May 3, 2013; Miami, FL, USA; Miami Dolphins corner back Don Jones (36) during practice dills at the Doctors Hospital Training Facility at Nova Southeastern University. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Miami Dolphin Reshad Jones Will Find Safety In Don Jones

With the 250th selection in the 2013 NFL draft, the Miami Dolphins completed their draft by selecting S Don Jones out of Arkansas State. Jones is probably the least coveted draft pick as he was the final selection by the Fins, but come September I think we will be seeing a lot more of Jones, possibly along fellow safety Reshad Jones in the starting lineup.

Don Jones is not the biggest safety out there, weighing in at 191 pounds across a 5 foot 11 frame. However, Jones makes up for his lack of size with his speed and anticipation. He ran a 4.41 forty-yard dash, and is a natural ball-hawk, much like Miami’s only established secondary member Reshad Jones (RJ). After doing some research, I have fallen in love with Don Jones’ (DJ) game. He is exactly what an NFL safety should be. He is all over the place. If DJ can stay out of trouble and play up to his potential in mini-camps and pre-season, I would not be surprised to see DJ starting come week 1.

See for yourself. Here is Don Jones’ highlight tape.


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  • Jcartwright67

    I can’t say enough about our FA and draft picks. I like Jones as well. Now that we signed Clabo, we can get to work. I’m actually looking forward to watching our secondary this coming season….I cringed every time a QB dropped back and watched our anemic pass rush (sans Wake) burn our secondary for career passing yards. That won’t happen this year!

  • Michael Crump

    Jones is very talented. What do you mean about staying out of trouble? He was never in any kind of trouble in college that I am aware of.

  • Eric

    Im happy free agent pickups and draft Dolphins look great can’t wait for season to start!!!

  • Eric Brodt

    This guy looks like he can bring some serious lumber. Haven’t had a safety like that since Brock Marion. I like what Ireland has been doing this year. Perhaps it is a turning point for the team. I, for one, can’t wait to see what they bring to the field this year.

  • dirtyjewels

    Free agency, draft, the whole off season is looking great. This Miami Dolphin team is going to make a statement this year. Ireland, in my opinion, is making this team a team for now and many years to come. Staying with young players and cutting out the riff raff, how can you go wrong. Extremely excited for this season to get here. Go Fins

  • Jerad Hester

    Who knows what will play out but Jeff Ireland said in his post draft press conference that they were planning on playing Don Jones at cornerback. He could be a good one though. I’m really excited about this upcoming season. It’s nice to see Jeff Ireland breaking the mold of Bill Parcells and making moves to help us matter again in what is now a passing league.

    • Tommy Gosling

      Bill parcells brought us a Coach from the 90′s style with tony. he gave us the best GM in the NFL. tony made his list of what type of players he wanted and jeff got the best players for that system/style. now that Jeff Ireland picked the coach he wanted aka the best for 2012 style of football you are seeing what the guy can do. nothing wrong with anyone of the 3 head guys but 2 of them where just in the wrong era. this is Miami’s div for the next 15 years and maybe more. it is all up to how long the greatest GM in the game can stay with miami.

      this is why teams like pitt do not change GM and coaches every 4 years like miami did. it takes about 5 years to see the outcome so when you fire a coach 4years or before then you will never have a chance at anything. but i do agree there are some coaches that should not get 4 years and dave wannstedt should of been fired weeks before he got hired. Don Shula should of been fired around 1987. if he could not build a defense or find a RB for marino after 4 years then he should of been fired.

      New logo is a whale not a dolphin and LA whales sounds about right. it is up to you fans to stop it and never buy anything with that new junk logo on it.

      it is time for miami fans to go to the games and support this team so we do not end up in LA.