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OC Sherman Fails To Prevent Dolphins Victory Over Jets


I am extremely proud of this Miami Dolphins team!  They went into one of the NFL’s toughest atmospheres (MetLife housed 76,957 screaming fans) and dominated their division rival New York Jets 23-3.  The Jets boasted one of the NFL’s best rushing attacks and one of the NFL’s best run-stopping defenses.  However, that did not stop Miami as they totaled 453 net yards (125 rushing, 328 passing) and put up 23 points.  I would like to say that this gigantic offensive performance was not a result of New York’s mediocrity, but it was.  I wish it was due to Mike Sherman’s fantastic play calling, but it was not.  Even though Miami dominated the entirety of the game, they only led 6-0 at halftime.  Who do we have to thank for the lack of points?  That’s right, Offensive Coordinator Mike Sherman.

Miami completely owned the Jets in the first half.  They limited the Jets to under 10 minutes of time of possession, and successfully moved the ball time and time again on a vicious Jets defense.  Sherman did a great job in that category.  However, what really stood out to me was Miami’s inability to end these long drives in touchdowns.  Despite completely controlling the first half and moving the ball for over 200 yards of total offense in the first half, the Dolphins went into the locker room at halftime with a measly 6 points.  Despite Geno Smith’s woes and one of the worst offensive performances in one half of football in the history of the New York Jets, the Gangreen was still only down one score.  How was this possible?  Mike Sherman failed to call the right plays when they mattered most, and Miami’s drives were stalled repeatedly, resulting in two field goals from Caleb Sturgis (who also missed his first attempt from 41 yards).

In my opinion, Coach Joe Philbin did a great job in this victory.  He went for it on 4th down when the Dolphins needed to, he barked at the referees when he disagreed with bad calls, and more importantly, he had his men ready for battle.  All Miami needed in that first half of football was an average play caller who could somehow find a way to continue Miami’s offensive dominance all the way to the pylons.  Instead, they got the same Mike Sherman they have had all year.  The Sherman who decided to throw a fade on 4th and goal from the one yard-line after successfully running it on 3rd and goal.  The same coordinator who dialed up a run play on 2nd AND 3rd and long inside Jets territory.  The list of miscalls goes on and on.

The fact that the ‘Phins only posted 6 first half points says it all.  It shows us that the problem does not lie with the defense (who was fantastic by the way), or Joe Philbin (who had his team ready to play), or even QB Ryan Tannehill (who posted a 94.2 passer rating).  No, the Miami Dolphins’ main problem is their play calling on offense, and that is completely on Mike Sherman.  In the upcoming weeks, Miami has two big games against the Pittsburgh Steelers and the New England Patriots.  Two teams who know how to win late in the season.  What do you think Miami’s chances of winning either of those games are if they only put up 6 points in a dominating half of football?  They aren’t too high.

The fate of this season rests on Mike Sherman’s shoulders.  Either he steps up his game and calls the plays that result in TOUCHDOWNS, or this Miami team will once again be sitting on the couch watching the playoffs.

On a side note, the Miami Dolphin offensive line gave up only one sack for a 3 yard loss.  To that I say,


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  • Christian Paige

    Love the title. After watching the game I could only imagine how incredible our O would be if we replaced Sherman. I believe we’d only have one loss, that is for sure.

    • Eric Roddy

      Thanks Christian! Agreed, maybe not only one, but we wouldnt have 6 losses!

  • maurice

    Best game of the yr. For the o-line. Our season will go the way of our o-line.

    • Eric Roddy

      Agreed. Drafting 2 or 3 lineman can only strengthen what has proven to be an okay line. What we really need is a new coordinator! Thanks for reading and commenting!

  • South Florida Aussie

    Eddy, I totally disagree with you in this game. I could not fault the OC on this one. He was aggressive where he went for it on more than one occasion on 4th down. When the Fins were on the Jets goal line on 3rd down, he twice tried to have the fins punch it in, once with Lamar and then on 4th with Clay. Both failed. Without Daniel Thomas, we couldn’t bust it in and our OLIne did not open up any holes. But then you criticize him when in the same position he tries a fade pass. The problem with that pass was that Tannehill overthrew him.
    I don’t know if you even watched the game from Tennessee. But in my living room watching the first half in total silence until I shouted out so loud “Finally” when they finally got into the endzone in the second half that it startled my wife and kids who were in the kitchen at the time. Did I like what I saw in the first half? Absolutely not. But don’t blame this on Sherman, blame it on failed execution by the players. The article makes you sound like a knee jerk reaction fan who doesn’t know squat about football. You’re just looking for someone to blame and Mike Sherman is the flavor of the month. Other games, for sure. Sherman has made a lot of bad calls. Don’t try and hang him on this one.

    • Eric Roddy

      I am not simply hanging him on his play selection for this game….However, he has cost us MULTIPLE games this season with his play calling. you would have to be blind not to see that it is completely his fault at this point! We have far too much talent and skill on our offense to score more than 6 points in a half of football that we dominated!!!! Who do you blame for that? Yes I agree that Tannehill has made poor throws. but a fade route on 4th and inches from the 1? That is a play you try on first down, not do or die on 4th down. Where was the QB rollout? Where was the pitch play to get Lamar Miller outside so he could use his speed to get the ball in the end zone? We can completely blame Sherman for this problem South Florida Aussie. It is time that he left. He is costing this team games. It is poor execution of POORER play calling. Thanks for reading and commenting!

      • South Florida Aussie

        I do agree that Sherman should go. More from the games past than the one against the Jets. We had the ball for so long and was moving it between the 20′s at will. I was so frustrated watching that first half. I just felt that it didn’t matter what the call, we were never going to get into the end zone. They do have a strong front seven. I’ve seen Daniel Thomas on at least two occasions this year actually dive over the pile on those 1 yard and goal situations and actually get the touch down. He may not be a fast running back, but he was physical and was good in those short yardage situations. I just don’t feel Lamar has that physicality. Or am I missing something? I see Christian Paige isn’t a fan of Thomas either. I guess I’m looking at things from a different angle.

        • Eric Roddy

          No you’re looking at them from an acceptable angle. Above you had me worried that you did not think Sherman was the problem! Yes, we are missing a bruising physical back. Thomas was definitely that. However, Sherman rarely used either running back correctly, often running Thomas outside and on sweeps and using miller between the tackles. The man just can’t run this offense. Glad you agree. I like Thomas in situations but not all the time!

    • Christian Paige

      I feel like without Danielle Thomas we actually proved he hurt our run game more then help. Lamar got in a groove and ran tough against a top front seven. watch Lamar tear it up against Pitt.

      • Eric Roddy

        well said. Our running game was awesome against a great run defense because we used our running backs correctly. No more sweeps with Thomas or power runs with Miller. I really miss Lousaka Polite, Miami’s former 3rd and 4th and short back who NEVER failed to convert a short yardage run.

  • DragonFly34

    The only reason why Miami was able to score 2 TDs was the fact the Jets couldn’t tackle. The missed tackles on Hartline and Walllace’s TD runs were the deciding factors in this game. Miami did not dominate anybody. Geno Smith is more inept then Tannehill who continues to over throw, & underthrow. The Dolphins beat a lousy Jet team. If they square off against the Steelers like they did the Jets, the Dolphins will lose. The Dolphin don’t have the killer instinted. Almost every lose is because they can’t protect a lead, but they didn’t turn the ball over or make that silly mistake. The OL played pretty good considering,,,,And is it to late to get rid of Sherman?

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