Sep 9, 2012; Houston, TX, USA; Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill (17) is pressured by Houston Texans linebacker Connor Barwin (98) at Reliant Stadium. The Texans defeated the Dolphins 30-10. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-US PRESSWIRE

Dolphins' Fans Need Their Own Flying Banner

Last season a fansite flew a “Fire Ireland’ banner over the stadium in defiance of owner Stephen Ross’ retention of the much maligned general manager.  This year, one week into the season, maybe a banner should be flown over the stadium asking some of their fans to go away.  The knee jerk reactions that I am reading is incredible.  The stupidity that seems to be welling up inside of some fans’ minds makes me laugh.

It’s week one people!  Either jump off the ledge for good or come back inside and relax.  Either way hurry and make your mind up.  The negativity is growing tiresome.  This team, this year, is not set up to make a playoff run.  Is it a bitter pill?  Absolutely, it sucks losing…AGAIN…but hopefully this thing will finally get turned around.  If it doesn’t…well that’s going to suck as well.

Oh I know, you have the right to be negative and complain.  I forgot you buy your jerseys and go to the games and subscribe to Sunday ticket and blah blah blah.   Yes, it is blah, blah, blah, because it’s the same circle of hatred that most of the those fans have been spewing weekly for the last ten years.  We get it already, Jeff Ireland doesn’t know what he is doing and yes, I supported Chad Henne.

This reaches far deeper than simply showing support for a beleaguered GM.  This is about showing some support for your coach and rookie QB.  After one week and four pre-season games “that’ portion of the fan base has already decided that Ryan Tannehill is the next Chad Henne and Joe Philbin is the next Cam Cameron.  So easy to lead the bandwagon of hate right out of the gate rather than stand beside them and cheer them on during the induction phase of their careers.

The funny thing is not a one of them will jump off the wagon and say, “ooops, I was wrong“.  Instead, it’s far easier to say, “I supported them from the start!  It was Ireland and Ross “I” didn’t like”.  Get a grip.  Week one was more productive and far more promising than any of the pre-season games combined and I am certain that all you nay saying Monday morning experts can already tell that Tannehill and Philbin are busts given your deep rooted professional experience of hindsight talent evaluation.

Seriously.  You all do own your own blogs, write for the top networks, and are considered at the forefront of your knowledge of professional football.  Right?  No, I’m not talking about me, I can dream to have that foresight and knowledge but I do recognize that my knowledge of the game and in many cases lack of knowledge reaches far broader than my own personal circles of “forum friends” who want to stand up and hate along with me.

What surprises me the most is that anyone would have had high expectations for this season.  We didn’t solve the WR problem, we have a rookie QB and coach, a new offensive system that really lacks the personnel to make it work, a new defensive system that really lacks the talent to make it work, are one of the youngest NFL teams in the NFL, and just gutted a good portion of the team prior to opening weekend.

What part of that says, “We are going to go out and beat the Houston Texans”?  What part of that says “this is finally going to be the year”?  More importantly how many of you so-called fans would be spinning this into something else if Legedu Naane muscled his way into the passing lane to prevent the Tannehill INT?  Or if Jonathan Martin engages his blocks on JJ Watt long enough to keep his arms occupied so the ball isn’t batted out of the air four feet above his head?  Would you be singing a different tune or simply looking for another scapegoat for your infinite levels of hatred towards the team you supposedly “love” so much?

The negativity is atrocious but the stupidity is reaching levels I have never thought possible outside of Cleveland and New York.  What amazes me the most is what I said earlier, that you know so much about talent evaluation that you have the ability to speak on authority regarding the subject.  Yet you do what for a living?  Exactly.  You think you see this, and you think you see that, but in reality all you see is a tipped pass, an INT, and a failure to punch the ball into the end-zone.  Kudos to you.

The brilliance of your knowledge is that you were right about Chad Henne and will likely be right about Jeff Ireland as well.  You have nothing to gain by sticking your opinion out there and supporting the team and it’s management for fear that you will be wrong.  Yet you don’t possess the ability to actually lay it on the line.  Chad Henne failed for many reasons none of which was because he “sucked”.  As most of  you like to simply point out.

David Carr, Tim Couch, and Joey Harrington, all failed not because they lacked talent but because they lacked something else.  Support, proper coaching, thrown in too soon, too late, bad situations, and a myriad of other reasons.  They didn’t fail because they were bad QB’s, they failed because most NFL QB’s actually do.  Finding the right one at the right time is not an easy science.  I would rather however, support a QB or even a GM who eventually fails rather than stand on the sidelines throwing out names and negativity simply because I don’t possess the ability to anything but.

Yes, I know, many of you will say, “It’s because I’m passionate”.  It’s because “I’m tired of losing”.  And it’s because, again, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.  It’s because you don’t know any better.  It’s because you yourself expect far too much.  It’s because you sit there and play your “I would have drafted this guy or that guy” attitude.  Yes, you would have and so would have 31 other NFL teams if they knew then what they can see now.

One week in and the sky is falling.  It’s ridiculous.  It is simply ridiculous, and it proves very clearly that the overall thought process of many Dolphins fans these days is clouded by the ease of not accepting reality.  I mean, how can the team not call it a “rebuild”?  Everyone sees it, everyone knows it, but the team won’t say it.  Why?  Because they are a bunch of liars, hypocrites, and idiots.  You are right.  That is so much easier to say than the rational explanation of  “Rebuild” means less season tickets.

I know, I said season tickets.  Which is the hater fans way of saying “screw you Mr. Ross I’m not supporting this crap on the field”.  You are right.  You’re not.  And your not supporting the rookie QB, the rookie HC, and the rest of the team either.  Again, Kudos to you!  There is a time and a place to be brash and negative.  There is a way to do it without coming across pompous and/or stupid.

You know what, I like Jeff Ireland and I love his ability to play hard core with the players and other GM’s around the league.  I don’t however understand his motives and some of his decisions.  I don’t like his free agent signings and his drafts are questionable.  In hindsight.  If he is fired it won’t be something that sets the team back another year or two but I recognize that his retention could stall the team another year or two.  So in the end, maybe the best course of action is to fire Jeff Ireland if some of “HIS” players don’t step it up and start making an impact.

What I won’t say is that Jeff Ireland is a freaking moron idiot who doesn’t know a damn thing about football or never had the background to carry this job and is a worthless POS.  Why?  Because that isn’t true.

There are 31 teams in the NFL for some of you fans to go root for.  With those 31 teams come a myriad of websites for you to run towards and spew your hatred.  Jump off the ledge, run to New England this week, Dallas the next, and so on.  You are all experts it shouldn’t be that hard to root for someone else because after all, you know who is going to win and who won’t.  Then in another year when things start to turnaround or another four years if they don’t, you can come back, thump your chest a couple of times and declare to all of us that “I knew it all along!”.

Kudos to you!

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  • jeff buck

    Well Brian what you had to say was spot on.This rookie H.C and rookie Q.B both have a big learning curve ahead of them. Am I tired of seeing the same results year after year your damn right I am, but this didn’t get this way overnight and it can’t be fixed in one game. We will however beat the Raiders this week and i will always watch and root my phins! Oh and by the way New Yorkers aren’t stupid as you suggest rather we are resilant and tuff. Maybe some of these whiney ass so called fans could use alittle of what we have. Im out…

    • txmedic5

      I was very pleased with what I saw. I didn’t expect Tannehill to get into the endzone. Houston is a tough defense and frankly, they didn’t do anything to win outside what we gave them. Rookies and young teams make mistakes. We did. We better learn from them. I will be more concerned and ready to question stuff if this is game 1 next year. Not game one of year 1. Philbin I thought did a good job managing the game and the team looked much more confident and prepared than they did in the pre-season.

  • Reggie

    Joe Roby is spinning in his grave. Denial is not a river in Egypt. We suck from top on down. This lowering of expectations to look like a pop warner team so that we can cheer for something on sunday is truely pathetic.

  • Howie

    I am so sick of it too. I wish all these D Bags would go away. I know it is hard to watch year after year but damn it man, the fans are what make us the laughing stocks of the NFL. I wish the fans down there in Miami were as passionate as all the Miami fans all through out the country. I know there are some hardcore fans down there but most of them are fair weather fans that I wish would just go away.

  • redteg02

    Now there is some anger and frustration. Well put, I’ve been getting very tired of the negative fan base as well. I used to think that Philly had the worst fans in the league, but it may now be Miami. At least Philly fans continued to go to games, even if they did throw snowballs at Santa. Miami got spoiled. 30 years of greatness is hard to come down from, but every team is going to go through a down time. Now just happens to be ours.
    My dad was a life long Skins fan. He rooted for them every year, no matter how bad Snyder set them up to lose. He died in January and never even knew that his beloved skins seem to be turning a corner. My point? Snyder was once considered the worst owner in the NFL. Was he? Maybe, but he didn’t have a clue what he was doing. It took some growing pains, but he finally seems to get it. Ross will get there. You don’t make a billion dollars being stupid, but it takes time to learn a new job. One day Miami will return to greatness. And when they do, relish it, because it’s only a matter of time until it too will pass.

  • jeff buck

    Then go find another team to root for Reggie it’s that simple, but quit your bitchin we have had enough of that. A river in Egypt now there’s an original one. .

  • phishead

    A feel better after that rant. I like what I saw from the Rookies(HC and QB). sometimes in the winter I fill the old crockpot up with some stew ingredients, turn it on low and go to work. LATER i come home to a nice dinner. My analogy. Its gonna take some time. I don’t get to go to Phins games, I watch from my home here in Tenn. over the internet(screw you DirecTV,LOL).

  • jeffbuck

    Hey Reggie, In the immortal words of Spanky Mcfarland. ” Ahha go chase yourself “

  • Alexander

    In Detroit Matt Millen is gone and the Lions are a better team today, it will take time !!!! but I no longer think that Jeff Ireland is the right person for this team. My one wish with all of the draft picks we have upcoming, is that our current GM and scouts are all new by then.

  • dolfan13

    This was the best article I have read this year, anywhere! Thank you, Brian for speaking the words that were in my head :)

  • Pickem

    Have fun on that river rafting trip you loser Phin fans. Oh that river is called Denial in case you’re wondering.

    • Jackson

      Have fun in your pathetic life loser! Apparently you have time to post on other team sites in addition to your own. What your parents haven’t taken away your internet access yet? I bet your basement is cold and lonely in the winter. Unless you are a Pats fan you don’t have much room to talk.

  • gofins60

    I’ve been negative at times, but I feel that it’s justified. Besides needing a QB, we went into the draft with immediate needs of a WR and secondary help. Ireland waited until the final rounds to pick 2 WRs, and ignored the secondary. Most of the free agents that he brought in are already gone. The one thing that Ireland is fairly good at is Undrafted Free Agents; he’s found some gems there. But, I’d rather have someone other than Ireland select players in the draft.

  • Alex

    I believe we can discuss the problems, bash the team or whatever in forums, radio, etc. but if you are going to the stadium and be negative just don’t go. Being at the stadium means supporting the team…

  • Jackson

    Brian, most of these haters spewing off at the mouth are just unhappy in life. And others may just be jets fans, That is all. They take their frustrations out on their football team because they have a so-called “Voice”. It’s no different than a family member hating on you when you are doing really well. They love you deep down inside but sometimes they are just a little jealous even if they don’t admit.

    Hey jerks! It’s called being positive and supporting your team. This is what a good person does who has a life. For those who do not, please take Brian’s advice and just jump off a cliff. That is unless you are a coward. Your acting like a Jet fan. A REAL FAN SUPPORTS THEIR TEAM WHEN THEY DO SUCK OR REBUILDING! GOT OVER IT LOSERS!!

  • Rick

    Chad Henne is a hell of a lot better than Tannehill. Call me when Tannehill throws for over 300 yards in a game with a 60% completion rating. He’s the worst QB in the league right now.