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Feb 25, 2013; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Florida State Seminoles defensive back Xavier Rhodes catches a pass during the NFL Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

With Free Agency starting to slow down, and the Draft only a month away, now is the time to start looking for holes the Miami Dolphins need to fill.

Miami started off Free Agency taking care of the number one need, the Wide Receiver position. Bringing in a deep threat in Mike Wallace, then Brandon Gibson, and resigning Brian Hartline, the Wide Receiver position is well covered.  After Tight End, Anthony Fasano, signed a multi-year deal with the Kansas City Chiefs, Jeff Ireland brings in former New York Jets TE, Dustin Keller, as a sure handed safety blanket for the young Ryan Tannehill.

Defensively the Dolphins made a couple surprising moves by signing Linebacker’s Dannell Ellerbe and Philip Wheeler. Shortly after they were signed, Karlos Dansby and Kevin Burnett were both released.

Earlier today it was announced that Miami signed former Atlanta Falcons Cornerback, Brent Grimes, to a one year contract.  After losing CB Sean Smith to the Chiefs as well, the Dolphins are in desperate need for some Cornerback help, even after signing Grimes.

Which leads us to the top need for the Dolphins entering the draft. The Cornerback position.

This year’s draft class looks good in terms of defensive backs, but we’re just going to look at the top three Cornerback’s according to

Dee Milliner from Alabama looks to be a top 5 talent and some mock drafts have him going to either the Philadelphia Eagles with the 4th overall pick, the Detroit Lions with the 5th pick, or the Cleveland Browns with the 6th pick.  Another CB, which has actually been a potential Dolphins target according to multiple mock drafts, is Xavier Rhodes from Florida State. The third option, who some analysts believe is a better option then Rhodes, is Desmond Trufant from Washington.

As great as it would be, Dee Milliner will not drop out of the top 10. The only possible way the Dolphins would be able to draft him is if they could some how trade up to get him.  With Miami having 5 picks in the first 3 rounds it’s not completely out of the question that they don’t try to trade up a couple spots, but it is unlikely.

Xavier Rhodes is a big bodied corner who likes to keep a hand on the receiver, but struggles in a Zone Coverage defense. The Dolphins are wanting to use more of a zone defense, so does Jeff Ireland and Joe Philbin believe he could develop into a solid starter in the zone?

Desmond Trufant seems to be a solid corner, but has some mental breakdowns. He has a tendency to struggle with tackles by taking bad angles, but has the versatility to play on the outside or in the slot. His greatest asset is his speed and quickness when in coverage.

With the current talent level the Dolphins have at the Cornerback position, any of the three above would be an instant upgrade and I think you will see either Rhodes or Trufant in a Dolphins Jersey next season.

Will Miami use the 12th overall pick on one of them? Will they take a different position and try trading up for a later first round pick? The only people who know the answers to these questions are Jeff Ireland and Joe Philbin. Only one more month and we will have the answers.

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  • Miami Jules

    Not really crazy about Trufant and despite these analysts…more like bloggers with reasonable knowledge about the game, I wanted Rhodes before we went out and signed Grimes, which I love but did wonders to ruin my plans for a laid back Saturday, since I spent part of the day re-thinking my whole draft priorities for the Dolphins (Why couldn’t they wait ’til Monday? I could’ve watched Marquet vs, Syracuse). I’m still a fan of Rhodes and wouldn’t be terribly upset if we still drafted him but now I’m more BPA’ish about it the 1st RD. Good and fun reading there Colton.

    • kidjoker1991

      Rhodes has alot of hype behind him. Brent grimes and desmond trufant excell at man and zone coverages despite being able to tackle very well who would you rather have a great cover corner who you know is more than capable of starting or a guy because of his size and 40 time. Watch film on rhodes and trufant. Trufant is consistent has some bad games but more consistent the rhodes and to mention rhodes is beaten alot and does not have recovery speed is also only noticed because of how well his junior season went amerson is a safer pick than this guy but because amerson didnt produce as he did last year he is being overlooked. Not saying rhodes is not good but he does not fit the mold or scheme he is a big physical man corner with good instincts but the reason for him not being used in the zone scheme much is because how much he sucks in that department.

      • Miami Jules

        I appreciate the read and the comment Kid, but I hace seen plenty of tape on Rhodes and add to that, the school being FSU, they were on TV quite a bit. My only problem with Rhodes is that sometimes he tries to go for the big hit or INT period. Is he Revis? No, he’s in college. Was he ever burned in press? Yes. Was he ever burned in zone? Yes. I like what I see, have seen, and add to that, people who do this for a living as a profession have him being drafted by Miami, and when they haven’t, it’s been only because they see Miami going OT, which is a thought I would entertain before I’d cjhoose another CB. Now, we got Grimes (that’s what my aunt tells me about my bathroom), so it all maybe academic.

        • kidjoker1991

          Honestly i would go for ot, de, or cb in the first i like banks and amerson in the second round two overlooked players. Wouldnt reach for rhodes. trufant and several others are better cover corners with size and speed.

          • Miami Jules

            Hey Kid, thanks again for reading my comment and taking the time to reply. Well, now that we got Grimes, I have shifted my CB priority to a latter round… I hope I still get some disagreement from that too because I embrace debate, so hopefully my new picks will generate just as much intterest. Note: the first choices (before the “or” go with the 1st choices), as the 2nd choices (after the “or”) go with the 2nd choices. Here they are:

            12- Lane Johnson or Ezekiel Ansah (If not avail, get a BPA)
            42-Jonathan Cyprien or Jamar Taylor
            54-Margus Hunt or Menelik Watson
            77-Robert Alford or Ryan Swope (if Alford, Swope at 82)
            82-Ryan Swope or Ryan Swope
            110-Marquis Goodwin or Shawn Williams
            146-Shawn Williams or Xavier Nixon

          • kidjoker1991

            I like that draft but i’d like a draft board with better cover corners jamar taylor fits the mold and is a great corner back no doubt but everyone seems to have forgotten about 2 guys that i will put in my mock. dolphins covet these two cbs and i believe we select both in case grimes is only a stopgap.

            12-lane johnson /jarvis jones(jones would be immediate impact and upgrade over misi bolstering the restructured lb corps)or tavon austin( bess’s contract is expiring. And allows us to get a pick for next year or this year in the third or 4th round).
            42- jonathan cyprien or david amerson(amerson fits cb and fs mold has speed to play similar role as clemons being a centerfielder and if grimes is healthy and his contract is extended would be great addition).
            54-Jonathan banks or menelik watson(banks is primary target never would have dropped this far if not for his 40time and xavier rhodes hype he also plays faster than his 40 time).
            77-if no landing a wideout earlier rounds i ould select ryan swopeor marquise goodwin if both are gone i would select corey lemonier or zavier gooden.
            82-d.j hayden (high risk high reward was top cornerback before life threatining injury which significantly dropped his stock allows amerson to stay at fs and great cb if grimes does leave) or offensive guard.
            110-im stealing this from you shawn williams or shamarko thomas. Both provide great safety depth and great replaxement in case we are not able to resign reshad jones.
            146- best available te(we give egnew and clay time to prove themselve and a te to let them kno their jobs are up for grabs also we can decide whether to resign keller. The rest of the draft bpa at positions that need depth.

          • Miami Jules

            I like most of what i read Kid, except the TE thingy… not real big on TE’s from the draft this year, even if it was Ertz, who so many in other sites are raving about, but he’s got little short arms (reminds me of the woman on Saturday Nite Live). As I was reading your analysis, I was thinking to myself, so many choices, so few picks to draft with (actually we have a rare high number of picks), but I have found myself going mini midi mynie moe at times. Please if you could, tell me your opinion on Margus Hunt, keeping in mind he’s raw and from another country where football is a big round ball they kick around, and needs a LOT of developing and experience.
            PS Rhodes is from the Miami-Ft Lauderdale area (where I’m from) and played high school ball here, so there may be s slight bias from those of us in the area, but then so is Cyprien… Am I a homer? I don’t know… maybe.

          • kidjoker1991

            No because i too am from miami but i watch alot of football. As i said i like rhodes but he is not a scheme fit i like cyprien as well those guys have skills but its all a matter of fitting a scheme. Now about margus hunt the guy is raw but he has shown flashes of what he is capable of he has the speed, the arm length and strength to be a great defensive end. He is a sleeper. It is not very hard to learn the defensive end position so i believe if he is picked his little bit of experience helps because he has had success as a raw player meaning he understands his position enough and knows his strengths and what needs to be worked on. Margus hunt is a low risk high reward pick but i believe he needs a year of nfl experience to get a bit polished and he will be ready. But i dont believe he goes any higher than a third rounder because rounds 1 to 3 are immediate starter rounds players that can make an immediate impact.

          • kidjoker1991

            Wow i just saw more film on him i like him very much though i would select him early second or late 2. Due to a high number of defensive ends that are projected to go higher than him. But keep in mind okafor may be on the board too that would be a tough choice.

          • Miami Jules

            I actually like Banks too, to answer your question,but for CB’s, I now have Jamar Taylor in the 2nd, I’ve watched very little film on him, his height and arms lengths are much less than ideal but he is fast, he’s also not great in press, much better in zone, but NE has an eye on him so he could go as high as late 1st which would mess things up for me.

          • kidjoker1991

            Yeah. The patriots are higher on taylor than any other db he was consistent and played 4years 3 of them he was a starter he would be a good addition no doubt. Like him he is physical and good against the run

          • Miami Jules

            Yeeee! We have finally agreed on a DB, so Jamar Taylor it is. I agreed with your comment on a post from today, along with someone else’s regarding Bess, and I disagreed with two other comments from other fans

          • Miami Jules

            Kid, as much as we disagree on Rhodes, believe me, I’m sold on him even in our scheme. we agree on Hunt, as a matter of fact, although he is VERY raw, he already holds the NCAA record for most blocked kicks. I am sure after proper developing, he can go on to own the same in the NFL along w/ the most batted down passes. I wanted to get you opinion on him, because I respect it. The most disagreement I get on sites is naturally Rhodes (back when I had him at 12) and Swope because of alledged concussion concerns, which I have researched and found nothing but missing practice with symtoms once. He is my most favoritest (2 superlatives is right in his case), not only does he have existing history w/ Tannehill (811 yrds in ’11) but he is fast, determined and durable… I could just go on about him but I’ll stop now.

          • Miami Jules

            PS I love what Devlin’s potential is, his only problem is we have Tannehill and Moore which from our perspective, is a great problem to have. We all saw what Devlin did in pre-season last year (he kicked some tail) and I know the staff is VERY high on him as I have been for a couple of years now.

          • kidjoker1991

            Its not that i dont like rhodes its just trufant is a better fit although he is slightly smaller if you can find film you will notice he is consistent is great in zone and man also he was nicknamed tru’s island he is not revis and u also rarely see a qb throwing to his side. Rhodes as ive said is great too big physical and fast he “was” named rhode island until he was destroyed in zone coverage when teams realized it was his weakness. His zone skills are terrible. As i have said your defensive system and scheme matters as well. Trufant is a sure thing and rhodes is the great man corner with upside. I would take either but you cant teach consistency. And thanks but im sort of disappointed because after adding grimes i dnt think we land rhodes but i do know option #2 is safety kenny vaccaro then in round 2 it will be banks, amerson, d.j hayden or taylor would be fine and the entire secondary is fixed never heard a such thing as a front 11 but that is definitley what we would have.

  • infidel

    corner then t.e. then o.t. then r.b.

  • Miami Jules

    Now I just saw a comment on Twitter by Zach Krantz:
    Zach Krantz‏@ZachKrantz4h
    Not sure if reported yet but source tells me Dee Millner will be visiting Dolphins tomorrow
    I’d hate to see Miami trade up for either Moore or Bess, they could trade Carrol if they wish but that’s like me trading my ’97 Jeep for a late model Accura (the Jeep Liberty is great but not the same engine so no comparison there)i’ hopefully get lucky and land Johnson but not too hopefull either.

    • kidjoker1991

      If all it takes is moore and our first rounder i would move up. Pat devlin you may not know who he is but when you read up on him and watch film spEcifically our preseason film he can be a great in the nfl he is highly overlooked some people may argue that he played against 2nd stringers but thats an excuse the nfl is made of the best of the best so there is nothing but talent at this level. More elite than college. But devlin is a more than capable 2nd string . If he goes elsewhere and gets an opportunity remember his name.

  • Edward Maguire

    Mike Lombardo(Jupiter High school) Wagner CollegeD Back is a great choice for a strong and fast corner back . He’ll be at Miami camp this week.Take a good look at this kid . Farm boy from Florida will do you proud !!!! Edward Maguire

    • kidjoker1991

      Sorry im a big fan of mike lombardo and he is a linebacker altough he is a sleeper alot of teams dont know much about him good for us….. (evil laugh)