May 3, 2013; Miami, FL, USA; Miami Dolphins linebacker Jelani Jenkins (43) during practice drills at the Doctors Hospital Training Facility at Nova Southeastern University. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Miami Dolphins: It's Time To Shock The World

May 21, 2013; Miami, FL, USA; Miami Dolphins running back Cameron Marshall (6) during organized team activities at the Doctors Hospital Training Facility at Nova Southeastern University. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

With the 2013-2014’ NFL season quickly approaching us, the Miami Dolphins are a team that could come out and shock the world. This past offseason, the Dolphin faithful witnessed something that has been absent over the past decade; aggressiveness. That’s right, for the first time in a while; we got to see Jeff Ireland and the front office go after top tier free agents, while making moves in the draft to trade up into the top three. With the talent now in place, we will just have to wait and see how it will translate to on the field play.

For the past decade, fans around the league have had to watch Tom Brady and the New England Patriots dominate the NFL, making an appearance in five Super Bowls and many more AFC Championship games. Being a Dolphin fan, we probably got a chance to witness Brady play more than anyone else. Although I am not a fan of the Patriots by any means necessary, I am honored to watch Tom Brady carve up every defense in the league. No matter how good of a defense you have, he always finds a way to get past it.

While Brady and the Patriots are expecting yet another run at yet another division title, I am here to tell you why that will not happen. Mark my words, this season; the Miami Dolphins will win the AFC East. Yes, this might be a bit of a bold statement, but it is a statement that needs to be out there. Year after year, we Dolphin fans were forced to hear about how good the New England Patriots are and how they are always favored to defeat the Dolphins.

Well, this year it is going to be a little different. After a fantastic offseason, the Miami Dolphins and its coaching staff will come out and start off the season strong. For everyone who is questioning whether or not Mike Wallace will be worth the money that he was given, he will be. For everyone questioning whether or not Lamar Miller is going to be able to be a quality starting running back for the Phins this season, he will be. And for everyone questioning whether or not Ryan Tannehill will have a sophomore slump, he won’t. In fact, I’ll go on record saying that out of Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin and Russell Wilson; Ryan Tannehill will have the best sophomore season out of the four of them.

If you look at what the Dolphins have done in order to progress the development of Tannehill, you have to be impressed. They went out and signed a brand new tight end, while also bringing in a multitude of different wide-outs that can not only stretch the field, but play in the middle of it too.

Not only will the offense look good this season, but the defense will be place in the top ten yet again. Although they lost Karlos Dansby and Kevin Burnett, they gained four new linebackers who are faster, stronger and have more upside. With the signings of Dannell Ellerbe and Phillip Wheeler and the drafting of Dion Jordan, one new linebacker who isn’t getting enough recognition is rookie Jelani Jenkins out of the University of Florida. After a great high-school career, Jenkins was able to translate his great combination of size and speed, being one of the top players on the Florida Gators defense. Although the chances of him starting this season are slim, he is a great piece for the future of this defense. If he gets the chance to prove himself this season, I think the Dolphins coaching staff will fall in love with his great football skill.

This season should be a really good one for the Dolphins. It looks as if everything is finally headed in the right direction. The team finally has a quarterback that they could trust, a good set of skilled players and a young defense that is hungry for change in the AFC East. Although they probably won’t win the Super Bowl this year, I guarantee a division title this season. With the Patriots era finally looking like it’s on the decline, this young Miami Dolphins team will have a great opportunity to come out stronger than ever and give New England a run for their money. I am looking for the Dolphins to finish with either a 11-5 record or a 10-6 record this season. Regardless of whether they win 10 games, 11 games, or 16 games, this team will come out and surprise a lot of people and will shut the mouths of anyone who has any doubt in them.

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  • Finhead78

    Hope you right about winning the division with all the new faces on the team and tough schedule this year it will not be an easy thing. I do see the Dolphins with a winning record by the end of the season they have enough talent on the team now to over come any short comings and the worst I see them doing is 9-7 and the best I see them doing is 11-5 with losses to the Falcons, Saints, Ravens, Pats, and depending on how Freeman plays this year the Bucs, also sweeping the Bills will be no easy task and that Thursday night vs the Bengals will be a hard one as well and the Steelers in December in Pitts is hard for any team and that week 2 game vs the Colts like I said its going to be a hard schedule.

  • Paul V. Suffriti

    Fins may look good on paper…..but chemistry on the field is another thing. They will have a successful season…..probably 9-7 and second to the Pats.

    • dirtyjewels

      The pats took a major hit in the loss of Welker, I don’t think they are even as confident as they once were. After the improvements on both offense and defense, 9-7 is a bit low. Chemistry is very important, but so is speed, and we got a lot faster.

      • Paul V. Suffriti

        Welker was a good slot receiver and Brady’s security blanket. Brady relied on him too much with the short passes over the middle. Pats now have Amendola who is bigger, faster and has better hands than Welker. Remember, Welker was not the biggest part of the Pats offense……they have the best TE duo in the league with Gronk and Hernandez, also they will have TE Ballard this year. They have added WR deep threats through the draft….so yes Welker will be missed but they may become a more explosive and dangerous offense without Brady relying on him to catch those short passes. Amendola can line up on the outside (something Welker was not able to do successfully) and create a mismatch. Pats will be better off with Amendola on the team….nice try but the absence of Welker will not slow down the Pats offense.

        • dirtyjewels

          I still believe the man that ran perfect routes and was always open will be greatly missed. You did bring up some good points, they may just become more explosive down field. I’m hoping for my phins sake! The speed we put on defense will put enough pressure to not let that happen.

          • Paul V. Suffriti

            Should be an exciting season…..Fins should make it to the postseason this year if they do not have any major injuries…..good luck

  • Alex

    Finally an article I can relate too, sum1 else has common sense on these blogs,wow! I also agree wit my man that tha Phinz will not only make tha playoffs i believe they’ll make it as a Division leader,no doubt about it,I say they finish 11-5 , 12-5 at worst,watch you’ll see…”Haters Gonna Hate”

  • Tyler Cary

    I keep saying 12-4, sweeping the Jets and Bills, and going 1-1 with the Pats. This year the (cheating) Pats will be showing in the playoffs on a wild card ticket.

  • Dewbert

    How is an 8-8 team going to win the AFC East?

    • Jason Klenetsky

      Wtf are you talking about? Have you been under a rock? Dolphins made a few upgrades this offseason. This is no 8-8 team.

      • Dewbert

        WTF are you talking about? You are aware that we got rid of some proven good players and replaced them with some unproven injured players, aren’t you? Even if that is an upgrade, we have a tougher schedule this year. You have seen the schedule haven’t you?

        • Jason Klenetsky

          We shall see

  • G J Trico

    I have never seen such optimism about the Phins! I hope they do step up and move up in the division and take a strong 2nd place over the Bills and Jets, but beat New England? Wishful thinking. I don’t see any decline in Brady, and the defense is getting better. I think they will at least split with NE this year in the home game, but go to NE and beat them? Wishful thinking. The whole team of new pieces needs to have a season or two together before displacing NE at the top, if they can, if anyone can. Maybe when Brady retires we will see NE slide because I don’t think you can find a replacement for the guy. I don’t know if BB is all that or not, but with Brady lot’s of teams would have been better. So when he is gone, I think things will be even and other teams will have a chance. But take over number one in the division this year? I think you have been smoking something too much.

    • matthew

      Brady will be running for his life, on his back, and on the sidelines with a cry towel much of the two games that they play Miami this upcoming season. You have no DEFENSE. Miami’s offense has been much improved this off season. As for the defense, there much improved. There younger, faster, and loaded with playmakers. Miami will have a top 5 defense this season!!!!! GO DOLPHINS!!!!!!

  • Jcartwright67

    I’m cautiously optimistic, more today than in the last decade and more. I was around when Shula had 19 first-round picks signed and Danny Boy slinging the rock. I was there when JJ took over and promised Marino, and the rest of us, titles and a ring. I saw the Eagles assemble the dream team and watched and read the Bills’ blogs last year after their spending spree on defense. Let’s not talk playoffs or infer greatness just yet. We have the potential to be an amazing team and we should be a better team given the FA signings, draft, and Tanny’s second season. Ireland has done his job and now we look to Philbin to put the product on the field and produce results. Exciting times but we haven’t won anything yet. First rule of sales; don’t overpromise and under deliver.

  • Jason Klenetsky

    I like where your heads at. I’m having a difficult time setting lofty expectations myself for the upcoming season. It’s an exciting time to be a Dolphin fan. So much to look forward to seeing on both sides of the ball. I don’t know which side of the ball I’m more excited about to be quite honest. Dion Jordan and Wake, Jenkins, Grimes, Ellerbe etc. on D, and a well adjusted Tannehill, explosive Lamar Miller, Mike fricken Wallace!, Keller, Gibson, Hartline……Ok, I think you get the point. There are some holes still, but overall I’m ready for this season to get under way so we can see what damage we can do to the league.