PhinPhanatic Staff Picks - Week 7

Another week and another round of staff picks.  Our staff did a phenomenal job in Week 6 (with the exception of one writer, who shall remain nameless, who is also the one penning this article as we speak).  Week 7 presents several opportunities for consensus picks, and several games that there is a great deal of opposing viewpoints on the outcome.

Staff Picks - Week 7


In Week 6 we also saw the second exact pick of the season, this time coming from Eric Roddy.  Tyler McMullen took over the top spot in our all time cumulative rankings for the season, and Alex Cuffe hung right with him for the week this pas week.  Below you’ll find the standings for the week, as well as the all time cumulative rankings.

Staff Pick Results - Week 6


Think you can do a better or more accurate job than our staff writers?  We’d welcome your picks in the commnents below.

As always, Fins up!

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  • Eric Roddy

    This is one of the reasons I look forward to football each week! You should consider adding a point for each within 3 pick and 3 points or even 5 points (im probably biased saying this) for each exact pick!
    Haha Ive got to catch Tyler somehow!