Dec 2, 2012; Miami Gardens, FL, USA; Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill (17) leaps over New England Patriots cornerback Alfonzo Dennard (37) and defensive end Rob Ninkovich (50) for a touchdown in the second quarter at Sun Life Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Robert Mayer-US PRESSWIRE

Dolphins Show A Future In Loss To Patriots

The Miami Dolphins were supposed to get beat down today.  They were supposed to get leveled and embarrassed.  Instead, they came a few bad plays away from stealing one from the high-powered New England Patriot offense.  While the Dolphins lost the game, they provided a glimpse of what could be a very promising future.

If anyone has doubts about Ryan Tannehill, they should be putting them away.  Tannehill missed on two very big plays that would have likely resulted in touchdowns to Brian Hartline, but time will go a long way to improving those types of passes.  The truth is, Tannehill showed a lot of guts with his legs and his arm.  Keeping the team in the game all the way to the final ticking seconds.

For Miami it was a game that got away.  The Dolphins botched the snap on their first possession punt giving the Pats the ball deep in Miami territory and eventually a 7-0 lead.  Tannehill would miss a wide-open Brian Hartline in the endzone deep, a hit from behind caused Tannehill to fumble and turn the ball over, a seriously horrible pass interference call gave New England an extended series while a roughing the punter call allowed the Patriots an out.

Despite the Dolphins shots into their own feet, they hung in forcing the Patriots to and Tom Brady to make bad decisions. The defense surged on a 1st and goal from the 2 to force a field goal after two sacks and a stop behind the line of scrimmage.  In the end though, the Patriots took the last drive on a seven minute drive that culminated in the winning field goal.

While the Dolphins are now almost assuredly eliminated from realistic post-season play and the Patriots wrap up the division officially, they showed the Patriots that they are young, hungry, and not intimidated by the more high-profile division rival.  Miami simply came up short this season but the future is looking good with 5 draft picks in the first three rounds of Aprils’ draft and 50-60 million in cap space for free agency.

A few players here and there and the Miami Dolphins may just be ready to take over the AFC East again.

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  • Gary Lowman

    I am so tired about hearing about Tannehill’s future…We had to listen to “looking good with Henne’s future” and see what that brought about…Man o’ man..Set the coaches pet down to learn…

    • Karen Smeltzer

      He is learning!! He is after all a rookie that played 19 games in college. He needs time to grow.

      • Erick Rodriguez

        Accuracy issues has nothing to do with being a rookie, Tannehill was terribly inaccurate today and it cost the dolphins points. Being a rookie is not an excuse for overthrowing and underthrowing a wide open receiver by 3 yards. Those were only two of his terrible throws today, take off the homer glasses and call it like it is

        • Gdlow


        • jacobin777

          Accuracy doesn’t have anything to do with being a rookie? Huh?

      • Gdlow

        He is a starter!!! If he can’t play any better than he has then he shouldn’t be a starter..set him to let him learn if that is what it takes…I am tired of this team losing because of ineffective play and “coaching”

  • Robert Hall

    We played a lot better than I thought we would! It was a good game and close until the Patriots drove down the field and scored at will at the end of the 4th qtr. I agree with you karen, Tannehill needs a lil more time to grow. Another full off season will do him good, and another deep threat WR with great hands would benefit him as well. I also noticed over the past few weeks that our offensive line isn’t that great either, so we need to draft, or pick up in FA, a couple solid OL. We also need to maybe see what we can get for Jake Long, cause he’s now been injured and missed several games over the past two seasons, and now he’s injured again, plus he doesn’t look as dominant as he used to and that might have to do with the new system he’s playing this year. I think we we need to draft a CB, WR, LB, TE AND OL high in the draft , we have five picks in the first three rounds as of right now, so this is possible. GO PHINS!!!

  • Sean McIntosh

    robert and karen agree with you but we can’t see how great tannehill is unless we get a great wide reciver or another good one

  • Gary J Tricarico

    It was a close game. Miami D did a great job. The O is getting there. But saying Miami will take over the AFC east soon? Really? That is a little premature. How about getting to a winning season first. Building the team for the long haul and then look to take over the AFC east for 10 years or so like Miami did with Marino. I tend to think you have to wait until Brady retires or declines in a few years first.

  • Txmedic5

    @Gary – Soon doesn’t mean next year. It means soon rather than later, nothing more.

    @TannyShouldSit guys, Moore isn’t going to make this team a contender any more than Tannehill will so why not let the kid take his knocks and be better for it next season? Everyone wants to compare RT to RGIII or Luck they are not the same QB’s. If they were, RT would have been taken 3rd overall. You all are tired of the losing…yes we all are, but there is a new system and a new coach and players that primarily fit an old system and old coach. Have some patience.

    @ALL – I asked Jeff Ireland personally in November how he has had to adjust and he said flat out, they drafted players that fit what Tony Sparano was trying to do and drafted big strong bodies on the line now he has to go after the faster more athletic players for Philbins style. We are running a WC offense without WC players. What did you expect to happen…exactly?

  • Miami Jules

    Good article there Brian. I agree with most of it. I feel good about a lot of things, but I feel great about a man named Joe… I don’t handle Dolphins losses very well and usually stay away from blogs after one. The only exceptios are, when I am so angry about something I need to vent it out. This is the 1st time though, I write anything Dolphins after a loss, and without even being angry. We rushed Brady, unlike Luck… this is a coaching staff who learn from their mistakes and they learn fast. Once I reconciled to the fact that this is not our year (hard to do in mid-football season), I realize that at least now we have a core … whether Tannehill is the future or not, too early to tell (I HATE INT’s more than anything) but he certainly appears to be a man on a mission… just wish he was being talked about like the RGIII’s, the Luck’s and the Mr. Wilsons