Nov 13, 2011; Cincinnati, OH, USA; Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Mike Wallace (17) during the first half against the Cincinnati Bengals at Paul Brown Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Wallace: The Miami Dolphin’s Future Home-Run King


The Miami Dolphins are starving for play-makers on the offensive side of the ball. Alright, I am done pointing out the obvious. It is starting to become a constant, though. Year after year, the Miami Dolphins “need” a big play wide receiver. Sure, the team had Brandon Marshall. But Marshall under-preformed greatly during his tenure with the aqua and orange (damn near couldn’t even catch a cold). Yes, Brian Hartline “broke out” last season. But Hartline is not a big play receiver. The team needs a big time play-maker.

Finally, the Miami Dolphins seem to be in a position to bring in a big name wide receiver via free agency. Pending free agents Dwayne Bowe (Kansas City), Greg Jennings (Green Bay) and Mike Wallace (Pittsburgh)  seem to be the hottest candidates. Why? They are the best candidates on the market.


While everyone is poking at a Philbin-Jennings reunion in Miami – or suggesting Dwayne Bowe will take a pay cut to come “home”, did we forget about Wallace? Now, now, now, I did not say I would be opposed to Bowe or Jennings in a Miami uniform – but Wallace is younger, faster and realistically a better player than both Bowe and Jennings, isn’t he?


What has Miami been missing for ages on offense? A “home-run” threat at the wide receiver position. Someone who can take the top off of a defense or can take a short pass and turn it into a huge gain. Tell me, is Greg Jennings going to take the top off of a defense? No. Can Dwayne Bowe beat a corner deep on a consistent basis? That remains to be seen. Bowe is notorious for being known as a “problem child” during his tenure with the Kansas City Chiefs and Joe Philbin will not tolerate his “me first” attitude (will he Brandon Marshall or Chad Johnson?). Point blank, Mike Wallace is a H-O-M-E-R-U-N threat!


Wallace, a former Ole Miss star, was drafted in the third round of the 2009 NFL Draft by the Pittsburgh Steelers after running a remarkable 4.33 forty-yard dash – for those of you that do not know, that’s pretty darn fast. A team starved for speed, such as Miami, may be willing to spend big for a receiver such as Wallace. Now am I saying he deserves a huge pay day? No. But he will get a nice pay check from a team literally frothing at the mouth because of the new dimension his speed could add to their offense.


For Wallace to land in Miami, Jeff Ireland and company will have to feel comfortable about Wallace as a potential “number one guy”. Sure, Wallace’s production took a bit of a dip this season. But, an injured Big Ben, a non-existent running game, and a shaky offensive line will do that to anyone (Unless your name begins with a Calvin and ends with a Johnson). In his most productive season with the Steelers he snagged 60 balls for 1,257 yards and 10 touchdowns (21.0 yard per reception). Even Wallace’s worst season (39 receptions 756 yards 6 touchdowns – his rookie season ) would be better than anything Miami’s current receivers have put together recently.


Wallace’s career ypr (yards per reception) average is an astounding 17.2. If that doesn’t scream “home-run” threat, then I really do not know what does.


Seriously, if you do not agree with me fellow Miami fans…Watch this quick six minute highlight clip. If that does not convince you, then I really do not know what will..



Wallace possesses the break-away speed and the consistency Miami needs at the wide receiver position. The Miami Dolphins need Mike Wallace. Mike Wallace needs the Miami Dolphins. Come on, Jeff!



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  • miamid5454

    how about you make another video of his drops? but i do not think 6 min will be enough. He even beat out Brandon Marshall for drops this year and that is hard. Marshall had that crown for 4 years. unless he is going to take about 3 or 4 mil a year then i say ok but nothing more.

    • TylerMcMullen

      To be honest, I didn’t make the video. Just simply searched “Mike Wallace Highlights” on Youtube. If you would like to, I bet you could find a few videos of his drops by searching “Mike Wallace Drops” or something similar to that…The kid had a down year last season. Happens to everyone. Over the course of his career, he has been considerably consistent. Not to mention, can you name anyone in Miami’s current receiving corp who is better? Thanks for the read and the comment though, man.

      • Tim hotch

        If the dolphins got mike Wallace, they would still be lacking a red zone threat.

        • TylerMcMullen

          Very true, Tim. But, the team is in a great position to fill that need via the draft. There are many intriguing options in the draft as far as a “red zone threat”. Players such as Zach Ertz, Tyler Eifert, Jordan Reed could be available when Miami picks during the second round or third round in Reed’s case. Also, players such as Justin Hunter, Aaron Mellete, Da’Rick Rogers, Aaron Dobson and Rodney Smith could all be available during rounds 3-5. Thanks for the read and the comment, Tim!

  • Joseph Hichborn

    Hey Tyler, good read – thanks for the article. Good luck in your pursuit of an NFL analyst position.

    Do you favor a WR or a TE for the coveted “red-zone threat”? With how much the Dolphins use Fasano in those types of situations, imagine what they could do with a little more at the position.

    • TylerMcMullen

      Thanks for the encouragement, Joseph!! Personally, I would prefer to look towards a little of both. A dream scenario here would be bringing in someone like Jared Cook via free agency and drafting someone such as Justin Hunter or Da’Rick Rogers in the second or third round of the NFL Draft. Now let’s say the team brings in Wallace and totally ignores the glaring need for a red-zone threat. If the team was to draft someone to fill the position, I would look at Ertz, personally. He has more upside than Eifert (in my opinion). Not to mention he’s a tall, lanky and surprisingly quick target – reminds me a bit of Jimmy Graham. Thanks again for the read, comment and words of encouragement, Joseph!!

      • Tim hotch

        If the dolphins sign a TE like Cook or Keller, do you think they would draft Ertz or Eiffert if the fall to then in the second? Would you if you were in Ireland’s shoes. Also, I know people say Cook was underutilized in Tennessee, but how do you know he will produce in a different setting? In your opinion, is he the best FA TE this year?

        • TylerMcMullen

          Interesting situation, Tim. If Miami signs Cook (which I think they will – check back tomorrow morning for my top three free agent wish list) it would eliminate the need for a talent such as Ertz, Eifert, Reed, etc. Cook is a young, speedy tight end who I do believe has been underutilized in Tennessee. He has speed (runs a low 4.5 forty), hands, great agility, runs good routes and has a great blocking game. Although he’s not your Jimmy Graham (Graham is rarely used blocking-wise), he is the most complete tight end available this offseason. On the other hand, if Miami signs Keller, Miller, Walker, or a different tight end via free agency, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the team do their best to draft Ertz or Eifert – specifically Ertz. Both are big, red-zone type targets who can develop into top tier tight ends. Thanks for the read and the comment, Tim!

  • Eles_Trago

    Wallace is younger and faster so it would be smarter to spend big money on him but if we are looking towards something more affordable I would look to G. Jennings. I don’t think Bowe is Dolphin material. Really, I would like us to sign practically any receiver so that we don’t waste that 1st rd pick on one. I would love to get Texas Safety Kenny Vaccaro, I think we need a leader in the backfield and he is as good as it gets. Even a pass rusher would give me better confidence than picking a guy that isnt assured of being a star, K. Allen of Cal is who I am referring to.

    • TylerMcMullen

      I would love to see Wallace as a Dolphin next year, and for years to come. But in the end, I think the team will sign Jennings. I agree that Bowe is not Miami’s “style”. He’s a bit of a head case and has a “play when I want to” mentality. Vaccaro is someone I am really starting to warm up to. The thought of Vaccaro manning the free spot, while Reshad knocks down the strong position is overwhelming. I wouldn’t mind taking Vaccaro at 12, especially if his stock continues to sore. The only thing I disagree with is your thoughts on Keenan Allen. Allen has all of the tools to be a number one guy. A lot of people view him as a number two, but the kid has the size, speed, route running ability and hands that you look for in a number one target. I wouldn’t mind trading back with a team such as Cincinnati to take Allen in the first round. Thanks for the read and the comment, man!

      • Eles_Trago

        Not saying he cant be, honestly Ive only seen his highlights, but I just remember Teddy Ginn and just would rather not waste a 12 on a receiver which is actually how I think Ireland works. But trading back and getting him wouldnt be as bad though I do feel like getting a vet receiver would be more appropriate. 1st round wideouts are just so hit and miss. Hey but Im behind our organization and I trust Ireland though I know most feel differently.
        Sent from my Verizon Wireless smartphone

        • TylerMcMullen

          I agree, my man. I think it’s almost a lock at this point that the front office will bring in a veteran wide receiver, AND a rookie or TWO. Ginn and Allen are complete opposites, though. And we don’t have an absolute moron as a head coach. Allen has size (6’2″, 210 pounds), speed (low 4.5′s high 4.4′s) and all of the ability in the world. He had a down year this past season due to a change at the quarterback position and an injury. Allen is most comparable on an ability stand point to a player such as a Dez Bryant. All of the ability in the world, they just have to put it all together!

  • Anthony Benavides

    I think Miami should try and get WR mike Wallace, TE Delanie walker and CB Sam Shields. Just my opinion.

    • TylerMcMullen

      Excellent thought, Anthony! I like Wallace (obviously). Shields is an interesting prospect. But given the fact that he is a restricted free agent, if Green Bay tenders him, I wouldn’t give up anything more than a third round pick. Walker is also someone to talk about, While I like Walker, I don’t really see the point in bringing him in. Realistically, Walker came in to the league as a fullback/H-Back prospect, sound familiar? Charles Clay has similar size, speed, and ability. The only difference, in my opinion, from Walker and Clay is that Walker is more polished/developed. Thanks for the read and the comment, Anthony!!

  • mike smith

    I think signing wallace is a very smart move.

    • TylerMcMullen

      Agreed my man! Agreed! Thanks for the read and the comment!

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