Miami Dolphins, Patience and Progress

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I have been referred to as a skeptic in many areas of my life. I am a man that has to have sure hard proof in order to believe in something. That one word is something that the Dolphins had to show me this year to satisfy me as a fan. Proof is something that the Dolphins lacked in the off season, and something they also lacked in week one. But I have to say, as a life long Dolphins fan, I am starting to feel comfortable in the direction the Dolphins are heading. Now, I do not think that Miami will make the Superbowl this year, heck we will be lucky to finish 8-8. But being brutally honest, I would be happy at 8-8 this year. 

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Dick's Sporting Goods presents "Hell Week":

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  • Gary Lowman

    Give me my Rose colored glasses so that I can also see the positives…Ooop’s I have on my realistic glasses and see a team no better than last year and in some ways worse…

  • Miami Jules

    I wrote a 2 paragraph comment only to find the siteor Disquis, forgot who I was, so AGAI, for like the 3rd time in as many weeks it seems like, I needed to reset the pass word, only to find to 2 paragrapher had disappeared… not going to write it again.