Who Would You Add To Dolphin Mt. Rushmore?

Over at ProFootballTalk they have spent the off-season mounting images of NFL athletes on a mountain resembling the iconic U.S. landmark Mt. Rushmore and have asked their readers to choose who they think would best be suited from their individual teams to adorn such a monument.  In some cases they listened and in others they did not.  Finally, it came turn for the Miami Dolphins and the no-brainers of course led the way.  Don Shula, Dan Marino, Larry Csonka.  DUH!

There was however some discussion on who exactly should be the final fourth face on that mountain of imagination.  Bob Griese or Jason Taylor?  They have a video argument you can watch for grins, it’s here, and no I haven’t watched it.   Jason Taylor would be a worthy candidate for the imaginary rock mountain if for one small issue.  He played for the Jets.  Griese did not.  Sorry, it’s true.  Do you really want one of your iconic Dolphin “God’s” immortalized on a mountain who has “…and he played for the Jets” etched on the marker way down below?

The real question to me is this considering I don’t think that Taylor should be on there over the other four, if those four were given top billing on Mt. Rushmore and another monument was built on say, “Mt. Slowless” across the street what Dolphins would you then elect to that mountain oasis?  In other words who would you elect to have immortalized in granite and limestone if Griese, Marino, Csonka, and Shula were not allowed to be part of it?    I have compiled 15 of the best Dolphins candidates that I could find for the offering.  You only need to vote for four.

It’s amazing that some teams have such a hard time finding two that would really belong on a mega-monument and yet we have so many to choose from.  Take a moment and vote now!

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