Oct 6, 2013; Miami Gardens, FL, USA; Miami Dolphins quarterback Matt Moore (8) warms up before a game against the Baltimore Ravens at Sun Life Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Matt Moore’s Value is Skyrocketing


Matt Moore has a great deal of value to the Dolphins.  The Dolphins are forutnate enough to have Matt, who could’ve walked away in the offseason but who chose to stay in South Florida, and he has been instrumental in the development of Ryan Tannehill.  With the record rate that Tannehill has been sacked this season, it’s a positive thing to know that Matt Moore is there in the event the unthinkable happens, but recently Matt’s value may have risen beyond simply that.  Matt Moore might just be the most valuable trade chip on this Dolphins team.

Think about this: How many teams have either lost a starting quarterback recently, or have lost faith in their existing starter?  Teams like Chicago, St Louis, Cleveland and Houston all have lost their starting quarterback.  Teams such as Jacksonville, Tampa Bay and Minnesota still do not appear to have one.  That is nearly one quarter of the league that may be targeting a QB before the trade deadline next week, which could potentially turn this into a sellers market for the Dolphins.

What could the Dolphins see in return?  While Miami may have overpaid in the past for quarterbacks such as AJ Feeley with a second round pick, that might be a reach.  With this many teams in need of quarterback help, it is possible that a conditional pick be attached.  Teams with losing records and little hope, however, may hesitate at a second round pick as it should be one that occurs within the first 10 picks of the second round.   Personally, I believe the Dolphins should only pull the trigger for something that could help now, such as offensive line help or possible help in the secondary.

Who do you see as the most valuable Dolphin in the trade market?  Feel free to leave comments with your thoughts on that, or who Miami should trade Moore for in the comments below.

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  • BrandonP

    I say trade Moore (and maybe a later rounder) to Cleveland for Joe Thomas. Then, I would still draft OL in first round next year. Your best play makers are useless without an O-line. LT Thomas, LG Incognito, C Pouncey, RG Martin or (insert 1st round pick), RT Mckinnie, Martin, or (insert 1st round pick)

    • Paul L. Picken, Jr

      Hi Brandon, I appreciate the zeal for that trade, but you would have to combine Matt Moore with a high pick to even get Cleveland to consider that trade. In addition to that, it makes the McKinnie trade pointless and wasteful. In my opinion, Thomas >>>>>>>>>>>>> Martin >> McKinnie >> Clabo. McKinnie would immediately go to the bench, Clabo would get released (no one is trading for him) and eat cap space… While I’d love to see Thomas in Miami, I just don’t see it happening.

  • Chad Ronnebaum

    Sorry Brandon you could not trade Matt Moore to Cleveland with First round pick. If Tannehill gets hurt our season is over if we trade Moore. And you have to acquire a new backup next year. Moore knows our offense he is a friend and mentor to Tannehill and the players love him. It would a big blow in the locker room to lose him. I would say it would need to be min Two 2nd rounders.

    • Paul L. Picken, Jr

      Totally agreed on the Cleveland part. It definitely puts Miami in a tough spot if they trade Moore and Tanny gets hurt, as even while Devlin is better than folks give him credit for Matt Moore is an established mid-grade starter in the league. From what I understand, Pennington has also been mentoring Tannehill as well, so it wouldn’t be AS big of a blow in that department, though Moore definitely serves as a mentor on the sidelines helping Tannehill with adjustments between series.

  • Bryan Allen

    If I were to trade Moore over Tannehill, I would wanna get some good well known offensive line help.And then if he continues to get sacked as often as he has this season, then that would end the myth that the reason he gets sacked so much is due to the offensive line.On the other hand, if he don’t get sacked as much after the trade, & you have receivers who can actually catch the passes, then at least you’ll have a passing game.I wouldn’t trade for secondary help, cos you need an offense to score points.If Miami can get the missing parts on offense, even if the defense is a bust, at least you’ll have a way to score & keep your team in games.Then in the off season, I would draft for the secondary help so by 2014 you should have a better team all way round.Now if ya trade Moore for offensive line help & he don’t get sacked as much, but you have receivers who cant help execute a passing game, then you will have to draft both, receivers & secondary help on draft day.You trade Moore this year for offensive line help, then that piece of the puzzle will be fixed come draft day next year.

    • Paul L. Picken, Jr

      Are you saying that you would trade Tannehill over Moore?

  • JACK


    • Paul L. Picken, Jr

      No way. The Rams don’t take that trade, and it makes no sense for Miami. Long has been struggling this season both with his play and his health

  • tpl

    If Miami can get a high draft pick for Matt Moore, I say do it. Even a third or fourth round pick is valuable. Even if Tannehill get injured, Miami has Pat Devlin waiting in the wings. Yeah, he’s not matt moore, but it would get him valuable experience.

    • Paul L. Picken, Jr

      I mostly agree… I would only take the draft pick trade for a conditional third that could turn into a second based on time and performance