Ryan Tannehill: The Future Is Looking Bright

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With his rookie season now behind him, it is now time for Tannehill to finally show everyone what he can do. It is clear that the Miami Dolphins front office has complete trust in his ability to lead this football team to the playoffs. This past offseason, the Dolphins went out and were easily the most active team in free agency and the draft. General Manager Jeff Ireland felt like it was time to give Tannehill the keys to his nice and expensive aqua and orange Ferrari. With big time free agent signings such as stud receiver Mike Wallace, one of the top tight ends in Dustin Keller and a very solid slot receiver in Brandon Gibson, Tannehill is in a fantastic position to succeed this season.

So why should you take my word that Tannehill will be one of the better quarterbacks in the league this season? Well, I’m not the only one who is raving about Tannehill coming into this season. If you type in Ryan Tannehill on Google, you will see that many featured columnist for sites such as NFL.com, BleacherReport.com and many other websites are very eager to see the potential growth of Tannehill this season.

Dec 16, 2012; Miami Gardens, FL, USA; Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill (17) runs the ball against the Jacksonville Jaguars in the second half at Sun Life Stadium. The Dolphins won 24-3. Mandatory Credit: Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

Not only are columnist excited to see the progress of Tannehill, but many players on this Dolphins squad have been quite impressed by Tannehill’s growth. Players such as Jimmy Wilson and newly acquired linebacker Dannell Ellerbe have recently come out stating their opinions on the young quarterback. Recently, the Dolphins joined a cool trend that has been seen throughout the league. The Dolphins held a conference call between the players, coaches and personnel and the fans. When asked about Ryan Tannehill, third year defensive back Jimmy Wilson had this to say. “Seeing Tannehill as a rookie and seeing him now, I think he’s increased his skill level leaps and bounds,” Wilson said. “I think he’s more comfortable with the game. He’s bigger, faster, stronger and everybody knows he has a NFL arm.” Wilson wasn’t the only Dolphins defender who had high praise for Tannehill. Dannell Ellerbe told the fans that he has seen Tannehill make “a lot of good decision.”

So why is it that even though Tannehill wasn’t the best rookie quarterback last season, he has arguably received the most praise from players and columnist coming into the 2013-2014′ season? Well, it’s simple. Coming into this season, everyone knows the type of arm that Tannehill possess. Standing in at 6’4, 220+ pounds, Tannehill has the body to be a successful NFL quarterback. The most surprising thing about his build is he is still extremely athletic. It has been no secret that Tannehill is a very mobile quarterback. The fact that he played wide-receiver for a couple of years in college only helps his ability to run.

With everything that has happened in the AFC East over the past few months, you have to believe that the Dolphins are in the best position to win the division. It is obvious that the New York Jets and the Buffalo Bills are in the process of rebuilding their respective teams and with the once dominate New England Patriots losing key offensive components, the Dolphins are looking like the team to beat in the AFC East. The loss of Wes Welker, Brandon Lloyd and Aaron Hernandez are definitely going to affect their offense. Not only did they lose key offensive players, but the one star receiver they have left, Rob Gronkowski has a difficult time staying healthy.

This season coming up will say a lot about Ryan Tannehill. He will be the reason as to why the Dolphins are either a success story or yet another blown opportunity at a championship. We don’t know how the season will end up; however, it is going to be interesting to see how Ryan Tannehill handles himself in his sophomore season. With the opportunity of winning the division being very realistic, it is up to Ryan Tannehill to deliver. In my opinion, Tannehill won’t be a top ten quarterback as some are already predicting. I think that’s too soon and unrealistic. However, I think Tannehill will progress from last season and finish right around 12-15 in the 2013 quarterback rankings. Hopefully Tannehill can take this Dolphins team to the next level. It has been a long time since the Dolphins have consistently been good. I think Tannehill is the savior of this once great NFL franchise. I’m just hoping that I’m right.

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  • JPer

    I applaud your courage Justen. Asking for constructive criticism takes courage – and confidence. You are one of the few people who gets this right: a NFL… I have heard Mike Greenberg of ‘Mike and Mike’ say an NFL regularly.

    I like your article. IMO, it’s a bit wordy – I believe you can make your point being more succinct. Also, check your grammar.
    You told us something about yourself, so I will reciprocate:
    I recently took an early retirement package from an extremely successful company, I was the Director of Franchise Development. Creating presentations and giving them to individuals and groups was part of my job description. I have given presentations to the retired NFL and NBA player groups.
    if you would like me to truly copy your article and make some suggestions, I would be glad to do so. No matter what, I wish you much success and again applaud your courage.

    • Justen Rosenberg

      Thanks for the comment.. Much appreciated.
      As far as the copying and making suggestions go for it. Always looking for ways to improve myself!!!

    • Gaige T

      Terrible grammar JPer

      Why is there a dash after “courage” in the second sentence?
      “You told us something about yourself” should end with a period or continue after a semicolon.
      Also, “extremely successful company” is incorrectly followed by a comma.
      The letter “I” is not capitalized at the beginning of the last paragraph.

      I would be happy to review your posts before you comment in the future so you don’t come across as an egotistical, uneducated ass. It is going to cost you though. You must be a Jet fan.

  • JPer

    Thank you for the kind words Gaige. I feel sorry for you and hope you correct your meds, I have been a Dolphin fan since Shula moved from Baltimore to Miami. I am curious why you felt the need to attack me when I am reaching out to offer constructive criticism to Justen – at his request – in a friendly manner. (I will use dashes wherever I care to, thank you.)
    As to my minor typos, miss prissy, i didnt realyze this was a exam. I try do bettr nxt time. The Latin name for people like you is Jerkus Erectus.
    Please get a life. You are typical of the cowards who hide behind a computer, You want to meet me and talk to me like this to my face? No, I didn’t think so, cowards don’t do that do they?

  • JPer

    Justen, I will not post here again. It is obvious Gaige T could really be you using a pseudonym to attack me for daring to present myself as being in a position to critique you. Either way, I am recovering from major back surgery and have better things to do than waste my time on this right now. I wish you success, but will probably not read any future articles written by you.

  • Johnny

    Great article… So what if his grammar wasn’t spot in.. He got his point across and I agree totally… BTW, I really liked that touch pass to Bush for a TD.. Dropped it right into his bread basket..
    Again, great article.. Keep up the good work!!

    • Justen Rosenberg

      Thanks man… Appreciate the support.

  • Jcartwright67

    The QB class of 2012 will be under a statistical microscope for many years to come. I’m not as concerned with the beginning as I am with comparisons after three years into their careers. Really, all we can hope for is improvement over last years performance. Its simple for 2013 and our schedule: more game winning drives. Tannehill’s performance in the last five minutes of the first five games will dictate our 2013 campaign. They will be close games against quality opponents and I think our D will keep things interesting and set up opportunities for wins late in the 4th quarter.

  • Paulmatthew22

    I totally disagree with the statement Miami had arguably one of the worst offensive lines last yr,.I would put it in the middle of the pack at worst,.Like the Bears were better?,.or the Rams?,.or the Jets?,.or the Panthers?,.or the Eagles?,.Or jeez,.the Cowboys?,.Doug free doesnt play for the Dolphins!,.We werent that bad!,.Even our backups played admirably!

  • JPer

    You are a real Ahole Justen. Just a little immature Jwboy who mommy protected from the real world. Full of yourself because mommy told you her little angel was perfect – Not! You are actually a poor journalist, Justen/Gaige. Sorry for being nice on my original review. You rambled incessantly. You also know why I am pissed off at you. You are not in my league little man.
    I will not open any replies – glad I am not as immature as you still are. Contact me when you grow up (as if that will ever happen)…

    • Justen Rosenberg

      That’s so rude oh my goodness gracious! D:

  • JPer

    A writer needs to develop the proper temperament in dealing with personal attacks and criticism. Whether you care to believe it or not, I am glad you didn’t rise to the ‘bait’ of a supposed personal attack. Unless ‘Gaige’ decides to jump in, you handled this very well. You could have also tried to disarm me by saying something like, “Thank you for your valuable insight, etc.”
    You are probably aware that there are quite a few angry trolls in cyberspace who enjoy using the ploy of personal attacks and criticism to get their kicks. I am not one of them.
    As you write and your exposure to the public increases Justen, so does the risk of encountering one who can get a rise out of you.

    I will close out with the motto of the coast Guard, “semper paratus.”