Sep 30, 2013; New Orleans, LA, USA; New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton talks to his players on the sidelines during the second half of their game against the Miami Dolphins at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. Mandatory Credit: Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Saints Show Little Class In Win

When  it comes to professional athletes you never want to wish ill harm on someone.  Football is an incredibly intense and physical game and injuries happen.  Unfortunately none came at the expense of Drew Brees last night.  It’s a shame when your team is facing an 18 point lead with less than five minutes in a game and you keep your starting QB in the game to score more points.  Let’s face reality here…the Saints were not looking to run out the clock.

Drew Brees stayed in the shotgun and the Saints offense continued to run screen passes and over the middle slants.  Brees continued to shoot for the endzone.  The question for me is this.  Where the hell was Karma?  She is supposed to be a bitch but last night she must of figured the Saints would simply run out the clock and call it a night.  If she had stayed awake a little longer maybe she would have felt empowered to see Brees knocked to the ground and carted off the field.

Not a long term injury but a week or two to say, “Hey dumbass injuries happen!”  The Jets know this all too well.  Even later in the game the Saints brought Dolphins killer Darren Sproles back onto the field and sent him to the endzone on a draw.  He fumbled the ball back to Miami.  Not that it matters but why was he even in the game?  Because the Saints wanted more than the 35 points they already had.

The Denver Broncos nailed Philadelphia with 52 points but at least Peyton Manning slept through the fourth quarter on the sidelines.

What I don’t get is this.  Why would any team risk injuring a key member of their team for some extra work?  There is no reward in another TD and no team reward for padding a QB’s stats.  Yet that is exactly what Sean Payton did last night.  It was classless and perhaps shouldn’t be taken as a slap to the Miami Dolphins as much as his disdain to the NFL for his 2012 suspension.

Regardless, the Saints will get theirs if they continue that line of thinking and it may eventually cost them games that mean something more than a week 4 win.  Risking the health of your starters for meaningless stats is ridiculous.

While the Saints made a statement and then some on the field, after the game Saints Junion Galette was quick to point out that the Dolphins “were not a good team” at least as far as they were being made out to be in the media.  Would have loved to hear him say that about a team he faces two times a year.  Maybe the game can serve as a wake up call to the Dolphins that hype they read in the media is only inflated.  With another tough opponent at home next week the Dolphins need to find some of that ego.

The Saints played a near flawless game on Monday night and in the process showed the Dolphins just how far they still have to go.  Yet there is a way to embrace victory as much as their is a way to stand in defeat with dignity.  The Saints apparently have no dignity.  Karma, it may be time to wake up.

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  • Chris

    It seems like running out the clock is an old way of thinking in the NFL. There have been plenty of blowouts this season. I think everybody’s chasing monster stat days. Players want to be in the record books and be hot Fantasy commodities so they can sell more merch. I mean, Brees broke 2 records of his own last night. Also, look at how many games this year appeared to be put away, only for the losing team to rally back (Atlanta, Seattle, etc, etc). Don’t be mad at New Orleans, be mad at Miami.

  • Michael G

    Brian Miller: this is truly one of the lamest articles I’ve ever read. What are you some kind of a baby? Boo hoo the Saints tried to run of the score. Bill Belicheck has been doing it for years. Man this makes you look like a cry baby.

    • unclealfie

      What’s the opposing coach supposed to do when his guys are performing and the other guys are stinking up the joint? Tell his guys to start stinking, too? That’s ridiculous.This isn’t Pony league football, if the other guys can’t keep up, TFB. BB has been doing it for years because, when Tommy gets rolling, no one can stop him!

  • Phin Fan

    I am a PhinFan. Always have been always will be. But this article is whiney and a sign of a sore loser. Our team lost. This is the NFL not Pop Warner. If the shoe was on the other foot I would want Tannehill out there running plays until there was no time left on the clock. And to even mention wanting another player to be injured no matter how bad is classless. It’s not about karma. Its about football. It’s about winning. How many points do you need? More! #PhinsUp

  • Mark Baker

    Jeepers Mr. Miller. I’m a Dolphin fan….and you just sound like sour grapes right here. Records are meant to be broken. Players get paid a lot of money to play. I *might* see your point if this game was in Miami….but if I was a Saints fan….and paid money to go to the game, guess what….. I wanna see Brees throw 8 TDs. You don’t come and play football in the NFL with “kid gloves”. I dunno if you should continue watching football if your opponent is gonna hurt your feelings………um….. winning. Not running up the score is something you do in little league. WE IN DA BIG LEAGUES NOW….

  • Joshua Schwandt

    A loss is a loss…you learn from it and move on…I care more about what my team didn’t do then I care about what there team did!! Let them run it up…then
    maybe next time we won’t put ourselves in the situation again!!

  • nolafan30

    Ok,so I am a saints fan ,and when I read the statement that galette made,I to thought wow ,I felt like it was out of line ,upon further review they were goin’ at it hard during the game ,and sean payton had to actually call the d to the sideline and tell them to be cool!! They were things goin on after the whistle,but I still dont think he should have said that!!

  • Joshua Schwandt

    Just to let you know Brian Miller..this article shows less class then anything the saints did!! Dolphin fan don’t whine!! Show some class and congratulate them on a good game and move on!!!

  • Finhead78

    Bad article and classless act by that saints player who said them things nothing more to see here time for the ravens back home the Dolphins will show up COUNT ON IT!!!

  • Rod

    Brian, Brian, Brian…you come across petty and immature in your “article”…softly wishing Drew had got hurt because he was throwing on your team? You clearly were not watching the game, the saints clearly rededicated to having more balance offensively than the other three quarters, however, our run game is weak and if we are to sustain drives (you know like winners usually do to ensure the other team doesn’t come back or score anymore) we have to throw…its our strength…to suggest that we shouldn’t do whatever we can to eat clock (which its not like we were going no huddle) or that we should all of a sudden do what DOESN’T work for us offensively out of sympathy to the team we are beating is just flat out ignorant and unconscious of how football is played…go back to school, Sir! and yes i hope coach payton appropriately derides Jr. Gallette for his useless comments…winners don’t have to talk…the pundits will do it for you after you win…

  • Jim Witmer

    long time Dolphins fan and I just don’t see your point. hopefully this kick in the junk will wake the Phins up for their next battle with Baltimore… the secondary looked soft last night and Wallace is looking like a poor investment

  • Lavatra THomas

    Awful article made worse by your decision to write it! I’m a Saints fan, but we have a GREAT DEAL of respect for your organization. We have no ill-will towards the Dolphins…nothing but respect. If you watched the post-game interviews, you would have seen several players giving the dolphins props…especially Drew Brees talking about Ryan Tannighill. There were 2 plays that I remember, the Saints were trying to get first downs for a new set of downs to continue to eat the clock. An opportunity presented itself in the end zone and h took it. Is he supposed to say hey, I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings so I should throw it into the ground? HELL NO! You make the play!! Drew and the Starters were out there at the 5min mark but the drive continued into the 2mins mark. This was a terrible read and shame on you for wishing an injury on anyone!

  • Fukk the Eagles

    This article is totally whiny. Drew Brees has always ended the game on the field, even in routs much worse than this. If Miami had an actual quarterback and the Dolphins had blown out the Saints 38-17 you can bet this author wouldn’t be complaining about “those classless Dolphins.”

    This article is totally absurd and I lost brain cells reading it. I think the writer might actually be a 12 year old.

  • SaintsWillWIn

    Why didn’t Miami pull its starters so they wouldn’t possibly be injured when it was obvious the game was over?

    • txmedic5

      They should have

  • John Smith

    I thank the Saints for not letting up. This was our super bowl rehearsal to some extent. The Saints look like a contender. I think the Saints showed us just where our team is and how good it will need to get to contend.

    After 4 weeks, I see the Saints, Seahawks, Broncos, and maybe Texans or Patriots as favorites for this years super bowl. And possibly the Saints vs Broncos being the most probable, The Fins are not there yet. Nothing to be sad about, they are still going in the right direction. It’s taken the Saints years to get as good as they are.

    Fins weaknesses are glaring though, still missing a shut down corner opposite Grimes and the offensive line is just not very good. We definitely missed on OT Brandon Albert in the off season. Fins are about 5 impact players (studs) away.

    • unclealfie

      Not to mention a deep threat receiver with some heart!

  • Keith Campbell

    Wow Dude really ? As a lifelong dolphin fan i can only hope that ass whoopin will be motivation for my team to improve . They cant run out the clock when they have no running game?? So quit crying and go put your 49 er jersey back on !! Cmon man

  • Pygskyn

    There’s an old saying. “If you don’t want the other team to run up the score, then go out there and stop their offense.”

  • Joel

    18 points is not exactly a “safe”lead with 5 minutes left…a lot can happen in that time. If it were my team I would call it staying aggressive, as I would hope they would do…don’t know how many games I’ve seen lost because a team gets too conservative with a lead. I see nothing wrong with it. This guy just sounds butt-hurt the Phins got spanked…just sounds like a sore loser. I say suck it up, own it, and move on…it’s one game, and we now have some Raven ass to kick.

    Brees is a class guy in my opinion. Payton on the other hand…not so much. Not my favorite guy but unfortunately a damn good coach.

  • Tim Wood

    Seriously…? You’re actually pissing and moaning about the Saints doing exactly what they’re expected to do? If the situation were reversed, we wouldn’t hear a peep from you – come on, man! You sound like those whiny 49er fans a few weeks ago who went wahh, wahh, wahhhhh about the crowd noise in Seattle. Don’t like the way the Saints offense manhandled the phins? Have em go out and stop them!

  • UncleTuna

    As a Saints fan, wanted to say how reassuring it is to see Dolphins fans with class chastise this clown for posting the opinion of wishing harm by way of karma; the Saints run game was ineffective against a very impressive front line for Miami and as many of you wisely indicated that no lead is safe in the NFL; we wish you well on your season, your team is impressive and you’re definitely trending upward…

  • Seth Michael L

    yea really quit whining who dat!!!!

  • jim

    Hard to believe that a PROFESSIONAL SPORTS WRITER would actually hope, wish, want injury to come to one of the outstanding QB’s of our time. Talk about no class, you sir have absolutely ZERO class and should not be published as a writer on any noteworthy publication.

  • Amber Nicole

    The Dolphins kept playing to win…to their credit. The game was not over. Its called Finish!

  • Amber Nicole

    Dolphins kept playing to win…to their credit. Its called Finish!

  • SloMotion

    Really? Who blogs about having an “18-burger” dropped on ‘em? LOL.

  • phin4lyfe

    What you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

  • txmedic5

    No sour grapes here. Sorry. Thought Peyton called a BRILLIANT game and Brees was his normal almost perfect self. However, 5 minutes left in a game that the other team has no chance of winning…I’m keeping my starter safe or at the very least not subjecting him to possible injury by playing a ball control clock killing offense…not stat padding. As for the injury comment, not wishing anyone to get injured intentionally but when you risk pissing off the defenders at some point their pride is going to pop up and you risk someone being injured and Karma is a bitch and if Brees had gotten hurt it would have served them right for not playing a more ball control offense towards ending the game instead of trying to score on every play. Sorry disagree and NO I am not the least bit soured by the loss. Applaud the Saints for a very well executed game plan.

  • txmedic5

    And I find it funny that my comment about a player getting injured upsets a Saints fan who’s team was built on taking out the opposition on purpose…2012 suspensions.