Miami Dolphins Are Definitely Heading In The Right Direction

Sept. 30, 2012; Glendale, AZ, USA; Arizona Cardinals center Lyle Sendlein (63) prepares to snap the ball as the Miami Dolphins defensive line looks on during the first half at University of Phoenix Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Matt Kartozian-US PRESSWIRE


Another week down in the 2012 NFL Season and another loss for the Miami Dolphins as the Phins were again beaten in overtime, this time to the Arizona Cardinals.  Even though it was another “heartbreaking” loss in overtime, the game was in sense a victory for the players, coaches and fans that really watched the game.  Several Dolphins had their career days including Rookie QB Ryan Tannehill who threw for 431 yards with a TD, and Brian Hartline who caught for 253 yards and a TD.  The defense played “lights out” for the most part holding the Cardinals to only 28 yards on the ground and sacked QB Kevin Kolb 8 times.  Unfortunatly little mistakes and turnovers lead to the yet another loss.

Miami has been under attack since the off season from everyone across the board.  Players, fans, writers and analysts have been screaming and jumping up and down at the moves that the organization has been making concerning players.  And rightfully so.  Even though Hartline has stepped up in a huge way, imagine if Brandon Marshall was on the team.  Could have had possibly three receivers with over a hundred yards in one game and more TDs.  Instead Miami is proving they can do it with the personnel that they have no matter what anyone says.  The individual effort by the players and the superb coaching by the coaching staff has proven that they can compete with almost any team, if they can only stop the turnovers.  And for those screaming about Mike Sherman’s calls on the offense, remember that Tannehill is changing a lot of plays at the line.

On offense the Phins looked powerful and dominant while moving the ball all over the field with a total of over 500 yards for the day.  Reggie Bush managed to rack up a hard fought 67 yards against a very tough D.  Tannehill looked confident and poised in the pocket and delivered the ball with great arm strength and accuracy.  He also accounted for three turnovers on his own.  One pick was no ones fault as Hartline slipped coming out of his break and the CB was there alone to pick off the pass.  The fumble was a great defensive play made by the Cardinals and was more the fault of the o-line.  Regardless its still three turnovers.  Not including roster space waste Legedu Naanee who fumbled the ball on his own without any contact on his only catch of the game.  These turnovers along with little mistakes like the bad pitch to Bush were enough to keep the Cardinals in a game that Miami dominated.

The defense was on fire and suffocating the Cards in everyway.  The running game got so bad they almost totally abondoned it in the second half.  When they turned to the passing game they gave up 8 sacks and Kolb threw 2 picks to Sean Smith who also had a career day.  The D was hitting hard and aggresive but almost over aggressive which lead to a break down in coverage which resulted in several big plays for touchdowns.  With less than 30 seconds left Kolb connected with Andre Roberts for the game tying TD in front of two Miami defenders.  When Miami should have been celebrating a win they were heading to overtime instead.  Again little mistakes are what allowed the Cards to stay in the game.

The best part about all this is the Phins finally look like a contender again.  The offense looks better then it has in years and the defense is as stingy as ever, at least up front it is.  The secondary needs help, along with special teams who should have been there on at least one of Patrick Peterson’s muffed punts.  Not to mention that Dan Carpenter is about to kick his way out of a job if he keeps missing clutch kicks to lose games.  The main focal points for improvement are the secondary and special teams with the wide receiver position(Hartline and Bess can’t do it all) as another area of concern.  Right now there are only 2 tight ends on the team that are worth mentioning so you can count that as well.  Again these are areas that can be easily addressed.  Miami has the talent and the staff to contend and make a run on a championship in the next year or so. A few minor tweaks, additions and subtractions and the Phins can go the distance.  Who knows the AFC is far from being dominated and its still early in the season with an easy schedule in front of the Phins, the playoffs might not be as out of reach as some think

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  • David Kolodziej

    I just want the Phins off the snide. I love how Tannehill looks and all but lets remember it’s been 39 years since this team won the super bowl. 39 YEARS! I really hope they prove me wrong but next Sunday I see a 6 to 9 loss w/ Carpenter making a couple of 50 yarders. Then the week after he’ll miss again. Then Long will get hurt, Reggie will get hurt, Hartline will get hurt, we’ll end up 7 and 9 yet again. Then next year Tannehill will have a sophomore slump. Then we’ll get a new GM who will want to bring in an all new staff. I mean how long do we have to wait? I’ve been a fan since ’72 but it’s getting to the point that I just root for them out of some self destructive spite but can’t stop because I’ve been a fan for soooo long. Please for the love of God let this team win a super bowl again before I die, please.

  • Scott

    “Please for the love of God let this team win a super bowl again before I die, please.”
    G*d, I say exactly the same thing every February. I’ve also been a fan since ’72 (Born in 66, like the Dolphins themselves), and remember the heady days after Super Bowl VIII the next season.
    Hell, I remember how embarassing it was when we lost to the Raiders 27-0 back in 2000, capping a three-year run of losing in the divisional round by a combined score of 127-10. How spoiled was I to complain about having won a playoff game for each of the past 3 years, given what has happened since?

    • David Kolodziej

      Amen. I’m really trying to not be so pessimistic about this team but I believe I’ve earned the right. I grew up just south of Buffalo and they had their training camp in my home town, during their run in the early 90′s, for cripes sake. I’m sorry but I won’t believe until I can be absolutely sure the curse is over.

  • Robert Hall

    Scott, I’m right there with ya buddy, except I’ve only been a fan since 82 ( born in ’72 ), and was spoiled by watching Dan Marino and the ’80′s-’90′s Dolphins teams have numerous 10 + wins each season, and being contenders each and every year during that time. If I remember correctly, after the 2004 season it all started to go to crap, and I remember telling myself, ” so this is how all the other teams fans have felt before, with the numerous consecutive losing seasons”. I now know how it feels to have your team lose for practically a decade straight. I now know how fans of the Bucs, Lions, Browns, Bengals, Raiders, Jets, Patriots, Colts, Packers, Steelers, Giants, Bills, Falcons, Vikings, Chargers, Chiefs, Rams, Cardinals, Seahawks, Broncos, Saints, Redskins, Eagles, Bears, Cowboys, and 49′ers feel. I didn’t include the other teams because I feel that they don’t have enough history behind them. So you see guys, we were basically the only team left in the NFL, that didn’t have a ” losing decade ” up until now. I am proud to to tell people I’m a Dolphins fan, because if they give me any grief about it, I just tell them to look up winning percentage stats and ask them how many losing seasons has their team had? The Dolphins have only had something like 12 or 13 losing seasons total since their inception into the NFL, and that includes last season. So, in 40+ years in the NFL, we’ve only finished under .500 for the season 13 times! That’s not bad in my book.

  • Jermaine Bass

    I say Fire Naanee & bring in Burress & maybe Tanethrill can get some tuddies under his belt. We might be able to do something this year with our devision up for grabs right now, we’re stil one game behind. Sign Burress for a season that’s all.