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What Should The Miami Dolphins Do During The First Round of The Draft?


The NFL Draft is fast approaching the Miami Dolphins‘ organization and the rest of the National Football League. Miami, who finished last season with a record of 7-9, will possess the 12th overall selection in the first round on April 25th.

The Dolphins have many needs to fill including corner, offensive tackle, offensive guard, defensive end, safety, running back and wide receiver. These needs give Miami a lot of versatility given the fact that General Manager Jeff Ireland and his team possess an incredible 11 picks during the 7-round draft.


Given Miami’s position at the 12 spot, the team will likely be out of contention for one of the draft’s top 3 offensive tackles – Lane Johnson of Oklahoma, Eric Fisher of Central Michigan and Luke Joeckel of Texas A&M. The Phins will also likely lose out on the draft’s top corner prospect, Alabama‘s Dee Milliner and the draft’s top two dynamic pass rushers – Ezekiel Ansah of Brigham Young and Dion Jordan of Oregon.


The Dolphins have many options ahead of them. While Jeff Ireland is loaded with picks this season he has never really been one to throw his draft choices around. But, if Ireland did want one of the top-tier tackles or the draft’s best corner, he would most likely have to trade up.


The team also has the option to reach for one of the second-tier corners – Xavier Rhodes of Florida State and Desmond Trufant of Washington. Both are physical at the line and have top end speed.


Or could the ‘Phins make a surprise pick in landing a tight end (Eifert)? Or a wide receiver (Austin, Patterson, Allen)? Pass rusher (Werner, Moore, Carradine, Mingo)? Guard (Cooper, Warmack)? How about a shocker drafting a safety (Vaccaro, Cyprien, Elam)? Or a linebacker (Te’o, Brown, Ogletree)?

Given these circumstances, what exactly should Miami do?


I want to hear your opinion. I want to hear from you, the fans! Please leave me a comment below and tell me your name, what you think the team should do during the first round of the draft, and why! Be specific.


The top five options will be posted on Thursday, April 11th. I will also let you know what I believe the team should do and why!


Thank you for your insight! And go ‘Phins!

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  • Shawn Austin

    I would be happy with any immediate starter

  • David Simpson

    Trade back to #16 and pick up another 3rd pick from the Rams, then draft Texas A & M Defensive End Demontre Moore, who has major upside being only 20 yrs old. Then package our first 2nd rd pick, and the new 3rd from the Rams, and trade back into the first round and take Tight End Tyler Eifert.

    • CTFan

      I like we’re you are going with this but I like dj Fluker ot then TE. Then get a TE in the 3rd rd.

  • Matthew J Bailey

    I hate the thought of drafting an OL in the 1st, but where we’re currently sitting the logical move is to move up for Fisher or Johnson. If that proves out, I mostly hope the cost isn’t too high…because I’ll be looking at those day two/three picks to be sexy and make up for the gloom of taking an OL in the 1st…again.

    Personally, I would stand pat and take the unexpected guy that slides (Ansah?) or go the fortune-favors-the-bold route and take Austin, the player in the draft who adds the highest fear-factor to our offense.

    But I fear the obvious answer will play out…and we’ll move up for Johnson.

    • Miami Jules

      Yeeee! Great comment there Mathew… I see it a bit different but it’s a good moment everytime the position of TE is left out of the discussion. Good deal!

      • henry

        Hey Jules, You’ll realize by season’s end why people are so high on Eifert & Kelce when they’ve both put up maybe 7 – 10 scores and Numerous Big plays to keep drives Going !!!!
        Being you like (Jules/Jewels) I kinda figured You’d recognizes DIAMONDS !!! :-)

        • Miami Jules

          My mistake Henry. I hope you’re right and I stand corrected should we end up with him. I do trust my football instincts. Do you want to get a play maker on offence? Get Ryan Swope… that kid not only translates to the pro’s very well but much like Tannehill, he wont have to spend much time figuring things out or developing chemistry with our starting QB.
          BTW: Just to set the record straight my user name has nothing to do with jewelry, since I only wear a watch.

  • henry

    I was looking at the draft line-up last night and I didn’t really see anyone behind us that will really feel the need ti trade up unless Maybe San Fran wants Jones at LB. IF that iis the case Miami’s moving all the way back to 31 which means getting SF’s 2nd this yr and their 1st next yr. This would be AWESOME (2 first rd picks next yr) and still maybe get one of SF’s 5s this yr as well.
    Anyway this scenario would leave Miami absolutely drafting BPA in the 1st this yr= possibly Okafor, he’d fill a needand now having 3 # 2s to make some Explosive pick. Okafor really has a Great Motor and can Fly off the edge unlike Mingo who has No Motor at all and takes a lot of plays off (def not a Philbin guy) Okafor has to get better in the run game but with how gd Miami is against the run and the ability to now draft Banks who’s a great run stuffing CB and someone like Phillip Thomas at S they’d help hide some of his run game deficiancies and so would our LBs especially if we draft Chase Thomas at LB as well. Now how doe Miami’s defense look with those guys behind Okafor and Wake with Solia and Starks stuffing the middle and Grimes shutting down the deep WR… Ellerby taking out the opposing TE and now OKAFOR LOOKS GREAT !!!

    • Miami Jules

      CONGRATULATIONS Henry, for being like the 1st if no only comment which doesn’t call for a TE at 12. A TE who’s rated 24 overall and who isn’t forecasted to be drafted until almost the end of the 1st, yet so many people want him at 12. Maybe they want to be like NE with Gronkowski and Hernadez, but sadly, there are no TE;s in the draft anywhere close to those 2… can’t make a horse out of a zebra no matter how much you paint the stripes. Fearing dangerous and abnormal rise of my blood pressure. I will quietly leave the discussion now.

      • Jcartwright67

        Jules; you could be right about Eifert at 12. At the risk of causing your Xanax consumption to increase; consider your comment about TE’s in this draft compared to Gronk. I live in Tucson, watched Gronk for 2-yrs at Arizona, he was injured one year and entered the draft early. Eifert is bigger, stronger, and faster. His hands and route running are just as good. As described by experts other than yours truly! In 2010, SD took Ryan Mathews (RB) at 12. In three yrs he has 14 TD’s and averages 800 yds per season. In 2010 we took Odrick and Misi before Gronk (38 NFL TD’s). Right now, SD would trade Mathews for Gronk. Right now, Mia would trade Odrick/Misi for Gronk. So, even if Eifert is half a Gronk….then that would equate to an additional 7-TD’s more a year and a few more wins. That’s worth a 12 pick my friend even if he is a TE.

        • henry

          BONANZA !!!! I’d take EIFERT @ 12 ALLD & TWICE ON (SUNDAYS) ;-) the guy is GONNA BE A ROOKIE PROBOWLER & Miami hasn’t had a TE since Marino yrs (always was his big play guys) I like a lot of players in the draft but NONE WILL ALLOW MIAMI TO BECOME THE TEAM (as essily) AS EIFERT WOULD !!!
          I was saying Okafor if we traded back so far CUZ EIFERT WILL BE GONE BY 20 !!! Every team in the league realizes HOW IMPORTANT THE TE POSITION IS, Why else did the FA TEsget PAID this offseason!!!! Wr’s are aplenty in this draft and Miami now only needs a WR with SIZE….(HUNTER (trade back a few spots with late 2b pick and pick up another pick and take him) Get BANKS early 2

        • Miami Jules

          Hey J, , I tried replying earlier and after I had, my reply disappeared, they tell me it has nothing to do with the site itself but rather with Disquis and it came from a pretty reliable source so all I can say at this point is I don’t know if you’ll get this reply either but then if you don’t, you wont be able to read it either.
          I appreciate the input and there are years and then there are years. This is not one of them. No, I still rather go another way with 12, for that I’d trade down and get a pick out of it, but again, I appreciate the perspective on Gronkowski, just like I knew Hernandez would be awesome top because we get a lot of the state universities games here, You hang in there J.

  • [email protected]

    Not sure that trading up is gonna happen unless trade is reasonable,plus if we do trade up why not get Milliner there’s plenty good OLine & Dline in this draft its deep and trading up for Lane Johnson would have to be a good enticing
    deal,Our #12th pick will b Xavier Rhodes other possibilities are Tavon Austin,Tyler Eifert,Kenny Vaccaro,Cooper or Fluker possibly but they could look to later rounds for olinemen like Armstead,Warford,Long,Pugh,if we trade back into late 1st rd Des Trufant could happen

  • [email protected]

    Ansah if he falls would b ideal but not goin to fall to #12,We need to get an impact player that can come in and contribute rite away sorry Folks Oline isn’t that huge if QB#17 Is getting tha ball outta his hands be4 Defenses will even get close to hiim,DE,CB,Safety,TE,WR I like Ansah,Milliner,Vaccaro,Eifert,Austin/Patterson if we can draft any1 0f those playmakers it would b badass!!!

  • Sean O’Reilly

    Move up for either Milliner or Fisher/Joeckel but if we stay at 12 Austin or Eifert

  • Robert Roesler

    The game changers would be Eifert, Jones (many sacks), and whichever DE falls to us (Ansah?). I wouldn’t be surprised if we went for Eifert in the first and a pass rushing OLB in the 2nd or 3rd. Other early picks would be CB, OL, and RB.

    • Miami Jules

      Eifert at 12????

      • Jcartwright67

        Haha. I think if Jules hears about a TE anymore he’s gonna flip!

        • Miami Jules

          LOL!!!!!! Thank you J… I needed that.!

      • Michael Harmon


  • john mccluney

    Hey guys been reading your comments for a long time love the fins and finally want to comment because i believe i know what this team needs. Of course it started w.r. As time went by pass rush. Still would love to see brady on his ass more but i think Vernon and

  • john mccluney

    Odrick will step up. Like db love grims and think were better than advertised their. P.F.F. Signature snapshot time to it and give our shiny new qb some fucking time.

  • john mccluney

    We will trade up for oline if we can. At least we should

  • David Casady

    Get another pass rusher to help Wake. There are good corners in the second round. Besides your corners don’t have to be shut down when quarterbacks don’t have enough time to find them

  • john mccluney

    I really do laugh every time i hear tavon Austin at 12

    • Michael Harmon


      • Scott Hayes

        because if he was such of great receiver how come no one hear of him befor the combine too much hype for a short period of time to risk a 1st round on

  • El Jefe

    I would either trade up n use my late 3rd and 12overall pick 2 select LT Lance Johnson or Id trade down 2 mayb 16th pick and get an additional 2 or 3rd Rd pick n select CB Trufant Or just shock every1 and select Eifert or Austin at #12.

  • Michael Harmon

    I’d be happy with an immediate starter to but, I also think any player we select at 12 is an immediate starter. I can’t think of any player we have been discussing at #12 not being a starter, except for maybe Austin(slot).
    I want Tyler Eifert big time. A well flowing offense, that gets the ball out of RTs arm quickly and efficiently, is just as much a protector of the QB as is an offensive lineman. That being said, I wouldn’t be angry if Ansah, Jordan or Milner slipped to us and we grabbed one of them. More likely though, we won’t get one of them or the 3 LTs. #12 may be too high for Eifert. I wouldn’t mind a trade down, then drafting Eifert. Desmond Trufant is another that intrigues me big time. I say NO to any trade up scenario.

  • Miami Jules

    I realize a lot of fans out there want our Dolphins to become a killer offensive team. OK, but we’re not going to become a double TE threat this year, not with this crop, so may I make a suggestion as a reconciliatory effort. Ryan “I’m So Ready To Play For Sherman And Tannehill” Swope. He doesn’t even have to learn the playbook for crying out loud. Repent now…listen to me and let’s get Ryan Swope.

  • Sherin Vegas

    Fins will stay at 12 and pick Xavier Rhodes or Desmond Trufont. One will be available

  • Jimmy Sessions

    I like picking a DE at 12, but I like Bjoern Werner better. Not that he’s better then Ansah or Jordon but he allows Miami to do some other interesting things. Miami could probibly trade back and still get Werner and an additional pick. Werner is projected to play LDE in the pros the same spot Cam Wake plays now. That allows Miami to slide Wake to the RDE or OLB or trade him for a couple of high draft picks in next years draft. Wake still has some good years ahead, but face it he hit 31 in January. Wake also has a very favorable contract which would make him very attractive to suiters. They wouldn’t have to trade Wake right away either. They could wait until after next season is over, that allows Werner and Vernon a season to get up to speed. We get younger at DE pick up a draft pick this year and a couple next year without creating a hole in the defense. It seams Miami is making an effort to add players that are connected with Florida schools (good for fan base) and Werner fits the bill.
    PS: When the smoke clears I believe we’ll see Winston starting at right tackle next season for the Fins.

  • Miami Jules

    Comment alert a few minutes ago I posted a comment in response to JCartwright67 and I didn’t see it, instead there was a site message saying the comment “was being held for moderation” or words to that effect… the site powers don’t trust my ability to be respectful of others? Ha ha…I think the site powers have gone loco. Stay thirsty my friends.

    • Jcartwright67

      My apologies Jules. I hope you didn’t take my comments as disrespectful….that’s not my nature. If you did, I respectfully apologize.

  • Sherin Vegas

    Does anyone recall The pivitol Colts game last season?? Primarily Reggie Wayne could not be stopped. That is when I knew we weren’t going to go far. Gotta improve our abilty to cover. Xavier Rhodes or Desmond Trufant.

    • Gene Gambuzza

      I totally agree with you. Need people whom can cover but do need a TE to be drafted by no later than round 3

  • Sherin Vegas

    We were getting pressure on the QB. Just couldn’t sack because there was always a receiver to get the ball to.

  • Bryant Costello

    You have to be stupid to want Austin or eifert at 12… pass rusher I could understand but it is smtn we DO NOT need, with the signing of wheeler and ellerbe and still having misi we now have LBs that can pressure the qb and with wake being number one in the league with pressures and knock downs and what not, the only position Ireland is looking at (first round) is tackle, whether it be left or right considering we don’t know if philbin and co actually believe Martin can play left yet, and corner, but Rhodes is Sean smith jr so no thanks… I honestly believe with grimes, Marshall, Patterson and Wilson along with Clemons and jones we can have a good solid group of DBs, so in my opinion I think we should trade up and try to get Fischer, he can help bring us to that next level and btw, this whole “we need a guard thing” is ridiculous, there’s a reason that Jerry played more plays on offense than any other dolphin player, the bringing in of that bears guard is just for competition and a safety net if Jerry does fuck up with his weight, or of Jerry does get switched to rt… I believe wel be solid, especially with the best back up tackle in the league with garner

  • Ricardo Marrero

    If you want to make an impact on offense for Tannehill grab Tyler Eifert of Notre Dame, let him learn from Keller for running routes and he will be just fine with the blocking he has to do, give the offense another weapon they can use. You can find a safety in the 2nd round!!!

  • john mccluney

    It’s from a Disney movie little giants

  • john mccluney

    And this site made me wait to post that. R we in China

  • john mccluney

    So mad right now.but go fins

  • Tamer

    I’ve thought about this thoroughly and am huge fan… #1 need is a premier left tackle to protect last years first round (tannehill) future of the Dolphins. No need to move up and get Lane, Luke, or Eric if they dont show up at 12. Move back with someone to get D.J. Fluker or Menalik Watson. To get either of those guys in top 15 is a reachone will compete with. We don’t have the necessity to throw all the chip on one pick. Jake Long didn’t give us a miracle with the first overall. Doing so will give us at least a second round pick giving us three off em. Go get Desmond Trufant, amontre Moore, and Larry Warford in the second round. Dolphins pass defense in coverage and rush is solved. So is the O-line adding a starting guard and tackle. Round three get your blocking and red zone tight end product in Travis Kelce which makes a powerful duo with Dustin Keller. The last third round pick for us should go to a speedy reciever to compliment mike Wallace speed on outside. Round four pick up Marcus Lattimore the best running back in the draft if not for a knee injury he’s rehabbing, could be a real diamond in the rough who can compliment Millers speed and replace disappointing Thomas as that goaline/ red zone back. Rounds five and seven should go to safety, kicker and pass coverage line backer. Our starting linebackers are all pass rushers. Midi, ellerbe, Wheeler all can’t defend the pass . Round five should focus on a passcoverage oriented linebacker to rotate with Misi. If all this happens or comes close we will make playoffs. Ireland doesn’t have to draft exact players in exact order. He just needs to hit those positions I said. Go Phins!