Oct 27, 2013; Foxborough, MA, USA; New England Patriots linebacker Dane Fletcher (52) sacks Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill (17) during the fourth quarter at Gillette Stadium. The Patriots defeated the Dolpins 27-17. Mandatory Credit: Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

The Ryan Tannehill Conundrum


Here we go again. What is it the 10th time we’ve been through this since 2000? Oh sorry, it’s been 17 times. 17!

When the Miami Dolphins drafted Ryan Tannehill I was excited, but friends and family questioned the move. I embraced the team’s decision because Miami had drafted two quarterbacks in the first round in its history — Bob Greise and Dan Marino. I thought it was time the Dolphins made a real investment at quarterback.

Tannehill was raw and fairly inexperienced, but it was a better solution than Daunte Culpepper, Chad Henne, and Cleo Lemon had been. Sure, the expectations were higher, but the ceiling was too. Last year we saw flashes, but the offensive weapons were lacking. This offseason we watched as the team dominated the headlines on free agent signings, so now the excuses began to dwindle.

Wallace, Gibson, Hartline, Keller, Miller, and Clay — these were the pieces and Tannehill was supposed to lead them. Except that hasn’t happened. Sure, he rolls out every so often and throws a beautiful cross-the body pass into the end zone, but what about those horribly placed throws? Yeah, he’s completed one long pass to Wallace and that made us smile, but weren’t there supposed to be more? He’s underthrown or overthrown a receiver deep more than he’s connected.

I know it’s only his second year and I want this to work as much as the next person (Hell, I bought his jersey immediately last year), but when are we supposed to be put on the list of “Teams looking for a QB?” I relish in Miami not being on that list the last two years, but how long do we stay put?

Through Miami’s seven games this season, Tannehill has 11 TDs and 14 turnovers (nine INTs and five lost fumbles) In addition he’s been sacked 32 times. Need I say much more?

The Dolphins need a good quarterback. I don’t know if that’s Tannehill. He’s too inconsistent and predictable. Maybe that will change in time, but right now it’s a problem.

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  • Chris

    I feel that if you’re going to invest a first round pick on a QB, who only played one year of QB in college, he should probably stick around 3 seasons atleast. I know people are starting to clamor for a new Owner, GM, HC, OC and QB but I feel like that will get us closer to becoming the next Jacksonville Jaguars more than the Kansas City Chiefs. Also, nobodies mentioning that, of the last 4 games we lost, 3 of them were against New Orleans, Baltimore and New England. Not really a “walk in the park” and we were competitive. As frustrated and depressed and angry as I am with this team, I’m still willing to let this VERY YOUNG team ride it out and grow.

  • JJ

    I’d say Tannehill’s problems are the O-line and poor coaching. I mean the fact that Philbin said he was aware of the “go” vs. “go-go” issue and it’s still happening says more about the coaching (or lack thereof) than it does THill. Not to mention it’s hard to grow as a QB when you’re getting hit every other time you drop back. Look at yesterdays game: 1st half not very many pressures and no sacks = Good Tannehill; 2nd half increased blitzes lead to more pressure and sacks = Bad Tannehill. The odd thing is, IIRC, he had been better against a blitz than against a four man rush. So I’d say his poor play in the second half is tied to the O line’s failure to pick it up/ stop it, and Sherman’s terrible play calling (Attention Sherman: Wilfork and Mayo are out; run up the GD middle once or twice would you?).

  • Joe_Coco

    REALLY?!?!?! your bitching about the quarterback and not the SOB’s letting him get hit 32 times? Maybe it’s just me but I saw a REALLY good QB in the first half! you know the half the game that he wasn’t getting his teeth kicked in.
    Look Tannehill isn’t the second coming of Dan Marino but this is a good young QB and all he needs is a line that picks up the blitz! The reason this team isn’t better than 3-4 is the coaching! look no further than the O-line coach the Offensive CO. and Joe Philbin! if you want to get picky Ireland too… But make no mistake the problem isn’t Tannehill it’s blocking for Tannehill that is the problem!

    • Jim Cook

      I agree, the main problems starts with OC and his play calling and not to mention the designs of his plays. Tannehill is not the problem. OC must go and it should happen sooner, not later.

  • Ripp

    One thing I have learned after being a fan for over 30 years is that a position is never filled till the player performs up to expectations. Thats why if someone was to ask me if I thought Miami should draft a QB next year I would say yes. IMO Tannehill has regressed from last year. He did play up to my expectations the 1st three games. He was reading defenses, making the correct audibles and most of all he was carrying the offense. After his 1st INT in the Saints game I saw a defeated look on his face and it seem everything has gone backwards ever since. AS for the deep ball, I think part of that is on Wallace. After watching him play these 7 games I find that he is really easy to defend. He does not run routes all that well, he does not catch the ball during physical contact and DBs have an easy time bumping him off of those deep routes. Basically they could have brought Ted Ginn back, get the same results for a lot less money.

  • 1sb1

    Yeah, he’s thrown a few really bad balls, one of which cost Gibson his season. No doubt.

    And he really needs to learn to throw his deep ball deeper, and let the receiver (namely, Mike Wallace) catch up to it instead of trying to hit him in the hands and therefore he has to slow down or even stop and wait for it, but he’s also had a hell of a lot of catch-able balls bounce off or receiver’s hands and/or chests.
    But, man, oh man, I have never seen a pocket collapse so fast so consistently. There IS no where to “step up” to!! And at a sack average of approx. 2.5 seconds per sack, you’re gonna tell me he’s “hanging on to the ball too long!”
    The (Truly) Offensive line and the atrocious play calling, zero play-action ability, along with Mike Wallace not fighting for contested balls, is KILLING the Dolphins. Not only that, but it’s as if we are playing with a handicap as if we didn’t even HAVE a draft this past year, what with all the inactive players we drafted that haven’t even SEEN the field this year yet!
    The Phins are F’d all around–it’s not just on Tannehill.

  • Chris Hampton

    Give the guy another year and an offensive line – look at the time Brady has, maybe not as much this year but last year there were numerous times in games where he stood flat footed for what seemed an eternity.

  • gofins60

    The only way I’d keep Tannehill for another year would be if Philbin and Sherman are replaced. While the QB must assume some of the blame, the fact that he is still raw means that the coaching is mostly the problem.