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No Love For Miami Dolphins


Why does everyone hate the Miami Dolphins?

Okay not everyone hates them, but the national media certainly does. In ESPN’s week 1 NFL power rankings, the “NFL pundits” ranked the Dolphins 20. Over $200 million in offseason spending and we’re ranked 20? Thanks, but no thanks.

The Miami Dolphins have to prove the doubters wrong — and lets face it, the team has give everyone very little reason to trust them in the last decade, but it finally feels like Miami is on the right track. Even still — 20th!? I know I know everyone says it doesn’t mean anything (and it doesn’t) but are critics that concerned by the team’s offseason moves?

I know teams don’t win the Super Bowl in March because if they did we’d finally have number three — but they don’t.

And the doubters don’t stop with the NFL rankings. In Grantland’s column by Bill Barnwell this week he writes about the teams that will do worse in 2013 and low and behold the Miami Dolphins are listed. Wrong direction, Bill!

Barnwell brings up some interesting points that we’ve all thought about — the offensive line of course and continual questions with the running game, after the departure of Reggie Bush, but he also asks the question of whether or not cornerback Brent Grimes is an upgrade over Sean Smith. I’m not even going to respond that.

Next, he questions the Dion Jordan draft pick. Okay, some of us were scratching our heads on that one because there were still some desperately needed linemen on the board, but GM Jeff Ireland went with it and now the defense has a new toy.

Defense. Boy, is our unit underrated. Not even listed in the Top 10 in Fantasy — which I know doesn’t matter. I also know that has to do with the fact that turnovers have been an issue in years past, but this unit is nasty and Jordan only adds to the returning talent from last season.

Moving on, the Miami Dolphins won seven games last year without a top receiver (sorry, Brian Hartline) with a rookie quarterback that wasn’t supposed to start week 1 and who played 19 games at the QB position prior to being drafted.

They now have Hartline starting opposite Mike Wallace, with a great option in the slot in Brandon Gibson. The depth falls off there, but just comparing them to last year should be enough proof this team is better than 7-9. How is the 2013 unit not improved from Hartline, Davone Bess, and Marlon Moore? Need I say more?

Do your research national media! Know that quarterback Ryan Tannehill may not be Tom Brady, but he’s certainly not Mark Sanchez (ha!). Sure the Dustin Keller injury severely hurt this team and the shaky offensive line continues to worry us, but 20th?

The Chiefs are ahead of Miami! I know they have a new fancy coach in Andy Reid and a one and a half season wonder in Alex Smith, but everyone is jumping ahead. Why do they get the benefit of the doubt so quickly?

And the Minnesota Vikings aside, 11 of the 12-playoff teams were ranked in the top 11. I’m sensing a lack of creativity with that list. I know its just a list and it means nothing and I know it will be all the more sweeter when we start moving up and proving the doubters wrong, but a little respect never hurt anyone and the Dolphins should deserve a bit more.

Maybe I’m overreacting, and I probably am, but nonetheless 20th still hurts a bit. I guess its time for the team to go out Sunday and start proving people wrong.

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  • Scott Hodges

    The fact that every single key FA signing or high draft pick we brought in has a significant injury history also contributes. One tweak to Wallace’s already-injured groin, and our recieving corps is weaker and less deep that last year’s feared (by Phins fans) unit.

  • William Varner

    I think the national media overrates R. Bush as a pure running back. He is far from one. He is a receiving back that needs to be fed the ball in space. M. Thigpen is that type of back. Lamar Miller will prove he is better at running the ball than Bush. Also, Jake Long is a name only these days. Media tends to think he is the 08-10 LT. He’s nowhere near that anymore due to injuries. The only concern is depth. At WR and O-line. Everything else has been upgraded. We will go 10-6 or better this year.

  • Jack Johnston

    The main stream media ignores the dolphins because its mostly run by stinking jet loving fans. The central geographic location for the NFL is NY (ESPN and big network shows are all run out of NY). Since most of the media comes out of NY, don’t you think they might have an ounce of prejudice? For instance, why do the Jets get so much national attention even when they suck? It makes sense if you look around on a yearly basis and from article to article you will see what I am talking about.

    At worst we should be ranked in the middle (15 like last years ending record). As you stated we upgraded a lot, so to lower us to 20 instead of at least giving us credit to go back to 15 should tell you something. We don’t have to prove anyone wrong, we just have to shove their words up their conceited NY a**es. Yeah you know how I feel don’t you.

  • Pygskyn

    Well, if it helps at all, NFL dot com just had the Phins listed at 14 in their latest Power Rankings out today. Seems pretty fair to me at the moment, especially considering that while our starters are rock solid, depth is a major concern at way too many positions.

  • Bryan Allen

    The season hasn’t even started yet, & these so called experts are already wanting to drive a steak through the fins.But I think I do have an answer as to why they “hate” Miami so much for.Its cos there the only team to have a perfect season.Eat your heart out the other teams in the NFL cos you cant say that.