Dec 22, 2013; Orchard Park, NY, USA; Buffalo Bills defensive back Nickell Robey (37) sacks Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill (17) during the second half at Ralph Wilson Stadium. Buffalo beats Miami 19-0. Mandatory Credit: Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

An Awful Day in Buffalo


I went to the Miami Dolphins game in Buffalo on Sunday, but I wish I hadn’t. And not because of the depressing 19-0 score where the Dolphins crossed the 50-yard line twice. Or at least it only felt like twice.

No, I wish I hadn’t gone for several other reasons. Firstly, the Buffalo Bills easily play in the grossest stadium in the NFL. Seriously, people, this place is vile and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell should take note. It makes the second grossest stadium, whatever it may be, look like a palace because this place is disgusting.

Secondly, before the game I used to think Bills fans were nice people. Sure, they weren’t going to hug Dolphin fans, but I didn’t anticipate some of the trash talk and physical threats sent my way. While these fans weren’t nasty like those people in the Meadowlands can be, they were surprisingly threatening and rude for a fan base whose team hasn’t had a winning record since 2004 (and that was 9-7).

Thirdly, it was raining and cold, not that I expected anything else from the sunny city of Buffalo, but it was still unfortunate to sit through it for four quarters.

Lastly, can we talk about the Bills’ fight song? Did I say fight song? I meant song from a famous move that they changed the words to. The Bills make me want to shout? Clever.

Maybe I’m just bitter, I probably am, but from start to finish it was a mediocre experience. Then again, all of this would have been worth it if the Dolphins had won, let alone scored some points.

The silver lining in all this is the fact that the Baltimore Ravens looked inexplicably worse than the Dolphins, impossible but its true, and as of now Miami is in the playoffs. One might argue that a team that gets shut out by the Bills doesn’t deserve to make the playoffs, but next week the Dolphins have one more chance to salvage the situation. One more chance to extend the season and show the national media they are better than a Bullying Scandal.

From there we pray for a San Diego Chargers win or a Raven loss, both seem plausible after yesterday’s games. Then again, I didn’t expect a 19-0 loss at the hands of the lowly Bills.

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  • Ron Cianciosi

    Hey Alexa, go back to Dullfins Stadium which is usually half empty for their games. You got your ass kicked. Couldn’t say anything positve about your team so you trash Buffalo.

    • Fraz Glencross

      Precisely, what exactly is your problem with that? Can’t take a bit of criticism?

    • Phil Citta

      you didnt even watch the game. it was blacked out in that pit of filth called western new york and we all know your broke ass cant afford to go to the bar and drink a beer.

  • Shanne Liszewski

    wow your an idiot, actually your probably had a bad time because of your negative attitude towards life.

    • Fraz Glencross

      I think you are the idiot. He made a lot of valid points and in no way came across as having a negative attitude towards life. Honestly, the drivel some people talk.

  • igot1i

    Yes, continue to hope for a Chargers win (was that a typo?). Go Bolts. And yes, I went to RAAAAALPH Wilson stadium to watch the Chargers lose to the Bills. I sat in a section surrounded by obnoxious, rude and classless pricks who had no care that we had small kids with us – getting up in our face talking serious crap that warranted a beat down. I must say though, Buffalo fans have heart, they buy lots of tickets and have a good time at their games -can’t say the same for SD fans. I never had problems at Jets and Giants games.

  • Elvis

    Same O nothing’s. Can’t rush and can’t stop the rush. Can’t block on offense and can’t get through blocks on D. Can’t turn a 3rd down into a first and can’t prevent a first on 3rd no matter how many yards are needed.

    This year I’ve had to shut off the game 3 times in the early 4th even though the score was close. It’s just too painful to watch a bunch of guys that seem to be half asleep and no motivation.

    Coaches need to go….. Again because they can’t consistently put their players in winning matchups. We need 5 Pounceys on the line.

    Injuries, penalties, and lack of a big play threat. Another wasted year.

  • Phil Citta

    The entire city of buffalo is a cesspool

    • Ron Cianciosi

      Good , you stay down in Miami where English is the second language

      • Phil Citta

        im not surprised that a low class piece of garbage like you enjoys pissing in those troughs all over the stadium. you probably drink out of them thinking that they are also water fountains. you live in a home where there is graffiti all over the house. yeah buffalo is a beautiful area.