Sept. 9, 2012; E. Rutherford, NJ, USA; New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow (left) and Mark Sanchez (center) during the game against the Buffalo Bills at MetLife Stadium. Mandatory Credit: John O

Dolphins Gain Little Respect With Win

The mainstream media love to pick on the Miami Dolphins and for the most part they absolutely hate giving them any props. Take last week for example. The Dolphins trashed the Oakland Raiders but did we get a lot of kudos for Ryan Tannehill? Joe Philbin? Mike Sherman? Of course not. Instead we get to hear about Jeff Ireland calling a fan a name and how the Oakland Raiders felt “embarrassed”. Frankly, whether the Dolphins win this week and despite their victory last week, they have gained little respect.

Sure, Reggie Bush won the weekly rushing award but what did we gain out of that? Of course now I remember, “Reggie Bush looked like the player he was touted to be out of college. He will be a free agent after the season”. What no props to the rookie on the right side, Jonathan Martin for having a fantastic game? Hey it’s understandable. I mean the Dolphins following their first opening season home win since 2005 needed to get an extension to sell out their week 3 game at home against the Jets.

So apparently, the local fans are buying into it either.

Take a trip around the message boards and you will see quite a bit of posts regarding the respect the Miami Dolphins will start getting once they beat…if they beat…the New York Jets. To which I will tell you…keep your foot on those brakes.

The Dolphins face a tough opponent this weekend for sure. The Jets have a formidable defense but gave up over 160 yards to C.J. Spiller of the Bills. While they still won the game, they turned in a blank performance last week against the Steelers. The Dolphins have the running game and a methodical passing game that will work if Ryan Tannheill gets time in the pocket. Defensively the Dolphins can win the game by getting pressure on Mark Sanchez.

Come Monday however, if the Dolphins are sitting at 2-1 looking down at the NY Jets, it won’t matter if they beat them 45-0. Nope. The headlines will be, Dolphins Beat A Lost Jets Team”.

You know it. I know it. The communication will simply be that the Jets are “Not who they thought they were”. Forget about props for the Dolphins victory, they won at home. The Jets couldn’t handle the heat of South Florida in September. Mark Sanchez is simply too erratic. The Jets Defense can’t do everything. Tim Tebow is a joke.

The Media has an easy time with the Dolphins because they are an easy target. So were the Detroit Lions and Matt Millen. So were the Browns, the Cardinals, and the Rams. When a team is down the national stage is their arena for getting kicked around. When they win, there has to be a reason outside of “they played a good game” or “they are a better team than anyone is giving them credit for”. In other words, take what compliments may come towards them with a grain of salt and backhanded stab later when they lose.

It’s hard really to fault them. The national media prey on the weak. Stories of misery for the once proud sells more than the Cinderella story franchise until she’s actually dancing at the ball…after mid-night, they really don’t care about her anymore and instead will go back to keeping the step-sisters. For the Dolphins, they are the ugly step-sisters. Mired in form on the field, no one wants to acknowledge they have a shot or that they are getting better. Why? Because they are not supposed to get better.

Look to the stands on Sunday. In NY, over 100 Miami Dolphins fans bought up tickets for the Phins trip to NY later this year. They are taking up almost an entire section of seating. On Sunday, we have as much chance to see as many Jets fans as Dolphins fans mingling with the empty orange and aqua seats. Maybe a win Sunday will start filling the stadium again a little more. A loss, and you may as well get used to hearing “I told you so”.

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