Top Three: Moments Of The Season

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Prior to the start of the 2013-2014′ NFL season, many Miami Dolphin fans were optimistic that the Dolphins would end up being one of the better teams in the AFC, giving them the possibility of not only making the playoffs, but winning their division. The addition of Mike Wallace, Brandon Gibson, Dannell Ellerbe and Philip Wheeler gave fans the hope that this organization was finally about to turn the corner and become contenders.

Unfortunately, after last night, many people are questioning the Dolphins ability to play when the lights are on. Even though last night’s blowout loss to the Saints was quite disappointing, the Dolphins still have 12 more games ahead of them. It is important that the fans continue to have faith in this team. Not too many people predicted that the Dolphins would be able to start the season off 3-1. At worst, the Dolphins will enter the bye week at 3-2. This team is still in a fantastic situation and the future is looking very bright.

Due to the fact that the Dolphins played as poor as they did last night, I think it is important to keep our minds positive and look back at all the good things Dolphins have done so far this year.  Remain positive, this team is going to be just fine!

Number Three: Brent Grimes Intercepts Andrew Luck

NFL: Miami Dolphins at Indianapolis Colts

With a little over 8 minutes remaining in the fourth quarter, the Indianapolis Colts were trailing by four points. Needed a touchdown to put them ahead on the scoreboard, they were in the process of driving the ball down the field. After a successful first few plays, the Colts found themselves in Dolphins territory. With the Colts successfully driving the ball down the field, the Dolphins had their backs against the wall. With a stop needed, Dolphins newly acquired corner back, Brent Grimes, decided it was time to make his presence known in Miami. Grimes, who was covering future Hall of Fame receiver, Reggie Wayne, was able to pick of Andrew Luck’s pass in the end-zone, helping the Dolphins secure a week two victory.

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