Aug 17, 2013; Houston, TX, USA; Miami Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin argues a call during the first half against the Houston Texans at Reliant Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Miami Dolphins On Verge Of Full Collapse

Forget the fact that Jonathan Martin has gone AWOL from the team only days before an important game the Miami Dolphins  have much bigger problems.  So big in fact that the team according to some with knowledge of the situation, are teetering on the verge of full and complete collapse.

According to members of the national media, specifically Albert Breers, the Miami Dolphins locker room is a complete mess.  Losing will do that to you.

There have been multiple reports that have come from all three of the main Miami area papers as well as national news outlets each painting a picture of a locker room boiling with anger.  Much of that seems to be directed at offensive coordinator Mike Sherman.

According to reports Sherman was at the center of a shouting match from Martin earlier in the week prior to the practical joke gone awry.  Complete with cursing by Martin.  In addition, Mike Wallace  has spent time talking with Sherman about his role with the team.  One local member of the Miami media said that many of the Miami offensive players agree with Wallace and are or have lost faith in the ability of Mike Sherman to run the offense.

The Dolphins of course are trying to keep a lid on it but that isn’t going to happen.  The Bengals are coming into town tomorrow to face a team who has no faith in themselves right now.  Another loss will make a long ten days between games and it’s anybody’s guess as to what happens in that time period.

While Sherman may very well be at the center of the issue and we all know he has received most of the blame by the fans, it’s the responsibility of Joe Philbin to control this team.  So far the team has not responded positively on the field since they lost to New Orleans four weeks ago.  If Philbin can not turn the locker room around and get his team back into the victory column, Stephen Ross may have no choice but to make a change at seasons end.

For Philbin, he may want to consider making a move during that ten day window following tomorrow nights game.  If saving this team means firing Sherman Philbin needs to put friendship aside and do exactly that.  If he doesn’t it very well may be his career that finishes somewhere else.

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  • joe valdez

    F you Mike Sherman and Philbin…….a bunch of f”ing douchebags they are

  • gofins60

    Joe Philbin may be a great guy, but he’s not Head Coach material. Both Sherman and Coyle are losing games because they just can’t make the proper adjustments (especially in the 2nd half) to adapt to what the opponent is doing.

    I don’t care for the style of offense they’re running, and the defense is worse than last year. I’m looking forward to a new regime next year.

  • tpl

    The team is falling apart. It won’t be much longer now before philbin and Sherman are fired. The good news is next years coach will have a high first round pick.

  • John Smith

    Straight up. First and foremost. I give credit to the off season moves that we did make. But we should have made more. Coaches live and die on decisions or lack thereof in the off season. The fans harped on Martin not being a solution at LT. Coaches/Ireland were convinced all would be ok. The Brandon Albert non move looms LARGE! Beyond that obvious blunder was bad play calling that is too pass heavy. Not giving the running game a chance to get going. This help your line and qb. Not only that but there is not enough deception in the offense. You have to hard count to keep defensive linemen guessing. Some trick plays some misdirection. Some get the ball to Wallace if you have to line him up in the backfield. Give me some creativity.

    Having overstated the redundant fact that our offensive line gargles my balls. I will spread some blame to the defense who has had opportunities to close out games and have not done so. It was the defense who blew it vs Ravens and Bills. They had leads and couldn’t hold them in each game. They knew both teams would run the ball and couldn’t stop them. Not like they were any better stopping the pass.

    In my view, Ill give the coaching staff through next year to get it together for continuity sake. I would sack Ireland in order to get an even more aggressive team builder. I will also give the defense more time to build.

    Incognito pretty much nailed it. Fire the entire OL.

  • John Smith

    I would also not put all my eggs in the Tannehill basket. I like him and he is not the problem but he is not as dynamic as a Russel Wilson or Kapernick or Cam Newton, Rg3 when healthy. You feel me? He is not a game changer. So, you either surround him with an incredible OL – which we are a LONG way from having. Chances are more likely that we get him hurt than him surviving that long. May be more necessary to go out and get one of those “types” as these types of QB’s are basically revolutionizing the league. Point is – these QB’S are super mobile and make their OL’s better. Something Tanny will never be able to do.

    • Jerr1233

      Yea, but Tannihill can be that type of player IF Sherman lets him be. They keep insisting that he stay in the pocket and be a pocket passer…while he can do that to some degree, he is best on the move. The other thing that is killing him is due to all the pressures, sacks, and unreliable O-Line play, his pocket clock is all screwed up. There are times he lets balls go way too early because he is afraid he gonna get hammered from the blindside.and other times he holds on way too long and does get hammered. He also needs to change his snap cadence. Read a write up that basically says that if you here “Go” its a pass and “Go-Go” is a run. Fact of the matter is that offensive play calling is what is killing this offense. We need a balanced call and not be so quick to abandon the run. If sherman could call an entire game like he did in the 1st half of the Pats game we would be in a very good place right now…but instead he calls his plays more like the second half of the pats game…and you see where we are.