DJ’s Crystal Ball – Playing GM on Draft Day

DJ’s Crystal Ball – Playing GM on Draft Day


The best thing about the NFL draft for us the fans is that we get a chance to pretend we are NFL General Managers. With March Madness ending, our predictive modelling skills can now be used to forecast the upcoming NFL draft.    How will the NFL draft play out….no one knows for sure, and if they do, they are pretty much lying to you.  We can only base our predictions on research, analysis and a little shot of luck.  How do I think the Miami Dolphins draft will unfold, well sit back, relax and enjoy the story;

 Round 1– 12th overall selection

-          First I believe that the big 3 Left Tackles will be off the board (Eric Fisher, Lance Johnson, Luke Joeckel)

-          Second, I don’t believe that Ireland will trade up for a Left Tackle, for one reason, that will not excite the fan base.  Remember when we drafted Jake Long, how are you supposed to promote or advertise a player that will never touch the football?  Ireland is in a contract year and will make decision based on best available player.

-          Thirdly, I don’t believe any team would want to trade up for the 12th pick.  Perhaps San Fran was intrigued about adding a play making Safety like Kenny Vaccaro, but I can’t see why they would when they can possibly get the 2nd best thing if they stayed put and draft  Jonathan Cyprien (who reminds me of Sean Taylor.  Watched game tape on him, and left with a one word response…wow).    Cincinnati would be the only other team that I can see wanting to trade up, but if they wanted to they would be looking for a Left Tackle, and would be forced to look higher than the 12th overall pick.

-          So where does that leave us, with two questions I believe.  Do we address our Defensive Tackle position or address our need at Cornerback.  With Starks and Solia both becoming unrestricted free agents next year, addressing this concern might be the best option, or do we look at our secondary and think that since the NFL has transitioned to a passing league, and the fact that we play Tom Brady twice a year, Ireland will select the best corner that fits our system, enter Desmond Trufant CB Washington

Round 2 – 42nd overall selection:

-          We did a lot of exciting things this offseason, specifically around updating the speed on both sides of the ball.  Now that we have addressed our secondary we need to make our best player happy.  Cameron Wake needs a player on the opposite side of him to take the pressure off him, otherwise we are wasting his best years.  JJ Watt has been one of the best players in this game the past two years, creating chaos by playing either DT, NT, DE, or OLB, so Ireland decides to take the second coming of JJ, enter Marqus Hunt DE/DT SMU

Round 2 – 54th overall selection:

-          So what have I done so far…I got my CB to take pressure off my secondary.  I followed that up, by pleasing my best player, by obtaining some pressure on the opposing quarterbacks, next I need to look at addressing a glaring need.  In round one I stated that we would either go for cornerback or defensive tackle.   Since I addressed my cornerback issue in round one, I look for the best Defensive tackle left on my board, enter Kawann Short DT Purdue.

Round 3 – 77th overall selection:

-          I have taken my first 3 picks and addressed the three most important concerns I have on defensive side of the ball.  I can insert all three of them into my starting line up right now, and watch them grow for the next four to five years.  Now I can review my board and look on the opposite side of the field and focus on protecting my franchise quarterback.   I still believe there is a lot depth on the board, but I need someone who has played in zone scheme,  has played against top talent and can get and locate his second level blocking, enter Dallas Thomas T Tennessee.

Round 3 – 82nd overall selection:

-          I am looking at my board and I am looking at players on my team and their respected contract lengths.  Where is my next position of need? I see that my safety positions needs to be addressed. I would be smart to resign Rasheed Jones, but I can still franchise him next year if needed, however I did sign Clemons to only a one year contract.  Let’s obtain a younger player than will ignite some healthy competition and perhaps provide another spark to our young but exciting secondary, enter Philip Thomas S Fresno State.

Round 4 – 111th overall selection:

-          I look at my team and I think I can afford a luxury pick since I have taken care of most of my problematic areas.  If the season started today, I would be looking at Lamar Miller and Daniel Thomas as my two starting running backs.  Although, I let Reggie Bush go, I feel confident in Miller, since I traded up for him last year.  However, my concern is surrounding Daniel Thomas.  He’s has not been injury free, has tendencies to fumble the football and hasn’t reached his second round hype, yet.  Therefore, I am going to bring in some healthy future competition to try and lite a fire under this group, enter Marcus Lattimore RB, South Caroline.

Round 5 – 146th overall selection:

-          When I enter the 5th round, I know I am now reaching for prospective players that can fit my team in order for them to develop their raw skills into our system.  I am going through my draft board and noticing that although I might need some additional blocking assistance with the lose of Tony Fasano, my former TE.  Reviewing my players, I have Dustin Keller signed for a one year deal and will be my seem TE, however, his blocking doesn’t really provide me with any assurance, enter Michael Williams, TE, Alabama

Round 5 – 166th overall selection:

-          I like what I did this offseason obtaining speed at core positions, specifically the Linebacker position.  I believe Wheeler and Ellerbe will do well for our team.  However, I am concerned about depth, and need a prospect that I can believe will flourish in special teams and become a productive player for our team in the future, enter Devonte Holloman LB South Carolina.

Round 7 – 217th, 224th, 250th overall selection

-          For my 217th pick

  • With no pick in the 6th round, I would focus my attention in the 7th round on a kicker.  The best available, since I am concerned about our current kickers 2.5 million salary cap hit, and don’t get me started on how he missed those FG’s at the beginning of the year.

-          For my 224th pick and 250th

  • I focus my attention on speed.  Reviewing my draft board I would select the faster player available for both Cornerback and Wide Receiver.  Speed is something that cannot be taught, and fostering those prospects other skills with my coaching staff would be easier to do.

On Sunday April 28th, the newspaper will start their criticism on how I drafted, but for now, what are your thoughts on how I reviewed and drafted based on our team needs?

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  • John Gallup

    A totally defensive draft. Not likely. I can see trufant in the first especially if we trade down, otherwise it is Eifert. I think they take Armstead with 42 and the best de with 54. Another cb in the 3rd with a wr. DT/G/K/RB will be addressed from there.

    • dj

      I went defensive in my draft because we addressed our most glaring needs for our O in Free Agency.
      I did select a TE and RB in the latter rounds, and a T in the 3rd. I believe that we need to bring a little sense of youth to our aging front line (even though they Wake is the only player in his 30′s)
      if the draft unfolds as i have predicted, it would give us 5 potential starters, which would be amazing!

      • Miami Jules

        I’m not so sure anymore there DJ… may cancel my membership to your fan club afterall…LOL Why a TE? (better in the later rounds than up front like some well intentioned however misguided fans are calling for). I’ll throw a couple of names your way. Marquis Goodwin and Steadman Bailey… either of those (1 of whom is an original local product), will add that ever so coveted assets on offence a lot of fans are calling for.

        • dj

          I went TE in the 5th round…..Michael Williams, TE, Alabama..He’s got a big frame 6’6 250….would be an ideal red zone target and is an effective blocker in the run game.

          • Miami Jules

            A TE who can at least block being drafted in the 5th round isn’t a bad idea at all. I just hate to see how otherwise smart people seem to have become contaminated with the Eifert flu, when we have doubts at LT, needs at corner and 1 good healthy starting safety…c’mon man! It’s got to be some sort of spell or voodoo work that’s affecting so many… and they even become aggressive when confronted with a good argument or alternatives are suggested, I can’t wait until they come out with a vaccine… LOL

          • Miami Jules

            BTW DJ, I just added Williams to my own mock but as a 7th rounder, 2nd 7th rounder, right behind my local product DE by the same last name (no relation) Tourek Williams from the FIU (Florida Int’l U). Thanks for the tip.

  • Crocodile

    The popularization of an immense spectator sports apparatus via the mass media, constituting the only programming delivered thereby in which the outcome of the event is truly being determined as you watch, rather than predetermined by “hidden powers” of whatever sort. Of course, the outcome doesn’t make a damn bit of difference – in fact, the whole thing is a giant waste of time, and one which is taken very seriously by a very many people whose spare time is largely devoured by this pathetic self-important sham

  • Miami Jules

    YES!!!!! YES!!!! YES!!!!!!!!! Man! I have just become you fan. Firstly, you are not calling for Eifert and especially not at 12! Finally, I can read a post without the risk of developing an ulcer, secondly, your pick at 12 is awesome, not my pick mind you but undisputedly savvy… sir, you know your football. You have Margus Hunt, the stud from Estonia, NCAA all time record holder for blocked kick and who also excelled at track and field. I have Miami trading 12 to San Fran for their 31 and 34, and because M. Watson has been trending up, and also M. Hunt, I want to use 31 and 34 on these two players… 42 going to Jamar Taylor or if he’s gone, Robert Alford and the 54 for the Ryan “Swoper Man” Swope (who used to be Tannehill fav. target when Fuller dropped the ball… literally). Thank you for an excellent read and restoring my faith in mankind.

    • dj

      Always nice to know I can restore your faith ;)

  • epensado


    Nice reading.

    I don’t share your idea of not trading up just to keep fans exited. That is not the way that a professional general manager dictates his acts.

    I mean it would be irresponsible to lose the opportunity of adding a strong protection for your passer. I mean if Miami trades up, picking some of the top three OT in this class, all you need is Joe Philbin or Ryan Tannehill making a statement about how better is the offense with this addition to sheer up the fans.

    Drafting offensive liners isn’t a good way to add play-makers, but you need a good offensive line to allow your play-makers to show their talents. Without a solid O-line, Ryan Tannehill will become David Carr. I mean it’s impossible to throw a football with a pile of defenders over your passer, and few tailbacks in the history of this sport have been capable of moving the chains without space.

    So it won’t be sexy but having a lot of ammunition to trade up & down as much as needed, picking one of the top three OT would be the smartest way to fill the roster.

    Also unlike other seasons, Dolphins has few holes to fill.

    Of course that Miami needs a new CB, mostly because of the uncertainty behind two veteran recovering from injuries. Richard Marshall has required extensive time to heal his back, while Brent Grimes is rehabbing an Achiles’ tendon after surgery and medical staff has expressed everything is on route to recover by

    Another required addition in this draft is a project NT, as both Paul Soilai and Randy Starks will be free agents next year. Several things point into a full transition into 4-3 formations, but as this team has been using 3-4/4-3 mixes for years, so it sounds strange to assume a full 4-3 mode for 2014.

    Without Big Paul and Randy Starks, a pair of DE would be required on 2014.

    • dj

      My friend, I think we will sign Eric Winston after the draft. Which would then solidify our O-Line. Furthermore, I implore you to watch game tape on Dallas Thomas…he’s looks legit, and has played against top end talent for the past 4 years. One of this best characterisitcs is that he has played in a zone blocking scheme which fits what Sherman has been doing.
      I addressed our NT within the 2nd round. SHort from Prudue reminds me a lot of BJ Raji. Watch the game film on him. He looks like he will be belong in the league for a while.

  • henry

    The fans would be calling for Irelands freaken head and I’m betting Ross would too if we were to have a draft that looks like that. Not that I’m disagreei.g with some of the players but that draft would suck for COMPLETING the offseason Ireland has pulled off so far… He’s gotta get another offensive wePon cuz aside from.Wallace.thwy still look the same as last yr for the most part and WITHOUT Long, Miller more than makes up.for Bush.
    Hey JULES this is for YOU… EIFERT MAKES THE MOST SENSE IN RD 1… Wheth we select someone else at 12 or not THEY NEED HIS PROVEN ABILITIES & Ireland Knows It !!! So if it is DT, OT, CB or DE @.12.then look for them to move back into the 1st and get EIFERT…

    • dj

      Ireland has got all his weapons on O (signing Gibson, Wallace, Keller) we need to upgrade our D, as Ireland loves increasing team speed on both sides of the ball.

    • Miami Jules

      HEY HENRY, THIS is back TO YOU! EIFERT is NOT TRANSLATING to the PRO’s NO Eifert!! NOT AT 12 NOT AT 42. LT, CB’s even a guard. NOT wasting a pick for a TE who CAN’T block his own drive way.

  • Miami Jules