Sept 23, 2012; Miami, FL, USA; Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill (17) heads back to the sideline during the second half against the New York Jets at Sun Life Stadium. The Jets won 23-20 in overtime. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

Are The Dolphins Too Aggressive?

When was the last time that the Miami Dolphins were aggressive on offense?  I can’t really think of a time outside of their “Wild Cat” in 2008.  Beyond that, maybe under Nick Saban and OC Scott Linehan?  Maybe?  Prior to that one season I would venture traveling back to the days of Dan Marino.  So is it appropriate here in week 4 to ask if the Dolphins offense is too aggressive?

I know, it’s a debatable topic given the fact that many don’t see the Dolphins offense as all that forward thinking.  Aggressive?  Some will laugh at the notion considering they are more of a running offense than a passing one.  At least successfully.  Still, it’s hard to argue with the fact that the Dolphins approached the NY Jets game in week 3 with a faster approach and in the end played for a TD rather than a win.

Mike Sherman said that he had called plays that were considered “stick routes” and that Ryan Tannehill changed the play or the read.  Some fans have applauded Tannehill for showing the guts to audible in only his third week of regular season NFL work.  While the change worked for the Brian Hartline long completion, it didn’t work with the other attempts to hit the end-zone in OT rather than hitting easier routes to get Dan Carpenter closer.

On the flip side of that coin, Tannehill was doing what most fans have been begging for.  For over a decade fans have wanted more Dan Marino aggressiveness than the dink and dunk passing game.  The fact that Tannehill has the drive to change plays at the line of scrimmage in a tight game is a trait many fans will applaud.  Sure, the Dolphins lost but despite the failed attempts to get the ball in the end-zone, Tannehill did get the team into position to win.  Dan Carpenter who only a short time earlier made the 41 yard game tying field goal, missed the winning 46.

Tannehill has a lot to learn as he progresses through his first season as an NFL starter.  He is doing so with one of the weakest receiving corp’s in the league.  He is doing so with a team that ranks 2nd in the NFL in dropped passes.  On Sunday, Tannehill changed plays that were basically his guys or no guys passes.  The chances of those balls being intercepted were low given the types of patterns being run.  Unlike the underneath routes that the Jets were trying to take away.

Regardless of the outcome of the game, the question still remains should Tannehill in week 4 of his NFL career be allowed to make those calls himself?  Or should he be learning to play at the level first before attempting to outsmart the defenses?  He has had success on some while not so much with others.

As a fan do you want him to grow into his role on the team with that aggressive nature or find it after he settles in?  It’s an interesting issue facing a team that hasn’t been this forwardly aggressive in a long time.  So much so that fans were and still are, questioning why the Dolphins weren’t more “typical” in their approach on Sunday in over time.

What do you think?

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  • Finhead

    Let him do his thing!!!

  • Jones

    Let him have it. We r not expecting much this year so learn on the job. We have a nucleus of a good team. Hit the free agents and draft hard next year for WR help.

  • Robert Hall

    I’d tell him to let it rip and have fun! He’ll learn from his mistakes quicker if he’s allowed to make some and not get the third degree for doing so.

  • Jason

    How can someone really write an article about a team being too aggressive,it’s the NFL dude really as a long time dolphin fan we need to show guts and try and win a game

    • txmedic5

      Jason, I hear where you are coming from and understand I’m all for Tannehill tossing the rock at will. I also look around the forums across the internet and see what’s trending. It’s amazing how many people out there think that he should be A: reeled in and B: question whether the team would be better with Matt Moore. So here I am going HUH? and WTF? So I write about it to see if I should be asking myself those ?’s in the mirror…LOL.

  • germandolfan

    From my point of view the option of letting Tannehill call his plays has the upside, that even if certain plays go amiss, it shortens his learning curve. In my opinion learning by doing is still the best way and coaches will be able to see if he’s capable of learning from mistakes, which we all knew would happen.
    Even if the team blows some games this way, I would not mind, cause from my point of view this season was not gonna go anywhere from the start. The coaches have to judge and protect Tannehill from too many mistakes mitigating his self-assurance and maybe at some point tighten his leash a little. Hope this makes sense, it isn’t easy to structure thoughts like these in a foreign language.

  • Robert Hall

    I see a lot of good points. I knew we would lose a few close games because we have a Rookie QB and no WR named Larry Fitzgerald on our team but I really like what I see from Tannehill. He has great poise and composure and seems to be a leader! Most Rookie QB’s throw more INT’s than TD’s in their Rookie year, so however we finish, we should all support our Rookie QB and hope he can lead us to a lot more wins next season. I say we finish this season 8-8 or 7-9 and I am ok with that as long as it brings success for years to come.

  • Oak

    Nolan caroll is to blame !!!again& carpenter is not clluth..ship them both before next game

  • danny

    what a stupid question…..are the steelers too aggressive??

  • rick

    no they are not ….and love jorvoskie lane!!(a-train)….reminds me of butterball bettis….give lane the ball more to run some hard yards and punish some defenders!!!

  • rick

    sorry jtrain!