Chris Mosely Leaves Dolphins


The Miami Dolphins 2013 season should be called “hard knocks”.  The last two weeks have been hell, the four game losing streak was hell, an investigation will soon be underway by an outside hired office by the NFL, and of course we haven’t heard the last of Mike Pouncey’s situation with Aaron Hernandez.  So it’s only natural that the next shoe drops.

Today it was announced that Miami Dolphins assistant offensive line coach Chris Mosely has left the team.  This according to Adam Schefter of the NFL Network.  Mosely leaves only three days prior to their Monday night game in Tampa Bay and is on the heals of the Jonathan Martin Richie Incognito situation.  Mosely was apparently on personal leave but the reason is unknown but we can all assume it will be tied in if only in fiction by the media to the Martin issues.  According to Schefter the two sides agreed to part ways.

Offensive line coach Jim Turner remains the OLine coach and may or may not have had knowledge of the current issues the team is dealing with.

UPDATE:  According to information regarding Mosely, he left the team in early October, well before the Martin incident.  We hope that whatever issues he is dealing with turn out o.k.  Intern coach Marco Rivera has been filling in since his departure.  It is unknown if the Dolphins will hire him full time as a replacement.

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  • John Smith

    The Fins fans KNEW in the offseason that the OL was questionable. Martin was the main question mark. The coaching staff erroneously judged that the OL was good enough. Completely missed the boat on Brandon Albert from the Chiefs. Too bad because the rest of the team is pretty good.

    Having watched the OL’s play this year, I think the best thing that could happen is to blow the whole thing up. Basically fire everyone as Incognito originally suggested and reload as quickly as possible. Fire Ireland as well as he has had his chance to get the OL stocked and has failed miserably.

    • Miami Jules (Julian)

      I read the article, the update, and your comment. I enjoyed reading it all… I’m not anti-Incognito but neither am I against Martin. There are a lot of questions needed to be answered and in the meantime all we can do is think out loud based on our best intuitive thinking. John, I was one of those who wasn’t sure about Martin, even after I attended 3 of the open to the public work outs during the off season, Clabo who is, as I heard a friend call him, a human turnstile even during training camp was or may continue to be the weakest link and not Martin IMO.

      I often got into debates with a lot of fans about what the top draft choices should be going into the draft. Many fans wanted a pass rusher or a TE with the top picks, while I advocated OL and DB… we ended up trading up for a pass rusher, a great athlete and play maker in the making but, in my opinion, still a luxury pick considering the needs we had going into the draft. I agree with every single word you wrote. Stay thirsty my friend.

      • John Smith

        Thanks Julian for reading. I don’t think they made any mistakes in the draft necessarily. A rookie can’t be counted on to carry the load that the Fins were going to need. I also agree that Clabo has not played as well as Martin and Martin was not the main problem on the OL. BUT Clabo was picked up as a last addition to the OL that should have already been squared away. And Martin was the “question mark” the entire off – season. Coaches/ Ireland had a choice. And they felt that Martin would be ok at Left tackle. No need for Brandon Albert and that decision has nearly ruined the season.

        That being said…. And call me crazy. But I have a feeling and I hope it’s not gas. lol I have a weird feeling that the Dolphins are going to make a run. Not a huge run but I have a weird feeling that they WILL make the playoffs. Heard it here first. Thanks for reading and reply. Cheers!!

        • Miami Jules (Julian)

          I wont call you crazy John and you may very well be right. We still don’t know what will happen with the whole “bullygate” thing, but, this is the way I expect it to translate to the field of play… if the Dolphins’ players have bonded and feel as if they have been wronged, look out because your prediction will materialize but if on the other hand, they are just being defensive while feeling some guilt which would chip away at their sense of confidence, and if on top, other players around the NFL feel extra motivated because they think the Phins have been unjust towards Martin, the opposite will happen.
          A lot of people have adhered to the players’ “honor code” and said the “right thing”, at least publicly, but if there were to be some feelings of resentment towards the Dolphins, then it may actually turn out to be a quite different story…”don’t tell me how you feel, show me how you feel” in sports, the showing is more important. Monday night, I will be looking for body language, from the Dolphins and from the Bucks and that’s going to tell me a lot more than anything I have read or heard so far. I know it sounds weird but I’ll be looking out for some extra curricular activity and talk on the field, or lack thereof.

  • John Smith

    Had to come back like a man and say I was wrong. lol Dolphins made me eat my words about finishing the season strong. They basically suck out loud. Best player on the team is the punter. The OL sucks. And the defense can’t stop win less Tampa??? Come on man!!