Miami Dolphins Running Woes

I will start by saying that there are many reasons why the Dolphins are where they are now. Collectively when one part of the Miami Dolphins has been relied on, it has crumbled the last four weeks. Some things we know will start happening, like getting to the opposing teams Quarter Back. Cameron Wake can only be held so many times before the flag is thrown. One thing that has been consistently inconsistent is the Dolphins run blocking. Only once so far this season has it shown up, and to be honest, that whole group of positions is auditioning right now. Including LT Jake Long.

The Frustration I feel boils down to the fact Dolphins fans have seen this all before. Inconsistent game play through out the season getting the fans hopes up only to finish the season at 6-10 or 7-9. We have suffered for a dozen or so years of this game play. What makes this time any different? 

The difference now is that, at least where I sit, there is hope on the horizon. I refer to about the Dolphins running game. Play after play the offense passes the blame around like a game of hot potato. The majority of the time we could point our fingers at the offensive line. I have seen multiple times in the last 4 or 5 weeks where Reggie Bush or Daniel Thomas get the ball and right away are wrapped up behind the line of scrimmage. There has been a break down at every key position on the Offensive line. What is even more surprising, Jake Long has even done a below average job of blocking all season. Gun to my head, if I needed to shave $20 million in cap room, I would have to seriously consider what I could get for Jake Long after what we have seen this season. Missed blocks, giving up on plays, being out played by rookie defensive ends. I am not arguing for a trade of Long, I am however trying to figure out how a player can ask for more money with this performance thus far.

The running game is crucial when developing a young Quarter Back. The Tennessee Titans (18th), Indianapolis Colts (14th), St. Louis Rams (12th), Tampa Bay Bucs  (9th), Seattle Seahawks (6th), Minnesota Vikings (3rd) and the Washington Redskins (2nd) all have young QB’s. Yet as you can tell by their rushing yards per game, they have a decent running game to take the pressure off (Except for the Titans). Miami has the 21rst ranked Rushing offense which splits its yardage into 3 pieces. That means Bush or Thomas can never get consistency going in a game. They cannot get a feel for the defense, which will greatly cut down the amount big plays they can have. The one game this season where Reggie touched the ball more than 20 times, he ran for 172 yards against the Oakland Raiders.

By establishing a running game, and giving Reggie or Thomas (pick one and stick to them) the ball more than 10 times a game, you will allow your QB to play against a defense that is right at the line of scrimmage, rather then 3 or 4 yards off. Dont think That I am saying Ryan Tannehills’s not at fault either. There is plenty of blame to go around, and his 2:1 interception to Touch down ratio is not helping the team either. But, as a rookie QB going having to throw the ball 40-50 time a game is asking a bit much. I say Miami needs to be running the ball 55-60% of their plays, and the Dolphins will need to rely heavily on our O-line to do this. If Miami wants Tanehill to develop properly, he cannont be trying win the game alone and early in the game.

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