November 12, 2012; Pittsburgh, PA, USA; Kansas City Chiefs inside linebacker Jovan Belcher (59) on the field before playing the Pittsburgh Steelers at Heinz Field. Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Chiefs Fans Should Be Ashamed

I try for the most part to stay out of debates such as this, but after this weekend I cannot sit idly by and be ok with how the Jovan Belcher situation was perceived in Kansas City. Obviously this story does not apply to the ENTIRE Chiefs fan base, but for the ones who sat at Arrowhead Stadium tailgating Sunday morning with giant R.I.P #59 signs, those who say he was simply misunderstood, and those who consider him anything more than simply a murderer; you are the ones who should be ashamed.

First it should be noted that the word tragedy is probably the correct term. What happened was the very definition of a tragedy- a dramatic event dealing with a somber theme. The problem is that this tragedy is being used to describe Belcher. Yes he obviously had some mental issues, but just as everyone else in a similar situation as this one, he ended his life as a murderer.

After listening to some of the audio from the Chiefs game this past weekend I couldn’t help but wonder what goes through some (not all) peoples’ minds. Multiple people wearing #59 jerseys speaking of the events and saying how they would always remember and cherish Belcher. For what exactly? For executing his wife and subsequently himself, surrounded by people who could’ve easily gone the rest of their lives without ever seeing such an event. has since taken it down, but for several days proudly displayed a slideshow of Jovan Belcher pictures to remember him by. Probably not a good idea to include your organization into a domestic violence situation regardless of whom he was.

Was it not just a few weeks ago that these big hearted, grieving fans (again, some not all) decided it would be acceptable to cheer when Matt Cassel was injured during a game ( Here are the fans applauding Cassel being injured) . The fans gave a standing ovation for a player who could not get up off the field after being hit, but one of their players commits a murder-suicide and we should forever immortalize him? I just do not understand it.

Aside from what we assume is fairly accurate speculation from friends and family of Belcher we will never truly know why he did what he did. People who have mental issues of any sort have the potential to be unpredictable, and it truly was a sad event that transpired.

Sad for Kasandra Perkins, Cheryl Shepherd, and especially Zoey (Belcher/Perkins) who will never have the chance to know either of her parents growing up. At 3 months old she certainly will have no recollection of what occurred that morning, but she will have to go through life with the stigma of what took place.

What can be said throughout everything that already has, is that Brady Quinn may have come out of this wiser than any of us. His post game press conference was brilliant. Every word he spoke should hit home for everyone. Do we ever truly know how someone is just by asking in passing?

It should also be noted that on Monday, December 3rd a retired BART officer shot and killed his wife and then himself in North Carolina in the presence of their 2 year old daughter. This particular murder-suicide was the end of accusations of infidelity by the officer’s wife.

Basically the same situation twice in less than 72 hours. One has come out as a tragedy garnering national attention, with one of the assailants being forever immortalized while the other is barely news, and if it were I’m sure he would be condemned as a monster.

Both are horrendous from top to bottom as is all domestic violence. We can only hope for the best for victims and families of victims who have to endure such horrible events. Here is a map of what I can find on Murder-Suicide cases in the U.S in 2011. It is horrifying to see this many cases from only last year.

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  • Wing

    Agreed, my family has dealt with a murder and if the person responsible had been celebrated in any manner it would have been devastating.

  • Jorge

    I agree!

  • Jim

    Thank you for coming forward to say what is the real truth. I can’t believe some fans still put these players on pedistal, no matter what they do. Murder plain and simple. Yes he had issues, all murderers have issues, but it was still murder. I pray for their daughter, both families and all that had to witness this horrific incident.

    • gofins60

      Agree! There are plenty of “criminals” in the NFL. Whether they agree to it or not, NFL players are role models for kids. Players with serious criminal records should be kicked out of the league.

  • Nick sawyer

    We are not celebrating it. We are being understanding and grieving.

  • Dana N Eddie

    You should be ashamed for lumping all Chiefs fans together in this tragedy as well as cheering for the fallen Matt Casseling. All chiefs fans don’t feel the same way. But if its not all chiefs fans then its not a big enough story for you. You take it upon yourself to say what you say so you have something to write. Shame on you for your narrow minded approach.

  • Tom Loreman

    You deserve to be beaten, with a shovel, for posting this kind of crap and writing it off as “journalism.” To that I say FUCK YOU.

  • PunjabiPete

    The word “ashamed” should never come from a Dolphin’s fans mouth unless you are talking about yourself. Thanks.

  • disgusted

    i’m not sure it falls on the chiefs fans in general either, but this is my reaction to the event as well in the regard that i question why anyone at all is honoring the man in any fashion. he committed murder, and no matter what the circumstances, he should be regarded as that…a murderer. if he didn’t kill himself, he would rightfully end up in prison for the rest of his life.

  • Crystal

    The only thing I ever took from the news coverage from this murder suicide. Was the tragedy of a 3 month old little girl losing both parents. Along with the grandmother having to witness the murder of her daughter. Chiefs fans are aloud to grieve in the way they do. They are not immortalizing them. Yes he had problems we all do. It’s how we deal with them that makes a point. He didn’t deal with it well at all. Yes he took a life and then his own. Let people grieve how they want to grieve. Just like I am sure that the family of the cop and his wife are dealing with it the best the can. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I won’t condemn you for that. But don’t lump all chiefs fans into one category.

  • Patrick Allen

    Sean, being close to this situation, I think you’re being a little unfair here. While I agree it is important to put this situation in its proper perspective, I think you also need to consider that people who loved Jovan are just as upset and wounded as the people that loved Ms. Perkins.

    I am sure there are some folks that wore Belcher’s jersey on Sunday. There are also folks from his home town who made a makeshift memorial outside his mother’s home. These people were all, in there own way, trying to honor the memory of the person that they cared about in some way.

    What you seem to think is that they are honoring the memory of a murderer. I disagree. They are honoring the memory of the Jovan they knew before Dec.1, 2012. Fans that looked up to him and cheered for him, family members and friends who loved and cared for him.

    You can love someone and hate their actions, mostly because things aren’t black and white and people aren’t strictly good and evil.

    What we are talking about here, are people grieving. We simply have no right to tell people how to grieve.

    Jovan’s legacy will be that of a murderer for 99% of the world for all time. When all is said and done, there will only be a small percentage of people who knew and loved him before he committed this terrible murder that will remember anything different. The memorials will be temporary. There will be no statues built. In the end, Joval Belcher will hit the books as a murderer.

    I don’t know what happened. I don’t know if he was on drugs or if he had a mental break. I don’t know if the years of playing football had an adverse effect on his brain.These aren’t excuses but they could be the consequences of repeated brain trauma.

    It is easy to sit back and say all Chiefs fans should be ashamed and that all murderers had evil in their hearts. The truth, unfortunately, is a lot more complicated than that.

    Your words about Brady Quinn are right on. We all need to be more considerate and concerned about the people around us.

    • Patrick Allen

      Sorry Sean! I thought Brian wrote this when I first made my comment.

  • Miami Jules

    Hey Sean, I’m not going to pretend to analyze the issue, mainly because I’m not a human behavior analyst, but if I read it right, the central theme of your post was to expose the irony of the fan base up there… cheering for a fallen athlete, while showing sencitivity for another. This post seems to have stirred up KC fans who make the claim that what you did was to generalize. Hello… that’s what we do, if the stadium down here is empty or not filled to capacity, the labelling of the Miami fans as being “fair weather fans” are heard from the national media and blogs, which some go as far as labelling the Miami fans as “crappy” and I quote. What the hell is that I ask… isn’t thay generalizing? The were another 30,000 at the stadium, painted faces and all after like 14 years of bad football, but we have to take the generalization… guess what? Your turn KC… take it! Good article Sean!

  • Dave in SD

    This article was written by someone with little knowledge of the situation in KC and even less of the fans. Don’t believe everything you read/hear, the facts are Belcher isn’t being celebrated and the attention was given first to the child and her well being. Then questioning why someone would do this. Jovan may be remembered ultimately as a murderer but the suddenness of this crime has people who knew him in disbelief including fans.

    The separate issue of Cassel shouldn’t be used as further proof of your assumptions of Chief fans. If Winston didn’t react the way he did it would have never been a story. Very few people cheered the injury.

    The reason the retired BART employee isn’t getting attention is because he isn’t high profile. The world we live in reports the Kardashians before actual new stories. Facts aren’t important just headlines. Unfortunately this article is written in that same fashion. Shocking title, opinions as facts, content with little effort to report truth just an agenda.

    I am a Chiefs fan and I am not ashamed. In fact, the way people came together during this tragedy has me proud.

  • Joshua Nash

    Sigh… Let me correct you nutbag. Belcher killed his GIRLFRIEND. There was NO Standing ovation for Cassel being knocked out, there was maybe hundred drunkards cheering, as in any stadium. Winston made the media take way over board just like your trash article. And lastly, Belcher’s murder/suicide is being handled differently by everyone. To lump a whole fanbase like the media did with the Cassel being “injured” thing, just proves to me that based off your logic of lumping groups together based off one person/person’s actions means that Dolphin’s fan are automatons that simply follow the news and troll based off non factual statements. (I know most of you don’t Miami, just this dude irked me).

  • drakemcvey

    born and raised and livin in kc, i cheered when matt cassel was no longer the qb…it just so happened scott pioli made it be an injury that took him out of the game. i also cheer anytime the chiefs get better and with matt cassel off the field the chiefs are better. jovan belcher was a murderer a cheater and a coward and nobody other than dwayne bowe thinks anything else. saying fas should be ashamed? only thing to be ashamed of is that jovan belcher wore a chiefs uniform. well other than scott pioli and clark hunt. kc is very ashamed of them for running this team into the ground. it took clark hunt just 5 years to kill somehting i loved for 20

  • Ted Long

    You are a complete jack ass. Stop writing blogs and think about doing something your good at instead.

  • drtold

    Chiefs fans were not cheering Cassel’s injury, they were cheering the play that Charles made at exactly the same time, so get over it. Just because one O-lineman got it wrong, doesn’t mean then rest of us did. As for not seeing Belcher for what he was, who wants to even talk about the Belcher mess, we need another inside linebacker, and I hope there is a good one in the draft, wink wink.