Apr 27, 2013; Miami, FL, USA; Miami Dolphins first round pick Dion Jordan speaks to reporters at the training facility at Nova Southeastern University. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Best And Worst 2013 Draft Picks In AFC East


The 2013 NFL draft has come and gone, and what an exciting draft it was! Many teams were looking to fill important needs through the draft, including our very own Miami Dolphins. The AFC East as a whole provided some of the most exciting draft moves (there’s is no way you guessed Dion Jordan going to Miami, E.J. Manuel going 1st round to the Bills, or Geno Smith going 2nd round to the Jets), and also some of the more puzzling moves (who did NE even draft?). With that said, here is my opinion of each AFC East team’s best and worst pick in the draft.

Miami Dolphins

Best Pick: Dion Jordan, DE Oregon: I really wanted to put Ark St. safety Don Jones here, but I loved this move too much. They traded up nine spots in the first round and only had to give up a second rounder for it. What did they get in return? The best pass rushing talent in the draft. Jordan is a breathtaking athlete in pads. The difference in previous years between Miami and New England has been putting pressure on Tom Brady (and covering the wide receivers). Jordan will take the double teams off Cam Wake and make teams play them both one on one. I can’t wait to see what he can do, and am looking forward to seeing Brady on his back a lot. Lane Johnson is probably still scratching his head.

Worst Pick: Dion Sims, TE Michigan State. : It was a draft of patterns for the Fins (3 gators and 2 Dions). Honestly, I didn’t have a problem with any of Miami’s picks, but if I had to choose their “worst” pick I wold go with the big tight end out of Michigan State. Sims has great size, listed at 6 foot 5, 265 lbs. However, he is known as being a blocking TE, and is not known for being a pass-catching TE. That being said, it does not mean he won’t be a weapon for Ryan Tannehill or help the running game. I just think Miami could have waited to take Sims or someone like him later on in the draft. But who knows, Sims may be a beast next year!

Buffalo Bills

Best Pick: Robert Woods, WR USC: I thought Woods was extremely under looked in this draft class. No, he does not have the size of a Calvin Johnson or speed of a Tavon Austin. But Woods is versatile, and has incredible hands, which earned him his All-American honors. I thought Woods was Buffalo’s smartest decision and believe they picked a winner in filling a WR spot that lacks star power aside from Stevie Johnson. Was Woods the best WR prospect in the draft? No, but he is very solid, and I am not looking forward to covering him twice a year next year.

Worst Pick: E.J. Manuel, QB Florida State: I wish I had a solid year before saying this, but I don’t think drafting EJ Manuel was the right idea for the Bills, especially not at 16 overall. Yes, he has similar traits to Russell Wilson, but I honestly believe Russell Wilsons only come once in a blue moon. Manuel will most likely will have a year to learn behind Kevin Kolb, but I still don’t see him thriving in this league. Drafting Manuel later on in the draft would have been smarter, but using a first round pick to take him was a reach to say the least. This was not the year to reach for a QB.

New England Patriots

Best Pick: Josh Boyce, WR Rutgers: What a weird draft it was for the Pats. They are typically known for finding diamonds in the rough come draft day, but I’m not sure they found any this year. One player that Miami was rumored to draft though was Josh Boyce. Unfortunately, the Pats beat us to it. Boyce can fly: he ran a 4.38 forty yard dash at the combine. He also gets the ball thrown to him from Tom Brady, so yeah I think drafting any wide receivers was a good idea.

Worst Pick: Jamie Collins, LB Southern Mississippi: NFL.com rated Collins 68.8 (out of 100) overall. The Pats took him number 52 overall, above Arthur Brown from Kansas State, arguably one of the best linebackers in the draft. The Pats must have fallen in love with Collins before the draft, because it didn’t make much sense to me.

New York Jets 

Best Pick: Dee Milliner, CB Alabama: While the Jets did fine when Comartie was alone in the secondary this year, I think this pick was the best because it actually made sense (compared to their other picks). The Jets went safe with Milliner, the best corner in the draft, hoping they had found Revis’ replacement.

Worst Pick: Geno Smith, QB West Virginia: I can’t remember laughing as much during an NFL draft as when the Jets took Geno Smith. Who new he would fit in so perfectly right away? The rookie, who has not even practiced yet, has already promised a playoff berth for the gang green next year. The circus is turning into a reality in the Meadowlands. Poor Mark Sanchez. Maybe he can teach Geno how to fumble the ball off his own lineman.

These choices are by no means the only good and bad picks in the AFC East this year. I was thrilled with Miami’s draft, though I would have liked more playmakers on the offensive side. Fins fans, who do you think were the best and worst picks in the AFC East in this year’s draft?




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  • http://www.facebook.com/Jhary69 Scott Duttera

    Are you kidding me? Dion Sims is our WORST pick??? I’m a die hard PSU fan and I’ve seen this kid play, and he’s got everything you need to be an excellent all around TE in the NFL. He’s a bigger, stronger and younger Fasano. A superb blocker with good soft hands. With the inexperienced Martin having his first year starting at LT, look for us to use a lot of 2 TE sets with Sims next to Martin. With Wallace stretching the defense, there will be lots of room underneath for our TE’s, and I expect Sims will be very productive as a rook. As for our best pick, I think Taylor was our best pick. As for the worst…I didn’t think we had a bad pick in this draft, but the POTENTIAL to be the worst pick is Jordan. The guy just doesn’t have the production to justify being a top 10 pick at all, let alone trading up to get him…he is PERCEIVED to be the best pass rusher in the draft, but his 5.5 sacks last year say otherwise. He’s a boom or bust guy, and I don’t think you should ever use a top 5 pick on a boom or bust guy…you want a guy who can come in and start right away for you at a position of need…we SHOULD have taken the tackle with the move up. We’ll hope for the boom, but I don’t know how much he’s going to be able to help us this year. His labrum injury will keep him out of the weight room, and he’ll miss all the OTA’s, so unless we play a lot of 3-4 with him at WOLB, I don’t see him being anything more than a situational pass rusher until he puts on some serious muscle weight, and it remains to be seen if he puts on the pounds if he’ll retain his speed and quickness. We all need to keep our fingers crossed on him, even though that makes it very hard to type! :)
    I root for Miami and anybody that plays the cheats, Jets and the Crimson Tide!

  • http://sbpra.com/paulvsuffriti Paul V. Suffriti

    ……not sure you will see Brady on his back a lot just because Dion Jordan and Cam Wake are on the field together. Brady has a quick release, hardly holds on to the ball for very long and the Pats have a strong running game so Brady will not be passing every play…..good luck with that…..

    • DJHighline

      You don’t have to sack Brady every down, you just have hit him alot and put pressure on him constantly. When under pressure, Brady is aweful and very inaccurate. IN the past though, the only way Miami could put pressure on Brady was to send extra help which left a hole in the defense that Brady would dump to every time. Now we can keep the linebackers where they belong in coverage, but still effectively get at Brady, Jorden was clearly drafted to put pressure on Brady.

      • http://sbpra.com/paulvsuffriti Paul V. Suffriti

        You are under the belief that the Pats offense and protection will be the same as previous years. They now have deep threat WRs and a very good running game with RBs that can catch passes coming out of the backfield. The biggest difference may be the addition of Ballard on offense. There may be more three TE formations to confuse defenses, if it will be a power running play or a disguised pass play to go deep, over the middle, or a screen pass. The Pats have way too many weapons to worry about another potential pass rusher on the Dolphins defense. BB is always one step ahead of the competition and will counter any additional threat. I believe the Dolphins will have a good year and possibly make the playoffs…..maybe 10-6 or 9-7 depending on major injuries. Can’t wait for the season to start…wish it was next week. Good luck with getting pressure on Brady.

        • DJHighline

          But what you are forgetting is that Miami now has the versatility to run a 3, 4 or 5 man line with the ability to easily drop different lineman into coverage suddenly overloading one side and or changing the defensive scheme. I can see it now..Miami lines up as a 4/3 and then before the snap, shifts to a 3/4…Thats going to be awesome. Not too mention with all that pass rush, BB may have to commit Hernadez to be Brady’s personal protector effectively dropping you back to a 2 TE set.

          • http://sbpra.com/paulvsuffriti Paul V. Suffriti

            Brady is one of the best QBs at reading a defense and making them show their hand before the snap, he will audible the play and find the mismatch……that’s what he does best….and don’t forget , he will use the no huddle fast pace offense if he sees the defensive personnel on the field he wants to exploit. He will continue using the no huddle not allowing Miami to make changes on defense.