Feb 21, 2013; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Miami Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland speaks at a press conference during the 2013 NFL Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Ireland Serious About Changing This Team

The Miami Dolphins need a strong face lift this season and Jeff Ireland is the man tasked with that option.  A little history will give you some inside information on how things used to work around the Dolphins facility.

Bill Parcells called the shots from top to bottom when he arrived following the ugly 2007 season.  Ireland gave his input and HC Tony Sparano stood outside the war room during the draft.  When Parcells left the Dolphins and Ireland took over the team officially, Sparano had a little more input.

During a Web Weekend event in Miami, I asked Tony Sparano to spell out the process of finding players.  Sparano stood in front of the room and explained that he would tell Jeff Ireland what he needed (not who).  Ireland would look at what was available, compile a list based on salary cap space and present that to Sparano.  They worked the player/s out and then Ireland made the decision.

There wasn’t much involvement from the HC.  That changed last year as Ireland and HC Joe Philbin worked together to form a team that would compete while giving them the best opportunity to fix the team a year later.  This year, Ireland is 100% committed to changing this team.  And it’s not just superficial.

According to the Miami Herald, VIA Jeff Irleand, the entire coaching staff has joined him at the Combine.

The process, according to Ireland, will allow the HC to view the players, his coordinators to watch their side of the ball, the position coaches to focus on their positions specifically.  Then they will all sit down and discuss what they saw player by player.

In most cases, teams send the GM, HC, and maybe the coordinators.  This new process will allow the Dolphins to have eyes all over the field.  They will be able to see who will fit the schemes and who each coach views as a player they can work with.  For Miami, it’s a first.

Ireland doesn’t sit around all season.  He travels and continues to scout college players.  He works closely with his own team scouts and together they process what they see coming to a consensus on who they feel best helps the team fill needs.  It’s a process that under Bill Parcells came down to what Parcells believed to be the best option.

A lot of issue has been taken with the Dolphins drafts since Bill Parcells and Jeff Ireland came to Miami.  Contention over who drafted who and who was responsible for this guy or that guy.  The only thing we know for certain is that Ireland had 100% full control over the draft two seasons ago and enters his third this season.

With 46 million dollars to spend and 9 draft picks Jeff Ireland has positioned himself and this team to make a huge jump in 2013.  His commitment to the team and the coaching staff shows in his desire to have their input and expertise with him in Indiana.  Ireland compiles the scouting reports from the teams scouts.  This year, he will use those scouting reports and the first hand coaching reports to make a decision on this years draft.

Maybe it works, maybe it doesn’t, but there is no question that this year, Ireland is committed to making this team better.

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  • Miami Jules

    Oh oh… I’ll share something with you, and that is that as I was reading this post, i had to make sure I wasn’t reading a post at another site, because the article sounded like more than just an endorsement of J I. May be my perception is off, but then, that’s why I’m writing this comment.

    I for one, believe in giving people 2nd chances… even 3rd’s, and I have expressed before, that if Ireland has learned his lesson and is willing to dramatically mend his ways by stepping out of the way and letting actual football people dictate their needs and how they’d like these satisfied, then we can be quite forgiving. Never mind all the money on tickets we spent supporting a team which had morphed into a brat’s personal canvass. The big money, after all, has been wasted by S. Ross.

    I loved the fact that from the narrow view we got from the HBO series last pre-season, Philbin seemed to win the battle on Gates who was sent packing, so may be Ireland is changed man after all (i’m sure fan’s frustrations had to do something with it), has seen the error of his ways and that his player’s perspective as a kicker (or was he a punter? in college) and heavily favoring Texas players has not escaped the eye of Miami fans who know we have, in our beloved state, the best high school players in the world (a strong case can be made for American Samoa too).

    My closing thoughts are, I wish Mr. Ireland the best of success in his new and LIMITED role and that’s about that, but although I have forgiven, I have not forgotten.

  • txmedic5

    Well, I don’t hide the fact that I have always supported Jeff Ireland and do not blame him for the first 3 years of Bill Parcells era. I judge him solely on the last two seasons alone. In those two seasons I think he has done a really good job. Personally, I like Ireland and hope he sticks around. I don’t look at what he has done with blinders and simply question his choices. In fact, I actually like almost all of the moves he has made. Trading Davis and Marshall? Absolutely. Hopping a flight to Cali with Ross? Yep…if the owner says go, you go. Asking Bryant if his mother was a prostitute? If you tell me your dad was a pimp, that’s a logical follow up. No issue there with me. I would love for him to ask Matei Tao if he ever had sex with his “girlfriend”…LOL.

    • Miami Jules

      LOL…Poor Manti…he’s become the bullseye du’jour…

      We are all entitled to our opinions I guess, especially when it comes to you, since this is your site. I am not at the other extreme either and I’m willing to give the guy a chance (not that it’s up to me), however, if he goes back to his old ways, I may be vocal in my disapproval, it’s about all I can do as a fan.

      Asking Bryant if his mother was a prostitute as a way of testing the thickness of his skin? Maybe… Asking just to be imposing because he holds all the cards? Unacceptable