Dec 24, 2011; Foxborough, MA, USA; Miami Dolphins running back Reggie Bush (22) runs the ball against the New England Patriots during the first half at Gillette Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Mark L. Baer-US PRESSWIRE

Miami Dolphins Trade Bait: Reggie Bush?

Reggie Bush had an ultra-productive 2011 and he continues to work hard, often being the last man standing at Miami Dolphin practices.  He is primed to excel once again even though many NFL writers still consider him too small and fragile to have success for another full season.  I believe in Reggie and have drafted him in multiple fantasy leagues.  I think he is undervalued as he was last year.  He is a game-breaker that spear-heads Miami’s deepest position.  Along with Daniel Thomas and Lamar Miller, the Dolphins’ offensive backfield is their strength on that side of the ball.

If the Dolphins are truly in “win now” mode then they will parlay the second round pick they received for Vontae Davis into an offensive weapon for rookie quarterback Ryan Tannehill and why stop there?  Miller has the potential to be a player similar to Bush so why not trade away Reggie Bush for another receiver?  It makes sense.  Take from the rich and give to the poor.  Tannehill might already be without Jake Long for a few games so give him support.

There are plenty of teams that could use a number one running back like Bush.  How about the Pittsburgh Steelers?  Well, they don’t really have anyone to trade except some guy named Mike Wallace.

How would the Dolphins look with Tannehill, Miller, D. Thomas, and two all-pro receivers?  Much better.  Jeff Ireland needs to make something happen.  The natives are beginning to get restless again as the Tannehill honeymoon is coming to an end.

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  • Dovahkiin Markham

    He is one of the few truly positive things about our offence and i would hate to see him go. Maybe they could just have him play wr instead

    • gofins60

      I agree; Reggie does have good hands. He could line up as a RB, slot receiver, or outside receiver and still be a threat.

    • Robert Hall

      That would be awesome to see Reggie as Devon Bess type player once in a while.

  • Susan Morris

    Are you kidding me? As long as we keep trading away our productive players, we will continue to be a mediocre team. You really think this is what we want to show the team: work hard, do well for us, and we’ll trade you right before the season starts? You don’t fit into our new rebuilding program! Heck, we’re always rebuilding!

  • Matthew J Bailey

    What honeymoon? WE HAVEN’T PLAYED A GAME YET. Preseason means less than jack squat. We were 3-1 last year in preseason.

    • Robert Hall

      Exactly Matthew, we haven’t even started the honeymoon phase yet. Preseason doesn’t mean squat, it’s just feeling out the potential the new players might have and getting everyone back into football game shape.

  • mike

    ABSOLUTELY NO! What is wrong with you people. Does anyone have any patience! This is at least a three year project. Two pro bowl receivers will not get us to the super bowl! Probably not even to the playoffs. Keep the picks build thru the draft. The potemtial to draft the best receiver, a corner a te an ol a mlb. Guys lets just wait. Be patient and give philbin three years. 5 picks in the first 3 rounds! I wanna keep the picks. Lets support the team we have now. We are getting better and younger and the new england patriots are getting stale. GO DOLPHINS!

  • BRAD

    Tannehill is set up to fail, only one NFL WR on team Bess

  • dolphinbob

    What the heck are you smoking? What are you trying to instigate? Let’s be honest here, this team has the unfortunate tag of being a joke in the league. We’ve had so many changes that got us nothing but mediocrity.Year in and year out we’ve always seemed to be in rebuilding mode. Everyone who comes in wants to tinker and tweak it one way or another, all proclaiming to have the answers. Yet none of them do and all we get is players on the downside and traded away talent. Give us a break for once. I understand why Marshall and Johnson were let go (if the reasoning was the truth).I am having a hard time with the Davis trade, but I’ll give Irelland the benefit of the doubt. I would not understand even thinking about Reggie Bush being traded. If you do this, you may as well plan on more empty seats a reduction in season tickets and about the same status as the other Miami pain, the Marlins. And, if you’re writing this because ou got nothing else to write about, go write for the Jets.

  • Jake


  • Michael Lueckert

    Gaffney and Cooley are out there. Wouldn’t hurt to have either while the rookies develope

  • YSD Go DOLPHINSS!!!!!!!!!

    so what ur saying is trade away our best weapon and playmaker for a trouble maker uhhh are you friends with Jeff Ireland becuase yall sure are on the same page wow