Feb 21, 2013; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Miami Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland speaks at a press conference during the 2013 NFL Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Dolphins’ Ireland The Great And Powerful Oz

The start of free agency is a mere 2 days away.  The Dolphins have been involved in more rumors than recent memory can recall.  And not with names like Orton but with names like Wallace.  If there is one thing we know for certain, it’s that Miami Dolphins Jeff Ireland is Miami’ version of the “Great and Powerful Oz”.

He is drawn behind a curtain.  An enigma.  Easily feared by finds that he will make a mistake and at the same time exciting.  Ireland manages to do what few other GM’s successfully do in the NFL.  He keeps things quiet and close to the hip.  Last year there was nothing close to a rumor of the Brandon Marshall trade at the opening bell of free agency.  None.

Ireland isn’t afraid to trade troublesome talented players as we saw again during training camp when he shipped out Vontae’ Davis for a draft pick.  So are we to be believe that come Tuesday a trade won’t be announced?

Daniel Thomas has yet to be linked to a trade rumor but the Dolphins are open and rumored to be showing interest in Rashard Mendenhall.  Mendenhall is 25 and has a similar skill set as Thomas.  While he isn’t dirt cheap he is far from expensive.  Thomas is signed through 2015 but that does not prohibit the club from moving him out.  The larger question would be who would want him?

It’s unlikely the Dolphins would find a huge market for a running back so young who has struggled to produce and is consistently injured.

Then of course there is Jared Odrick.  The Dolphins used the franchise tag on Randy Starks which will keep Odrick outside.  Odrick has a low base however and is signed through 2014 making him an open market guy in 2 years.  He would likely fetch more on the trade block than Thomas but do the Dolphins really want to part ways with a player who has yet to reach his full potential?  Unless they feel he won’t ever reach that plateau.

With Matt Moore signed to a two year deal it’s natural to speculate on the Dolphins finding a trade partner for the QB.  The benefit for Miami is that teams will eventually call.  Moore was the top free agent on this years market after Alex Smith was traded to K.C.  If a team loses their starter Moore will be in high demand which puts him closer to a “trade deadline” trade possibility.

While it’s obvious a trade would work out well for the Dolphins in the case of Moore, it would work out better for Moore himself.  If he is traded it would mean that another team desires his services as a starter, not to compete as one.

Regardless of who gets traded, who doesn’t, or if anyone will, Jeff Ireland will work the phones between now and the draft behind that veil of secrecy and pull the strings and blow the smoke, and the loud booming voice you hear will be the rumors, shock and surprise, or maybe even outrage of the Miami fan base.

This time of year sure is exciting isn’t it?

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Tommy-Gosling/1641583167 Tommy Gosling

    Best GM in the NFL. Trade Matt Moore for a late first round pick.

    • http://twitter.com/westex74 westex74

      best GM in the NFL? lol.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Matthew-J-Bailey/1055197089 Matthew J Bailey

    Ireland’s entire career hinges on this off-season. Many fans utterly hate him, and even those of us who haven’t piled on are at least leery. A good off-season, and all is forgiven…and bad one: toast. No coming back if he fumbles the ball on the five now. I wish him the best. I wonder if he even sleeps at night right now.

    • Miami Jules

      I agree with your entire comment. I’m not a hater either but… The one person in management in this town at least who I would regard as being a “great and powerfull” wizard would be Pat Riley of the Heat. I don’t think Ireland is anywhere near… who knows in the future but so far no way.

  • Miami Jules

    I consider myself to be quite open minded and NOT much of a hater of anything period. I must say that some of the moves the Dolphins have made left me referring to the trio of Ross, Ireland and Sparano as the 3 stooges and couldn’t really wait until at least 1 or 2 of them would move on. The exception to that would obviously be Ross because he’s the team owner.

    Ross had an excuse, he’s not a football guy, but no one in a position to guide him along, seemed to have pursuaded this owner, that a football franchise isn’t built by image and gimmicks alone, to attract what he seemed to perceive as being an image oriented Miami fan base. Wrong! Not true, not even down in Miami,

    Having expressed that, I must also be ready to give credit where it’s due, and if what I think is happening in the off-season, ends up happening, then I WILL write a pro-Ireland comment on all football sites I visit.

    What I have a haunch and hope is happening is this. Miami has been reported to be interested in a lot of people, from Welker to Gibson, to Madenhall, Woodson and others, all of which are signings I would be highly upset by, but if my haunch is right, Miami is just shifting attention to the wrong people, while going after quality signings and draftees. Should my haunch be right and we sign any ot either, Donnie Avery (my personal favorite WR from F/A), to Jared Cook, to Andy Leviter and then drafts either Xavier Rhodes, Ryan Swope (my favorite from the draft) Keenan Allen, Marquis Goodwin with priority being to WR’s, CB’s, Safeties,and O-line, I will write the favorable comments on each and every site I visit and it may be along time before I disagree with an Ireland lover again.