New Miami Dolphins Uniforms Leaked

Courtesy of New Jersey Images, we give you the Miami Dolphins‘ new uniforms!

No surprise that these were leaked out early. Hell it seems like everything is getting leaked out early these days, welcome to the technology era. First the logo was leaked early and now these a few days before the draft. I still, however, am looking forward to the unveiling simply to see the uniforms on a human-being AND to get the full effect.

Personally, I am a huge fan of the new uniforms. The team not only stuck to the original color scheme but also kept the uniforms very clean. It was originally thought that the outline of the numbers and such would be a bit bolder, but this looks better in my opinion. Not to mention those gloves are sick..The helmet is slick and clean also. The all-white style looks great both with the aqua and white jerseys.

A+ in my opinion.

Not much else to say – except for I’d hate to be a Jaguars fan…

Do you like them? Do you hate them? Let us know in the comment section below!!

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  • Miami Jules

    There’s a lot I don’t like about the “new” uniforms, and so far I’ve stayed away from at least publicly, expressing my opinion on it. It has very little to do with the actual uniforms, but more the way the team went about it, but with the draft being 2 days away, I don’t know if I want to get all serious if for at least a moment, and vent, so I wont.
    Have an excellent draft and just win baby. Miami needs you to win, the disconnected youth in my home town needs the team to win, and if the team wants to boost ticket sales, they need to appeal to our youth, a youth who regards the Dolphins as being their parents’ team and have shifted their loyalties to their own college team because all they know is that their parent’s team loses and does things without the slightest consideration for their fading fan base’s opinion… Uniforms, bland or not or whether they distantly convey a knight in white shining armourish tone, makes not an iota of difference if they lose so Ross Just win baby, just win. (I sort of vented did I not?)

    • TylerMcMullen

      Very very heart-felt, Julian! I look forward to hearing your reasoning behind why you do not like the uniforms. Thanks for the read and the comment!

      • Miami Jules

        The uniforms themselves are fine Tyler… personally, the logo I have more of an issue with because they replaced my lovable smiling Flipper wearing a football helmet, with just an ordinary fish… at least if the new fish had a football in its mouth but it’s just a fish!… at the end of the day, they can grow on those of us who are somewhat lukewarmish about it if the Dolphins win… credit be given to Ross who finally got it, and seems to have realized that no matter how many celebrities own the team, what’s going to matter is a good solid FOOTBALL team.. you are talking about the fans (some of us are still alive mind you) who cheered for the ONLY perfect football team in HISTORY!!!!!!!!! It would’ve been nice if Mr. Ross would include some of these fans in image decisions… much like the Heat and the original Marlins have, with contests and the like… and ticket sales are down? He’s a bright businessman, I’m sure he can figure that one without necessarily having to have a degree in marketing.

  • Noah Johnson

    Ever since someone pointed out the the helmet-clad Dolphin would suffocate, I became an adamant fan of the new logo. Dan Marino did not wear the cartoonish leaping Dolphin for the majority of his career, so its unclear where many fans loyalty to the green/teal/blue/uncertain color scheme is coming from. This new color scheme is more reminiscent of the Dolphins of old, and unlike the Jaguar uniform in the background, appears to be something a professional football player (and not an XFL player) would actually wear. That said, if the Dolphins win the AFC East, I’d gladly have the team wear a can of Tuna Fish on their helmet…

    • TylerMcMullen

      LOL Well said, Noah! Thanks for the read and the comment!!

  • Eric Brodt

    I am pretty sure that if the team starts winning, the people who “hate the new uniforms and won’t ever wear or buy anything with the new logo” will change their tune. I have been a Dolphins fan since the days of Wood-Strock. This team truly has a history, and this is just another phase of that tradition. Uniforms, players, coaches, stadiums, and, yes, even owners change. Throughout my adult life, I have said that “I am a Dolphins fan…no matter who owns, coaches, or plays, no matter the color of uniforms, no matter what.” The Dolphins may be viewed by younger people as “my parents’ team”, but a few positive seasons (or even one great season), and the stadium will be so full of Phin Phans that we will never even hear that insipid “J-E-T-S” cheer when they come to town. I am excited about the 2013 season, with its mix of youth and speed, a group of WR’s that might keep an eighth out of the box, and a defense that can stop a drive or two. (Remember the first time that we saw Thomas and Taylor on the field together?) Anyway….suffice it to say that I hold the prospects of the near future of my beloved team in high esteem. With that off of my chest, let’s move on to the draft, and FINS UP! (… to borrow from a regular contributor here.)

    • Tommy Gosling

      No I am never going to buy it trust me. It is not even a dolphin on the logo. Ugly and stupid……

  • Miami Jules

    I love the Miami Dolphins, not the Los Angeles Dolphins, and not the Miami Tunas, and if the owner wakes up one morning and without giving a hoot about what the fan base feels, says to himself, heck, it’s my darn team and I do what I darn well please, and names it the Miami Iguana’s, I don’t know that I would feel the same, something would definitely be missing from the team’s identity for me to say the least. It will still be my hometown team and I love football, but don’t even talk to me about the Marlins, but I can’t compare, because I’m not a real baseball fan. Nothing like that has happened, not even close, and I really don’t give a hoot as to what players wore before they joined my team, because just the same, once they leave my team, they are as much the enemy as any other opposing player unless they retire. All I’m saying is, the changes are NOT significant ENOUGH, for me to make a big deal about. I was asked and I responded. We’re still the Miami Dolphins … but as far as the new logo is concerned… you want people to embrace it (talking about THE LOGO specifically ) and to have it represent to some what the other one did, then win some games and yes, the stadium will fill up again and the locals will drown out the yells from other loyalties. One word of caution to the owners, before you start leaving your own foot print, it may be a good idea to win some games first, instead of so many darn cosmetic changes.

  • Tristan Ellis

    the color of the jersey reminds me of the old dolphins from the 80s but everything else i don’t like I’ve been a dolphins fan my whole life and I support them but the logo and the uniforms in general don’t look good at all this will defiantly take time getting used to i am happy though that they have the original colors Miami has always pretty much been aqua and orange even if the former uniform was alittle darker but still happy to see them go back to original 70s 80s colors