Defensive Coordinator Mike Nolan calling the defense, could turn some heads in the right direction.

Everything is in place for the team to be successful.  The majority of the defense is the same as the one that was ranked 6 overall in 2010 and 15 in 2011.  The offense has a new staring QB that knows the playbook better then the rest of the team, the running game is being led by a very confident and talented Reggie Bush who is aiming high for the league rushing title.  There is a serious lack at the receiver position but Coach Philbin has assured the public they are more then confident with the receiver corps they have now. The O-line has struggled but if Rookie Jonathan Martin can step up his game then the offense can be as powerful as it looks on paper and not as dismal as it looked last week.

Miami has to show the Fan base that they are capable of competing and not just a “filler” on the schedule of other teams.  Miami must show that they are not going to lay down and get ran over that they are going to fight for a playoff spot and even a maybe a bowl game.  Remember this team is the only team in history to have a totally undefeated season.  THE ONLY ONE!!  This team must give us a glimpse tomorrow night of the team we will see this season.  The starters will be on the field for three quarters of the game and anything but a dominating three quarters will be a let down.  Obviously Miami and the Coaching Staff don’t wanna give up ther secrets and show off but another 17-0 first quarter can not happen again.

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  • Chris

    See, this is the problem with Miami fans. The thing is we haven’t seen real playoff action in so long, fans have lost all their patience and won’t accept anything else at this point. So if Miami doesn’t get to the playoffs this year, people will be calling for Philbin or Ireland or Ross or Tannehill to lose their job. This is a very young and different group of Dolphins with new coaches, schemes and starters. So after 2 subpar preseason games (1 of which could have gone a diff direction if that INT wasn’t robbed from Smith), you expect Miami to dominate the Falcons? A team that ISN’T undergoing a youth movement with new coaches and schemes? Are you for real? It’s going to take some time. Trust me, no one would love it more for Miami to go ahead and have another undefeated season this year than me but let’s be realistic; we have a rookie QB (who was expected to hold a clipboard this year) starting behind center, a mysterious (to say the least) WR corp, a very suspect secondary and I have yet to see a decent pass rush from our front 7. I think there’s going to be a lot of growing pains this season (I know, again) but NEXT season…we become the next Detroit Lions lol

  • Esteban Perez

    Oh belive me I dont expet a playoff berth this year but it would be nice. I would just like them to be able to compete with the rest of the leauge. I want teams to be worried about facing miami