Nov 15, 2012; Orchard Park, NY, USA; Miami Dolphins running back Marcus Thigpen (34) returns a kickoff for a touchdown during the first quarter of a game against the Buffalo Bills at Ralph Wilson Stadium. Buffalo won the game 19-14. Mandatory Credit: Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Marcus Thigpen vs. Reggie Bush: Miami Dolphins Position Battle


At the end of the year, there is no doubt in my mind running back Reggie Bush will not be on the Miami Dolphins official roster for the 2013-14 season.

Lamar Miller, the fourth-round draft pick this past year, is going to transform into an every down running back with second-year back Daniel Thomas as the complimentary back for Mike Sherman’s offense. While Bush has a lot versatility built within his game, first-year player Marcus Thigpen has the same skill set, and at a young age it’s tough not to enjoy watching him excel up and down the field.

Thigpen has a Devin Hester-esque in him. He has a ton of upside and fights for the extra yardage for Joe Philbin and company. The rookie has knack of reading the right holes created by the offensive line as well as running north and south rather than east and west.

Bush negatively attributes to the east and west feeling frequently. The seven-year running back has recorded 179 carries for 791 yards and five touchdowns, but if you look the inconsistency over the course of the year there is a slight weakness. Bush should be flirting with 1,000 yards, not 209 yards away.

In the slot, Thigpen has a more dynamic presence on the outside than Bush. If you want to argue Bush had a good performance this week you are right, but against a defense ranked 31st in the NFL anyone can post the numbers he did. If anything, there should be a shock he didn’t have a bigger impact on Sunday.

At the end of the day, you shall decide. Does Ireland sign Bush or forget him for the rookie with the same ability with the football and versatility. I want to read what you all have to say.

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  • Ryan O’Reilly

    I say we sign Bush simply for the presence he brings and his leadership. It’s tough to lose a guy like that with a team as young as our Dolphins. Get rid of Thomas, he’s had ample opportunity and he’s done the least between the three with it. Though I still feel it’s the O-lines fault more than any of the running backs. No holes to run through.

    • Ryan O’Reilly

      Oh, and I’m a big Thigpen fan

  • cbradla

    Thomas has both concussion and fumbling issues. The Dolphins need neither!

  • Gdlow

    Thomas is the running back I don’t care for…He doesn’t always hit the hole hard and has a fumbling problem at times…Keep Bush, Miller and Thigpen

  • Malachi Bryant

    I like Reggie Bush and still think he is a dynamic player. He can score anytime he touches the ball. Miami have too many holes to fill and paying Reggie Bush seven million plus a season especially when they have enough running backs is not a priority. There are at least two teams that will pay him around that number or at least close to that, I see the Cardinals and the Lions being the top two contenders for Reggie Bush. Yes, I believe he wants to stay Miami to be a part of the finished product but it’s mostly about the money. I wish him the best regardless of the decision he makes. I just don’t see him being a Dolphin next year

  • taydigga7

    Thigpen? Really? Not a fan of this article at all. It’s left field.

    • Mark

      I don’t see how it’s left field. Reggie Bush will become a free agent. Can Thigpen replace him?…

      • Dmorles

        If you think Thigpen can replace REggie – you’d think they’d have him in by now. That’s obviously not the case. Thigpen doesn’t have the same speed or burst – let alone elusiveness. He maybe able to break tackles better – but that’s about it.

        • taydigga7

          Exactly, my point.

      • taydigga7

        Thigpen hasn’t even had a snap in the backfield. You need to be looking at Miller before Thigpen. This is random, it’s like saying Teddy Ginn should replace crabtree who is having an respectable season. It doens’t make sense considering there’s players ahead of him to mention.

  • Carts1

    Man I’ve never seen a guy who gets 4.5 ypc and back to back 1000 yard seasons get such a lack of respect as bush does and its always from the so called fan base. Was a stupid pointless and article. Ur football iq is nil

    • Mark

      If he was consistent every week, he could record a 1,500-2,000-yard season. Against awful run defenses, he is nowhere to be found. I will be shocked if he does reach 1,000 yards this season.

      • Carts2

        If the other backs were blowing the top off I would agree with you, but since they are not I would have to say some of it would be inconsistent blocking.

        • taydigga7

          it’s definitely the blocking and the fact that they have rookie back there and defenses were stacking the box with 8 men. Most of the fans don’t see this. I agree with you Carts, Bush get’s no respect!

      • Carts2

        and there are only a few elite backs in the league that reach 1500 yards and really 2000…Peterson is not even there yet and he’s been a beast

      • taydigga7

        How is he going to be consistent when he was losing touches to DT for a few weeks and the O-line was getting manhandled for most of the season? He’s averaging over 4 ypc and yet he’s nowhere to be found, maybe that’s because he’s in and out since Philbin takes him out as soon as he hits redzone. He doesn’t ride the hot hand. Bush will start getting into a groove then boom get taken out. Most teams with good rbs don’t do that. Sorry, you are wrong buddy.

  • gofins60

    Reggie has had a lot of amazing runs as a Dolphin. His problem is that too often he tries for the big gain instead of settling for the 2 or 3 yard gain. In his defense, this o-line allowed him to gain over 1,000 yards last year while power blocking. This year’s change to zone blocking has put a damper on the running game. To continue the zone blocking scheme and be effective, Miami will have to replace at minimum 2 o-linemen… creating more holes to fill in the off-season.

    That said, Reggie would be worth keeping at the right price. Miller, Lane, and Thigpen need more playing time to get experience. Thomas shows flashes of being very good, but is WAY too inconsistent, so he’s the odd man out who may not make the roster for next year.

    • Mark

      Inconsistency from the running back position has been the story of this season.

  • Miami Jules

    Look, keep Bush for ONE year and tell him to stop dancing in the backfield or to stop trying to overrun the pursuit outside. Coach the guy for crying out loud, remind him that the “delay” or “draw play” are run in the A-gap… have Layne be his leading blocker and to just hit it at full speed. I agree with “gofins60″ below in that Bush is tring to break the big one instead of being more concerned about at least just getting the 3.5 to 4 yards needed on every down, but don’t forget to coach him tough and give him an ultimatum. Go out a prioritize O-line help. I LOVE THIGPEN… as a runner, a slot receiver, I bet he’d be deadly in the screen, but guess what… we freaking need BLOCKERS hello, so stop eating human waste and go out and get me good blockers, a couple of corners and a wide receiver will ya…

  • Miami Jules

    PS I want to see the Marlon Moores, the Mathews, the Thigpens play during the last 2 games, yes, I know we’re still mot mathematically eliminated from the play-off’s but too much has got to happen with The Browns beating a play off’s hungry Pittsburg team who would be coming off a confidence booster after having beat the Bengals (which also needs to happen for the Dolphins to have a chance)… I would rather just take a look at these players mentioned above.

  • disqus_aWSf6de2R2

    Lamar Miller was a fourth round draft pick, did this guy check his sources?

    • Mark

      You are right on that one

  • Dmorles

    Besides BUsh every other back on the roster is unproven. WHy would you drop REggie to go with unproven talent? Makes no sense. IF you have an issue at WR – dont exacerbate the problem by dropping your only proven back. Im just saying your asking for problems. Fumbling Dan is a bust, Lamar Miller hasn’t really seen action yet, Thigpen can return but can he be an every down back and catch the football? I want to see that before i punt Reggie……

  • Chris

    I think it’s all a numbers game and the numbers are looking like Bush will be gone next season. I think a week ago I said it would be stupid to get rid of your most dynamic player on this offense that lacks explosiveness. I LOVE Reggie in a Phins uniform. He’s such an ideal football player. However, Miami has Thomas, Miller and Thigpen as well. Bush will likely look for the big contract and even though I feel he would deserve it, it would probably be an unnecessary luxury for this team, given the positions depth, the needs at other positions and the other re-signings they’ll be looking at this offseason.