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Dolphins OL Coach Jim Turner Should Go

 The Miami Dolphins are like a broken record.  How many times this season have we watched them dominate teams in one half, only to be dominated in the other?  How many times have they blown leads late in games, often beating themselves before the other team even has the chance to win the game?  They seem physically unable to put the nail in the coffin, and this inability was never more apparent than last night against the WINLESS Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  Well, the Bucs aren’t winless anymore and Miami is now 4-5 and reeling.  Many fans and “experts” alike are predicting the firing of Jeff Ireland, Mike Sherman and Joe Philbin.  While I am not saying these men will have their jobs at the end of the season, I think the first person who needs to go is OL Coach Jim Turner.

The Dolphins have given up a league worst 37 sacks.  I get that some of these are the fault of Ryan Tannehill and a lack of talent on the offensive line, but there is no excuse for leading the league in sacks given up.  What I believe is Jim Turner’s fault is the inconsistency of the line.  Every line has a bad game or two and I am not saying the Dolphins should never give up a sack or should never struggle to run the ball or pass block.  But how can Miami run the ball so well against the Bengals and run so poorly against the Buccaneers?  How can the offensive line go the entire game without giving up a sack and then give up two consecutive sacks at the end of the game during the most important and possibly game winning drive? Regardless of the answer, whether the OL was tired or had a miscommunication or the Bucs defense was just that good (which it wasn’t), it all comes down to one thing.


The Dolphins OL talent wise is simply not the worst in the league, even with Incognito and Martin out.  The game against the Bengals proved that.  Jim Turner has had half of a season to figure out what needs to be adjusted and fixed among his five big men, and he has yet to get the job done.  The line looks incredible for one part of the game, only to look defeated and anemic in the next.  Therefore, I think Turner should be the first to go.  If the problem still persists after his departure, then maybe the problem lies elswhere.

Regardless of what Miami does, the OL must make adjustments and shape up FAST.  This team surprisingly is still alive in the AFC playoff race, but another ghastly performance by the running game or the continuous inability to pass block will only result with an injury to Tannehill and this team once again thinking about the draft instead of the playoffs. 


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  • tpl

    Yeah, have to agree there. Miami needs a new offensive line coach for sure. And a new offensive coordinator.

    • Eric Roddy

      thanks for reading and commenting! FIRE SHERMAN

  • Chris

    Let’s quit fooling ourselves by saying this team has a chance at the playoffs. If we can’t beat the 0-8 Bucs, or Buffalo at home after a bye week against Thad “whothafuck” Lewis, what makes anybody think this team is going to have any kind of success the rest of the season? We may be 4-5, but it feels a lot more like our infamous 1-15 season.
    We’ve lost Dustin Keller, Brandon Gibson, Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin. Last night the Dolphins ran the ball for 72 inches and allowed back-to-back sacks on the final drive. We’re headed for another 7-9, maybe 6-10 season and maybe the 15th pick in the draft. Here it is mid-November and the season is all but lost. Just a sad, sad day in Dolphin land.

    • Eric Roddy

      It will come down to Miami’s remaining divisional games, and there ability to get a lot of help. But I am totally with you, I know this team wont make the playoffs. That being said, they are truly an offensive lineman or two and an offensive coordinator away from being VERY GOOD. When will they get those needed things? No telling. Thanks for reading!

      • Chris

        I’ve been saying “an o-lineman or two away” for the longest and I no longer feel that way. Every aspect of the team has glaring holes. Where is Wallace? Where are our running backs? Tannehill played pretty well last night, as he usually does, but he needs more pocket awareness and accuracy. Our O-Line is a disaster at this point. In general, the tackling on Defense is atrocious. The team needs more than just a revamped line. There is no killer instinct. No intensity. No ability to dominate. What this team needs is a revamped life force but the Dolphins are currently being squeezed by the giant anaconda that is the NFL.

        • Eric Roddy

          What you just describes points to one “glaring and complete hole” and that is the coaching. Look back at the Sparano days. He was seen as a worse coach than Joe Philbin, yet he had his players playing with passion for the entirety of the game, week in and week out, with significantly less talent! Miami has the talent at EVERY position (except maybe OL and TE) to dominate teams. The fact that they continue to blow games late is not on the players, its on MIke Sherman and Joe Philbin. Execution comes from coaching, and poor execution comes from poor playcalling and a lack of fire. Thanks for reading!

          • gofins60

            I agree! The entire coaching staff needs to be fired.

          • Eric Roddy

            And if they are unwilling to do that, then Sherman and Turner need to go! I don’t mind Coyle I think the problem there is that the defense is exhausted from spending the majority of the game on the field!

  • Chewee

    I’ve got another news flash for you. The DEFENSIVE line, supposedly the strength of the ‘fins is horribly inconsistent, giving up a lot of yards to 3rd and 4th string backs. Inconsistent all season.

    • Eric Roddy

      Believe me, I have seen that too. I think one of the sources for that problem ultimately lies with our OL and Sherman. Our offense simply is not giving our defense a break in games, so they are always gassed. Our offense should be dominating time of possession and putting up WAY more points, giving our defense a rest. Also, why the hell was Cameron Wake and Dion Jordan not in on the most important third downs yesterday? Thanks for reading and commenting Chewee!

      • Chris

        I don’t know. The Defense got WORKED against the 0-8 Bucs the entire first half last night. They shouldn’t have been gassed after 10 days since the last game. And what the hell is with these personnel packages on defense? Has Soliai, Starks, Wake and Jordan been on the field at the same time on any play this season? Why is Jordan playing 9 snaps a game? #befuddled

        • Eric Roddy

          I don’t know Chris, but good point. It is almost like Miami knows something we don’t regarding their players (not even referring to Martin-Incognito case). But at this point, I would not mind seeing Miami give guys like Jordan and Dallas Thomas (on offense) a chance to play to see what they can do. The fact that Jordan and Wake are almost never on the field together is just stupid, we should have drafted Lane Johnson back in April if we aren’t even going to use Jordan.