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Dolphins Fans Rank 14th On Road...Maybe

So Miami Dolphins fans may rank next to our near the bottom in terms of engaged fans in NFL cities but travel outside of Miami and that number may jump.  In fact it may jump as high as 14.  Now you have to get a little creative with those numbers and the figures.  According to Vivid  Seats, a secondary market seller, the Dolphins are ranked 14th in the NFL in terms of road popularity.

How it appears to work is this.  Vivid tracks the number of after market tickets sold by home teams vs. visiting clubs and then rank them based on who well they perform off the market price.  For example Denver currently is the number one ranked team in the NFL posting a 53.7% market increase on secondary market ticket prices.  In other words, if you are in say, Cleveland and the Cowboys were coming to town you would have a better chance of selling your tickets for a higher profit as the Boyz rank 2nd with an increase of 47.3%.

Where the numbers come into play is that there is no way of telling who is going to the game to say, “Hey I got tickets for the Browns and Cowboys” and are actually non-season ticket holder Browns fans who wanted to see them play the Cowboys or actual Cowboy fans.  Conversely the same can’t be said about who would be a Browns fan wanting to see them play the Dolphins.

The reality here is however, who the hell would want to see the Dolphins play outside of a Miami Dolphins fan?  The Dolphins have a 1.4% drop in after market pricing but that actually isn’t a bad thing.  It means that tickets for a Dolphins ‘Vs’ game should cost you 1.4% less than the face value on an average.  Normally those numbers could be lower but in stadiums that tend to sell out, it will land closer to that number.

For teams like the Dolphins it’s a good indication of road fans who attend the games.  While some of the local fans who do not hold season tickets may opt to purchase these types of tickets, they will normally get their single game tickets from the stadium or through other outlets such as Ticketmaster.  Secondary ticket markets are tickets bought and resold and most local fans don’t buy those types of tickets unless the game is a sell out and the visiting team is a key opponent.

Regardless of the actual numbers and how they line up, the Dolphins are carrying some weight and their fans do account for some attractive road assistance.  I know that in New York, our friends at DolfansNYC come close to eating up two full sections at Met Life.

To further break this down as the folks over at Vivid Seats got me some more information, the Dolphins are the first team that shows a minus in the resale calculations.  The Philadelphia Eagles are 13th with only a 2.7% increase in second market increase.

According to the statistics of second market reselling, fans in Cleveland will spend 41.3% more than their average home game ticket price to the see the Dolphins play.  In Buffalo that number falls to a 17.9% drop below the average price.  In Indianapolis the number drops 28.8% but only .3% for a game in Foxboro.  A game played in Tampa will cost an avearge of 18.5% more to see the Dolphins play while visiting New Orleans will cost 13.3% less.  Pittsburgh is negative 4.5% and in good old New York, the value drops 6.9% off the value of a home game ticket.

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  • Scott Hodges

    If we can just avoid coming in second when we play on the road, I will be happy with that.

  • Johnny

    Your not aloud to sell your tickets above the regular price.. It’s actually illegal.. Same as scalping tix.. It’s a no no… How would they come up with the number.. And what if Home team Fans are selling to other home team Fans?? That throughs this whole equation off.. It doesn’t make any sense at all!!! Unless someone goes around seat to seat and asks who you are rooting for it can tell by you attire… (Which is ridiculous)

    • Johnny

      Like I just did a half hour ago.. By selling my preseason tix for dirt cheap… It should be illegal to charge us season ticket holder full regular season prices for the preseason games.. That should be illegal!!!

      • txmedic5

        Well you could take the Jim Irsay answer to that question. He said that the value of each ticket is not equal. That a game against Denver is much more valuable than a game against say, us. So in that regard it all equals out…his words not mine.

    • txmedic5

      Not true. You can legally sell your tickets for anything you want to sell them for. You can not however buy tickets solely with the intent to resell those tickets to make money. Case in point. I bought tickets last year to the opening of Marlins stadium against the Astros. There were tickets in the same row that were selling much higher than the ones I bought. Nothing illegal about that. Scalping tickets is more or less buying quantities of tickets to expected high interest events and then upcharging for the event specifically.

      If you had tickets and put them on say Vivid Tickets for the Patriots game and offered them at a bid or an auction, then that is nothing illegal at all and completely trackable.

      Now as far as who buys those tickets and whether they are home to home sales..who knows…I was just giving out of town fans a little peace of mind that they are valued…;)