Fireman Ed - Courtesy of NBCSports.

NY Jets Piss Off Poor Fireman Ed

There is no doubt that as a former firefighter, I respect and love firefighters from every city, every country, and everywhere in between.  It’s a brethren that can’t be understood unless you have lived in that style of life.  Fireman Ed doesn’t count.  Not at all.

So when the New England Patriots jumped out to a half-time lead of 32 to 0 I was thrilled to learn that the pompous overbearing television hog had had enough.  Apparently, the Jets play on the field pissed off the green and white clad loudmouth so much that he packed up his Thanksgiving seat and headed home.

At half-time.

Mr. Ed (Hello Wilbur) didn’t simply stop there.  Likely cursing all the way home as he zigged and zagged through traffic taking Rex Ryan and Mark Sanchez to hell with him as he went, Ed deleted his Twitter account that same day. Likely hurting the feelings of the throng of 12 year old’s who followed him.

Did you know that until the age of 1o Ed used to be a Dolphins fan?  Like Anakin Skywalker he fled to the dark side.

When it comes to football, there is always a place for professionalism.  I stick the high-road on this board at ever single turn.  However, in my list of those who are exempt from that self imposed rule of thumb, the J.E.T.S – Jets, Jets, Jets, sit squarely at the top.  In other words, Jets and Jets fans are fair game.

Especially a pouting fireman named “Ed”.

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  • JCap

    At least the icon (now ex-icon) of the jets can be found in an honorable man, an ex-fire fighter, not some fish. You only wish your fish could have done that kind of damage. There’s plenty to pick apart when talking about your mighty fish. You should use that energy to bash a team like your other divisional foe (the pats), rather than the team that as of today – don’t have more than a game lead on in the W column, a -1 lead on in the division and more playoff appearances in the past decade. It’s ok, you can be made that your team sucks too.

    • Txmedic5

      :No way dude. I hate the Jets. At least have a minute amount of respect for the Bills and a little less for the Patriots. I wouldn’t wish for the Jets to win unless it was so the Dolphins could get into the Playoffs. Screw the J.E.T.S…Jets, jets, jets. CROPDUSTERS! ;)