Miami Dolphins — Week 4 C’MON MANs!

Last Sunday, the Miami Dolphins lost a heartbreaker in overtime to the Cardinals in Arizona 24-21.  The loss puts the Dolphins at 1-3 in last place of the AFC East Division.  But, they are only one game behind the other teams.  Think about this though, with two made FGs, the Dolphins could easily be 3-1 and leading the Division.

The game included outstanding performances by several players.  First and foremost was the performance of Brian Harline.  He had 12 receptions for 253 yards (21.1 yards per catch) including an 80 yard reception for a TD.  He and Devone Bess provided the Dolphins with a good one – two punch.  Bess had 7 receptions for 123 yards (17.6 yards per catch).  Ryan Tannehill also played well against the Cardinals completing 26 of 41 passes (63.4%) for a Dolphins’ rookie record 431 yards (10.5 yards per attempt) — 1 yard short of equaling the NFL rookie record of Cam Newton.  Tannehill threw one TD, but had 2 INTs and took 4 sacks for a QB rating of 86.5.

CB Sean Smith also had a very good game.  He was mostly pitted one-on-one against Larry Fitzgerald holding the All-Pro WR to 8 receptions for only 64 yards.  Smith had two INTs, four defended passes, and six tackles.  If you remember, Week 3 C’MON MANs called out Defensive Coordinator Kevin Coyle to have our best guy (Smith) cover the opponents best guy — and, it worked.  Finally, Cameron Wake came out of his shell getting 4.5 sacks for 30.5 yards.  If you remember, Week 3 C’MON MANs also called out Wake to step it up — and, he did.

As a fan, this game was one of the most emotional ones I have been thru in a long time.  It was extremely exciting with leaping cheers and fist pumps that would have made Sparano proud.  It also included several loud:


Here are my Week 4 C’MON MANs:

1). With 5:14 left in the game, the Dolphins had the ball on their own 35 yard line.  First play, Bush up the middle for 7 yards.  Second play, Bush to the left for 15 yards.  Third play, Bush up the middle for 2 yards.  Fourth play of the drive with 2:51 left in the game and the Dolphins leading 21-14, what play does Offensive Coordinator call?  I was literally on my feet yelling at the TV … RUN THE BALL … KEEP THE CLOCK MOVING … PLEASE … RUN THE ####@@@ BALL!  But, Tannehill drops back to pass, blitzer Darrell Washington sacks Tannehill, Tannehill fumbles, and ex-Dolphin Vonnie Holliday recovers the fumble.  The Cardinals then proceeds to drive for a TD to tie the game and send it into overtime.  MIKEMike ShermanC’MON MAN!

In a related play calling matter, the Dolphins had the ball on their own 37 yard line with 8:22 left in the first half.  It was third down and less than one yard to go.  I was on my feat chanting … GIVE IT TO THE BIG GUY … Javorski Lane.  What does Sherman do?  He calls a play which hands the ball off to Daniel Thomas for no gain.  MIKEC’MON MAN!

2).  With 5:45 left in the first half, the Dolphins had the ball on their own 5 yard line.  Tannehill handed the ball off to Reggie Bush, who broke thru the line of scrimmage for 21 yards.  He actually had one man to beat for a likely 95 yard TD run.  But, WR Legedu Naanee failed to block the last man and was left watching Bush getting tackled.  Legedu NaaneeC’MON MAN!

In a related and more infuriating Naanee matter, the Dolphins were leading 21-14 with 8:05 left in the game.  Tannehill threw 19 yards to Naanee for his first reception of the season in four games.  What did Naanee do with his first catch?  He promptly fumbled the ball and Patrick Peterson picked it up and ran 60 yards to the Dolphins 3 yard line.  Fortunately, two plays later Sean Smith intercepted a Kevin Kolb pass to maintain the lead.  But, Legedu … no … really … it is time for Naanee to go.  Jeff Ireland C’MON MAN!

[UPDATE] Interestingly, I started drafting this article in the late morning and Ireland must have read my mind.  By mid afternoon, it was announced that Naanee was cut (contract terminated) and Jabar Gaffney was signed.  Jeff IrelandIT’S ABOUT TIME MAN!

3).  So far this season, Marcus Thigpen has been a very good special teams player, especially in returning punts and kickoffs.  But, against the Cardinals, Thigpen let two punts hit the ground, rather than making a fair catch.  One punt nearly hit Dolphins Nolan Carroll in the back — which, could have resulted in a turnover.  The second punt hit the ground and bounced another 15 yards down the field putting the Dolphins in a poorer field position.  Punt returners are NOT suppose to let the ball hit the ground.  Marcus C’MON MAN!

4).  Reggie Bush ran the ball 17 times for 67 yards — only 3.9 yards per carry.  Three of the seventeen carries resulted in a loss of yardage — a total net loss of 18 yards.  The other 14 carries resulted in a total of 85 yards — an outstanding 6.1 yards per carry.  The three carries for loss were the result of Bush trying to reverse field and make a big play.  Reggie C’MON MAN!

5).  Another missed make-able 51 yard field goal.  Need I say more!  Dan Carpenter WarningC’MON MAN!

6).  The Dolphins racked up a total of 480 yards on offense.  That is almost 5 complete trips the full length of the field.  Yet, the Dolphins only scored two touchdowns and two field goals.  The Dolphins need to get the ball into the endzone.  Offense Mike ShermanC’MON MAN!

7).  The Arizona Cardinals went into the game undefeated with a record of 3-0.  They beat Seattle, New England, and Philadelphia.  Yet, in a home game against the Dolphins, the Cardinals only drew 60,183 fans in their University of Phoenix Stadium.  Looks like the Dolphins are not the only team having trouble filling the stadium … and, winning might not be the answer.  I must say that the Dolphins may be only 1-3, but they are an exciting team.  I hope the supporters in South Florida fill up Sun Life Stadium in two weeks, when the Dolphins play the Rams.  Come out support the Dolphins!            Dolphans C’MON MAN!


What do you think?  Do you have your own C’MON MAN you’d like to give out for the Cards game?


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  • Martin

    Well done! Just wondering if to your first point #1. If they keep pounding it and it stalls are they looking to conservative? I get the feeling unlike the last regime, Philbin and Sherman are putting a stamp of pedal to the metal on offense early on with these young players. The 3 yards and a cloud of dust approach sends the team a bad message. This is building confidence for the future. As to Reggie and cutting back for losses. Frustrating part about the zone blocking when it loses yards but keeps the defense home if not with a quick back like he and Miller there are several chances a game to take it to the house. C’mon Man!

    • Gene Hauze

      With 2:51 left to go in the game and a seven point lead, I think Philbin should have ran time off the clock and punted to give the Cards a longer field — that presented a higher probability for victory. A victory on the road against an undefeated team would have done wonders for his young players.

      With regards to Reggie cutting back, the Cards are known as a defense with a lot of speed. The chances of a cut back resulting in a big play was quite small. I think in hindsight even Reggie would admit that.

      Thanks for the read and comments!

      • Bob Grush

        Maybe, but you cannot just run and run the ball, you must keep the Def honest. If that pass would have worked, then maybe it would have set up a couple more run plays with similar look….example…Dan marino goes up to the line, he is expected to spike the ball but tosses a TD instead from the 2 yard line (or so)……if the WR does not catch the pass or even sees the throw and the play does not work marino looks dumb….just sayin

        • Bob Grush

          LOL I meant C’MON MAN

  • Mike from Williamburg,va.

    I will be there in 2 weeks and I am from Virginia!!!

  • Oak

    Come on man to Noan Carroll, I mean since last year everyone but us can see that number28 is targeted whenever on the field and he never goes for ball…I rather see Carroll cut more than anyone in our dolphins secondary history….If u watch what I watch then u a see that 86% of our oppoents completions have been right at Carroll soon as he enters game..

  • Michael Wright

    Can’t win when it comes to Dolphin fans like this guy. Last year he’d be complaining that Sparano ran the ball at the end of the game when he should have thrown it and they lost. Now the new staff throws it and he complains they should run it and they lost. You’re obviously the greatest OC that no one has heard about. Hope you get a job in the NFL soon, you deserve it.

  • Oak

    Come on man to the coaching staff for not getting rid of Nolan Carroll is off-season…..He commits Pi everytime or he make a 3rd option Wr shine…Wow,he is aweful and come on man to everyone who doesnt notice…Come on man to head Coach jo for not challenging the javorski lane 3rd down run…and we couldv made playoffs last year and mayb this year but carpenter is and have been jacking our games off everytime we really need him so Come on man to the Coaching staff and whoever else is stopping us from finding us a cluth kicker..Dans not cluth!!Come on Man these are on us as a Team for not getting these guys outta here..Come on Us