Antonio Smith Hits Incognito With Helmet

When it comes to infractions in the NFL there are very few things that get my blood boiling.  Let’s face it, football is a brutal game and if you have never played the game you wouldn’t understand.  From the Pop-Warner to 12th grade I lined up as an OLB/ILB/DE and brutalized an opposing player.  I’d like to say I did it clean it 100% of the time but hell I’d be lying through my teeth.

That being said, I never did anything to blatantly cause another member of a team deliberate harm.  The same can’t be said for Antonio Smith of the Houston Texans and after Saturday night’s game against the Dolphins, he needs to seriously be concerned about a suspension.  A video has surfaced from what appears to be coaches tape of Smith ripping the helmet off Dolphins RG Ritchie Incognito and then using it as a weapon as he swings it connecting with Incog’s face.

The incident occurred in front of a referee who blindly missed it.  It should have resulted in an immediate ejection.

The NFL has been sent a copy of the tape by Dolphins HC Joe Philbin and a report out now suggests that the NFL is in fact reviewing the incident.  Last year Smith and Incognito were involved in an altercation when Incog grabbed Smith’s leg refusing to let go during a loose ball.  Smith repeatedly kicked Incognito in the head.  He was fined $21,000.00 but had it reduced to 11,000.

He did not get suspended.

The NFL can not let this go with a simple financial burden.  Regardless of whether this is a second incident or not, the fact that Smith could have seriously injured a defenseless unprotected player should strongly be taken into consideration when the league hands down a punishment.  You can view the video by going here.


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  • paragod@rock

    Nice link…it sends you nowhere

    • Pygskyn

      Either he fixed the link or there’s something wrong with your browser (both are perfectly possible) because the link worked just fine for me.

  • Johnny

    Either way… This questions the Houston Texans COACHING STAFF!!! An unjust, cheap low blow, spearing helmet blow to the knee of Keller.. AND NOW THIS??? RIDICULOUS!!! By swinging a helmet at the face of a person?? THAT’S CALLED ASSAULT WITH A WEAPON!!! Forget football, suspensions and/or fines.. There are cases in Hockey (which I don’t watch, but read about).. Where they can actually arrested then and there and charged with an actual crime!! This calls for that.. OK, forget police, suspensions or fines.. This is just poor coaching.. An Anger management issue.. This way below poor sportsmanship… I, personally, want to see atleast a 4-game suspension with a 50k fine.. That’s the minimum I would like to see..

  • Jcartwright67

    How the ref missed this is alarming! Typically, the ref will see the retaliation and not the initial confrontation. If you watch the tape prior to Cog’s helmet being ripped off you’ll see Smith and Cog engage from the snap and then Martin takes a crack at Smith resulting in Smith’s head whipping back followed by an immediate crack from Cog’s left hand to Smith’s face mask again resulting in Smith’s head whipping back followed by a right hand glancing blow to Smith’s head from Cog again. This obviously pissed Smith off! I don’t like what Smith did at all and feel he should be penalized. What occurred in that series between the OL and DL is common place in the NFL…in football actually. Smith obviously has an ongoing issue with Cog. Smith’s in the wrong without exception but Cog’s no saint!