Nov 1, 2012; San Diego, CA, USA; Kansas City Chiefs tackle Branden Albert (76) walks to the locker room after the San Diego Chargers beat the Chiefs 31-13 at Qualcomm Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Miami Dolphins: Draft Day Trade-Down Scenarios



As I was sitting down to enjoy my cup of coffee last night before bed, one of my good friends texted me with a Miami Dolphin rumor informing me that Miami was working towards a deal to acquire Kansas City Chiefs‘ left tackle, Branden Albert.

Just kidding, I cannot stand coffee.


Miami has been linked to the possibility of trading with Kansas City for Albert’s services for quite some time now. And it’s beginning to seem imminent.


It was originally thought that acquiring Albert’s services would cost a second-round draft selection and then some (possibly a 4th or 5th). It is now thought that Kansas City is only asking for a second-round selection.


Good or bad?


Excellent. Miami has eleven picks during the upcoming draft which is a week away from today. Do not get your hopes up that Miami will be using all eleven picks on players, though. Now, the team could move up from it’s twelve spot to grab one of the draft’s top three offensive tackles. But why move if you can grab a top-ten talent offensive tackle by simply sending one of your second-round selections along and keep your first-round pick? This would cap off an excellent off-season for Dolphins’ GM Jeff Ireland, potentially catapulting Miami in to Wild-Card talk among NFL Analysts.


So let’s make a scenario out of this for some fun…


The Miami Dolphins have traded their 54th and 224th overall selections to the Kansas City Chiefs for Offensive Tackle Branden Albert (I threw in a 7th round selection so Miami could keep the 42nd pick).


Miami will now look to trade down in the first-round of the draft to be in better position to fill their pass rushing and secondary need without reaching for a specific player.


St. Louis may be looking to move up from their spot at 22 to add one of the draft’s top receivers, safeties or one of the top guards.




St. Louis sends Miami their 22nd (1st, 780 points) and their 46th (2nd, 440 points) overall selections for Miami’s 12th (1st, 1,200) and 166th (5th, 25 points) overall selections.


This deal works out for both parties well. St. Louis then leap-frogs ten spots while keeping their 16th overall selection to be in position to grab the draft’s best safety (Vacarro), guard (Warmack, Cooper), etc. Hell given these circumstances they could even snag Austin at 12 AND Patterson at 16 to fill the Wide Receiver position if they really wanted to! Miami now moves into position to fill a need at either defensive end (Werner, Moore, Okafor, Jones, etc.) or corner (Rhodes – if he falls, Trufant – if he falls other options include Wreh-Wilson, Poyer, Taylor, Hayden, etc.) without reaching for a prospect at the 12 spot. AND gains a valuable second-round pick in the process.


*Typical fan* “Well jeez, I don’t think St. Louis would do that. That’s just stupid.”


Okay, let’s make another trade-down scenario just for “those” fans…


San Francisco has an astounding 14 draft picks this year. And yes, that’s even better than Miami’s 11. Sitting at the tail end of round one, I wouldn’t be surprised if the team felt a desire to move up considering it’s plethora of ammunition and huge need for a safety…


San Francisco sends their 31st (1st, 600 points), 34th (2nd, 560 points) and 128th (4th, 44 points) selections to Miami for the 12th (1st, 1200 points) and 217th (7th, 4.6 points) overall selections .


San Francisco is now in position to fill a huge need at the safety position by adding former Texas University standout Kenny Vacarro – remember the team lost Dashon Goldson this off-season. Miami is now in a perfect position to add a corner and a pass rusher in the late first and early second-round. Hell, the team will feel no pressure to reach for any player at this point and could also add an offensive lineman, safety, wide receiver, tight end, etc. Bottom line: Miami will be in position to add the best player available at a specific position of need.


If this scenario actually DID come true, I would expect Miami to make a few more trades given their amount of picks…


But hey, if Miami does indeed pull the trigger on a trade for Kansas City Chiefs’ offensive tackle Branden Albert, the team could easily stay put and add even more talent to the offensive line by adding North Carolina guard, Jonathan Cooper. This would give Miami a front of Albert, Incognito, Pouncey, Cooper, and Martin. Doesn’t look too bad on paper, does it?


Seven more days fans, seven more days…


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  • Joseph Spiri

    None of this makes any sense without knowing the price on Albert. On its face, the casual fan has to wonder how letting Long walk for 8.5 million per makes sense with having to trade a second round pick and pay top dollar for another disgruntled player. I say pass, and get Lane. I would rather give up a first and second for less expensive player with greater upside than a guy unhappy about making several million dollars. I wouldn’t pay the asking price for Albert. Ireland is trying to move up for less value. The head games begin.

    • TylerMcMullen

      Good point on Long, Joseph. The true reason behind why Miami was “okay” with letting Long walk is because he was not a great fit in the zone blocking scheme Miami wants to run. Albert IS a better fit. Very versatile and very athletic.

      I too am a supporter of Lane. But I’m not willing to send our 12th, 54th and 110th all to Cleveland for one player. Miami still has many holes to fill and those picks are valuable.

      Thanks for the read and the comment, Joseph!

    • Miami Jules

      Joseph, I’m personally glad we let Long walk. Having expressed that, there were very few fans happier than me when we drafted him, which was at a time when Miami could’ve easily been known as “The QB Concussion capital of the NFL” We also used to run a pro-style offence and had a “ground n pound” type of O… al of which I like. Too bad Long has had to endure injury after injury but in going forward, I agree about perfect fit in the new philosophy and the fact that our former pro-bowler has not lived to expectations in the last couple… it made sense, at least in my humble to let him walk… I hope he (Long) recovers his pro-days performance levels

  • loverpoint

    I have to laugh at all these wannabe GMs that always refer to some computer generated value system for the draft. Obviously the #1 pick has very little value to most teams this year, Kansas City has said they are willing to move down and still they have no one interested in moving up. Dallas does not value their Draft #18 because they have very little Cap Room to be able to sign all their Draft choices.

    • TylerMcMullen

      I apologize that I have disappointed you. My intention in writing this article was to inform fans of possible scenarios Miami could take if they did indeed send a second-round selection to Kansas City for Albert. I did not intend on being a “wannabe” GM. I’ll try better next time.

      The value chart is not a computer generated system. It is the system teams use. Each pick is given a specific value and teams wanting to either move up or move back must abide by that value – teams wanting to move up must at least match the point value of the pick they desire and vice-versa.

      Once again, I apologize. Thanks for the read and the comment, though.

  • Miami Jules

    Tyler, thank you for breaking down the options for someone like me who wasn’t getting it until now. You post was both fun to read and educational. I Love the trade down scenario to make up for the picks lost in the trade for Albert.
    I had been calling for trading down myself, naturally, we are in the same neighborhood as far as what we would do with the extra picks earned from trading down. Main difference being that I would still prioritize LT, and then we can worry about pass rush, additional secondary etc. I appreciate your always excellent explanation, which has indeed restored my peace of mind.

    • TylerMcMullen

      LOL you never cease to amaze me with your comments, Julian! I’m glad that you appreciate the time I took to throw this all together! Thanks for the read and the comment!

  • Jcartwright67

    Tyler, I like the thinking behind trading down. I don’t like the Albert trade on any level. One week from today and five minutes into the 2013 NFL draft; KC will have almost $9-Million reasons to trade Albert for a 7th round pick in 2016…and we should pass! I’m only half serious of course. Here’s a little blurp from the Chiefs to Joeckel on draft day…”Luke… there?” YEAH!, “we’re taking you number 1….then we’re gonna throw you into the drama with Albert on who starts…if it doesn’t work…we’ll put you at RT…you good?”…EH…EH…I THINK FISHER IS BETTER, WANT HIS NUMBER?

    • TylerMcMullen

      I am a huge supporter of the trade-down idea, as you can see!

      I like Albert, but I’m not giving more than ONE second for his services. He will demand cap space AND a pick. Think of it this way, we can address our pass rush or secondary with our first round selection and we pick an established veteran left tackle in the second round.

      Thanks for the read and the comment!

  • henry

    I likebthe whole trade with S.F. Except keeping our pick and NOT trading for Albert until K.C. Accepts a 3rd for him, cuz they’ll only release him after the end of the season anyway. And ifbit does go down Miami better not give him more than $7.25 mil a yr cuz we could skip the trade all together and fet Winston for less than that and HAVE A LITTLE FAITH in Martin and see how he does at his NATURAL position AFTER an offseason of training everyday with the guys at LT… I mean it is where he’s played since high school.
    Back to trading down with Minnesota or S.F. would be awesome, gain another 2 & 4 allows Ireland to move anywhere upward he want to get whomever he wants and still come outta the draft with a Good 7-8 really high round guys… Most of the piks could be moved for players to be had by no later than the 4th rd …

    • TylerMcMullen

      I have heard, and remember this is a rough estimate, that a 4 yr, $34 mill contract could be in the works as a deal. Honestly, I’d take it.

      And an interesting point here, if the team felt comfortable with Martin at LT, they would have signed Winston.

      Anywho, I think a trade down scenario is the best fit no matter what happens, like you said, Henry. Pick up some more picks. The more the merrier. Thanks for the read and the comment, Henry!

      • henry

        Tyler, honestly yeah at 8.5 million a yr on average I’d probably take it too. I just hate the idea of giving up a 2nd due to the fact that they will most definately get rid of him after this now franchised yr on him, especially with them most likely taking Fisher or Joeckel… Either way I agree on the trusting Martin (in the teams eye) and reason being they havent signed Winston. In all honest I’d offer K.C. Martin (to handle their right side) and a late 3 or preferably our 4th. Then I’d sign Winston, affordable even with Albert’s deal cuz of not having Martin’s contract. I’m sure they could do deals that won’t hurt the team after 2yrs anyway…
        Then trade back and get S.F’s 1,2 & 4 :-) now that would be some dealin and new toys to play with for the draft lol. Highly unlikely but hey, it’s a thought lol.

        • TylerMcMullen

          Lol it is a thought! I wouldn’t say KC is almost likely to get rid of him after this season, though. He’s come out and said that all he wants is a commitment. From someone. ANYONE! They could easily get a deal with Albert done. And his versatility is valuable. Whether or not he wants to, he could play the guard position like he did in college and be an all-pro at the position.