Miami Dolphins, Patience and Progress

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A season many thought we would be lucky to win 4 or 5 games and were even talked about what we would do with the first pick next year. A season where we were given a rookie head coach in Joe Philbin, a rookie Quarter Back in Ryan Tannheill, no Wide recievers after trading away Brandon Marshall and releasing Chad-Ochocino-Johnson, and a completely new defensive scheme. A season where we were chastised for drafting Tannehill so early and lets not forget trading away Vontae Davis, who by the way is virtually useless in Indianapolis. After all of these events coming to pass, it brings  joy to my heart to still see us in the hunt for a wildcard place. To know that we are two or three missed field goals away from being 7-5 or 8-4. Sure we need help, but the Dolphins are showing hope, promise, PROOF, and most of all, progress.

Ryan Tannehill is growing more and more every game. He still makes sporadic passes and bad throws, but so does every Quarter Back. I am seeing a rookie QB quickly going through his progressions, and making smarter decisions with the football. He still has a lot to prove, after all he is the first Qb drafted in the first round since Dan Marino, but it is a start. And Ryan being on the field gives us the best chance to win on a weekly basis. Tannehill has quieted skeptics, made believers, and given Fin nation a reason to let hope into their hearts once again. Ryan has improved every game this season. He is succeeded in two game winning drives, and has had several opportunities to throw the games away, and has not done so.

Progress is the key word here. Rome was not built in a day, Hall of Fame Quarter Backs are not made in a year, and defenses are not perfected in one season. It takes time, hard work, and great coaching. Some of these things the Dolphins have. They have a great coaching staff, this forces them to work hard and leave it all on the field. The one thing they need from us as Dolphins fans, is time. Time to put the right pieces in play. Time to develop a young and talented Qb into a veteran with the Franchise on his back, and most of all, time to bring the Super Bowl trophy back to Miami. Patience is a virtue, and though it is frustrating at the present time to be phinphanatics, imagine how sweet it will be when we get there and see teal jerseys hoisting up that trophy!

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