Nov 4, 2013; Miami, FL, USA; Miami Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin reacts to a question from the media during a press conference at the Doctors Hospital Training Facility at Nova Southeastern University. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Miami Dolphins: A No Good, Very Bad Day


It has been a bad weekend in South Florida. The Miami Dolphins may have won a huge Thursday night game against Cincinnati last week, but boy it doesn’t feel like it.

We’ve seen bad. We all remember the Ricky Williams debacle and the Brandon Marshall drama. We remember the Nick Saban lies and broken promises, the 17 quarterbacks since Dan Marino, the 1-15 season, and the Bill Parcells embarrassment, but this is bad. (Side note: wow, when you list out all that stuff, us Dolfans should earn a medal).

Anyway, this Richie Incognito drama feels like the worst. I hate to add to the dreariness surrounding the Miami Dolphins organization, but who in their right mind would want to play for a coach and an organization that let this happen? Sure, we’re hearing reports that the team didn’t know the extent, and when head coach Joe Philbin heard the voicemails last night, he quickly called Incognito to inform him of his suspension. Whether or not Philbin knew almost seems beyond the point.

Philbin knew something.

It feels like a world ago, but this whole debacle began when a rumor circled around Jonathan Martin walking out on offensive coordinator, Mike Sherman. We’re 100 stories away from that one, but its still very telling.

These coaches have lost their players and this organization has once again lost its way. Or maybe they never found their way and we just thought Stephen Ross’ $100+ million free agency spree was the answer. No one knows for sure, but one thing is clear: we have a problem, a serious problem. And I personally don’t think winning can solve this one. (OK, maybe it can, but I need the wins first before I can make that call).

And for all his misgivings, Skip Bayless made a valid point on twitter earlier today:

That was BEFORE Philbin’s press conference, which to his credit I thought he handled very well, but how could he not know this was happening. If not this than SOMETHING.

During his press conference, Philbin said the following:

That means when the NFL is done investigating the situation, IF they do find something, that puts it on Philbin. He has set himself up to fall. (Which, I should note, is completely valid because it should be on his shoulders), but even IF the NFL finds no wrongdoings in the locker room—I go back to my earlier question—who would want to come play here? To come play for this coach and these coordinators with these teammates?

So what do I see as the solution to all of this? You’re probably not going to like it, but…

Back to the drawing board and time to find a new coach. A coach that gives real answers to reporters and a coach that not only has the respect of his players, but one players feel safe with.

I know, I know this is the NFL—a man’s league—but these players have values and families, they have beliefs and principles, and no person—let alone a teammate—should compromise that. Ever.

We were all calling for Sherman’s head when Miami blew the game against New England in the second half, and the offensive coordinator did little to save his job in the team’s win over Cincinnati. (We all know that was the defense).

Maybe my solution is too drastic and maybe I’m out of line calling for Philbin’s dismissal, but his decisions on the field haven’t been good enough for him to keep his job. Certainly not after this.

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  • Joe Public

    If this idiot coach is as involved in the locker room as he is in the game, he is LOST. This guy does not understand u have to manage these F ing babies. None of these O linemen should be out eatting, they SUCK. An making someone pay for your ass to pig out, screw that, pay your own way. Nothing but losers on this team. from HC on down. Philbin is a idiot for not noticing this crap. From the thug pouncey to incognito, what a team

  • Ripp

    Ok, I really think this article is over blown. A lot of this stuff goes on in every locker room. What makes it different is the threats and racial slurs. The hazing and the extorting money was no secret to anyone. We have seen it on Hard Knocks and sports writers have written about it. The media always made it out as a playful thing. All of a sudden one player freaks out because another one took it further than anyone else. So it is bullying and now the media is damning everyone on the team for it. If anything the media should shame themselves from making it seem acceptable.

  • Rex Chapman

    it was trash talking from an obnoxious crude guy. Incognito seems like an ass and hard to be around but hes a huge offensive line man I wouldnt expect tea, crumpets and sonnets. I cant believe the text message is being described as racist on par with the receiver from the eagles. It feels like an insensitive guy stuck next to a very sensitive guy, not a good mix, and they probably cant play on the same team. But to bounce Incognito out, I just cant see it unless there is much worse stuff than trash talking text.

  • tpl

    The strange thing is Incognito was reportedly bullied when young, and so now he bullies someone else? You’d think he’d at least try not to do that.