Karma Comes Full Circle For Our Miami Dolphins

Karma Comes Full Circle For Our Miami Dolphins


I want you to take a trip down memory lane.  Flash back a few years ago, Pittsburgh Steelers versus our Miami Dolphins. 

The date was Oct 24th 2010.  The Miami Dolphins were at home against the surging Steelers.  This game had playoff implications on the line as the winner tries to solidify itself within their respect division.  The game was a nail bitter to say the least as the Dolphins forced a few first quarter turnovers, but failed to capitalize on touchdowns however they were able to produce two  Field Goals.  Which caused  our Head Coach at that time Tony Sparano to roam the sidelines with his emphatic fist pumping.


Going into halftime the Steelers were up 17-16.  The third quarter was a little bit of a yawn fest,  then the fourth quarter turned out to be an epic adventure.   Our Dolphins were trailing 20-19 with less than 8 minutes left, Henne connects with “Forget About it” Anthony Fasano for 15 yards, thereby setting up a Field Goal opportunity which gave us the lead causing another vigorous  fist pump by Tony S.


However, the Steelers next possession Big Ben leads his Steelers down the field and into the red zone.  Our defence held the Steelers to a third and goal and this is when the adventure starts.  Big Ben could not find anyone open so he tries a QB sneak into the endzone.  As Ben is dancing at the line of scrimmage he make a gasping dive into the end zone only to find our Free Safety; Chris Clemons, matching his dive with a vicious hit jarring the football lose in the end zone.  The Refs called it a touchdown at first, however, after a review, the refs decided that the Clemons hit Big Ben before he crossed the end zone thereby causing a fumble, however since there was no clear indication that the Dolphins recovered the ball, the Steelers would get the ball back at the one yard line and it would be fourth and goal.

The Steelers would then kick a field goal and go up 23-22 and win the game.  Increasing their record to 5-1 and leaving the Dolphins at 3-3.

This game was chaotic in so many ways.  The Refs stated that there was no clear indication that the Dolphins recovered the ball, but the replays clearly show our DE Alama-Francis holding up the ball.  How much more evidence do you need?


The Dolphins robbed of the victory and the Steelers get away with a W that they honestly did not deserve.

Now, flash forward to last Sunday afternoon…and you can recall the epic mistake made by Antonio Brown by running out of bounds where there was still a lot of room left on the sidelines.  Brown could have easily corrected his path and made the game defying play that would have broken the hearts of many Dolphins fans let alone our playoff chances, but, Karma decides to come full circle. Magically and mysteriously Brown decided to veer off course,  placing his foot on the outside marker thereby nullifying the touchdown and ensuring the Dolphins victory.

Karma…it’s a b$%^&*()_

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  • Chris

    I remember being furious after that game. If I recall correctly, the ref who “couldn’t determine which team came up with the loose football” was born and raised near Pittsburgh and owned a local business there. Also, I had bet with one of my coworkers (who was a diehard Steelers fan) on that game and lost good money.
    Even though I had turned my TV off as soon as Clemons missed the diving tackle on Brown and screamed a bad word loud enough for a few of my neighbors to hear, I eventually learned we won the game and couldn’t be happier we ended the Steelers’ playoff hopes!
    -Fins up

    • dj

      I have a lot of family and friends who are Steelers fan and to this day they still bring up the missed fumble call.

      once the game was over, I breathed a sign of relief and just looked up and said…karma…it just came full circle…

      on to New England!

  • Jennifer

    Even if he didn’t step out of bounds, the offense weren’t in formation and a few were scrambling to get into their spot before the ball was hiked, their QB threw an illegal lateral (forward, not backwards) and then the dude stepped out of bounds….They were reaching and it didn’t pay off from the start. But it still fooled me. Worst feeling ever, thank god for quick play reviews!!!

    • dj

      Let’s just put its this way Jen, I am happy it didnt come to reviewing the lateral pass….it was close…too close in my opinion

      • Jennifer

        I am too! God knows with these refs it could go either way. GO PHINS!!!!

  • gofins60

    To me, karma would be beating the Pats on Sunday and having a few calls go our way!

  • price pittsburgh

    Brown stepping out of bounds doesn’t even matter because Ben threw him an ilegal forward pass not a lateral. In 2010 Ben did not try a QB sneak, he ran a QB bootleg, learn the difference. It is also not Karma, look up what that word means. It has to do with coming back in another life at as a lesser status or creature.. This is why John Lennon called it Instant karma, unlike you. Brown stepping out of bounds was nothing more than a mistake in th heat of the moment. The refs in 2010 went by the book as it relates to the situation of calling a TD on the field and then no longer following the ball after the fumble because it was then a dead play, and then not having conclusive evidence on the review because there were Steelers diving at the pile too. Yes a Dolphin came up with the ball but if you knew anything you would know that would only apply if the fumble had been called as such on the field and not a TD, which is why the refs stopped looking at the ball in live action.
    Also, the Dolphins went 4 and out on the following series only needing a FG to win and had 2 chances in the redzone after Steelers turnovers in the first quarter and came away with 2 FGs instead of TDs. I remember that game well. I also remember that the Doplhins in 2010 missed the playoffs by way more than one game and since they bounced back the following week with a victory you can’t claim this game played a part in them losing 6 of their final 9 games, including 3 in a row at the end of the season.