Dec 15, 2013; Miami Gardens, FL, Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross looks on from the sideline before kickoff against the New England Patriots at Sun Life Stadium. The Dolphins won 24-20. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Dolphins Lose Game…But Lose Fans As Well

The game itself should be a red flag for Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross.  The Dolphins for two weeks now have been out coached and outplayed.  Facing a home game to end your season with playoffs on the line, how can you justify such a dismal performance?  You can’t.  That is both the short answer and the long answer.  You simply can’t.  There is no justification for such a talented team to play so below the level of the Bills and Jets two weeks in a row.  Stephen Ross needs to make a change and a wide sweeping change may not be a bad thing.  Why?  Because today the Dolphins lost more than a game, the lost their fans.

I know whole heartedly that I can speak for a good portion of the fans when I say this because they have lost me.  Not as a fan per se’ I have always been a Dolphins fans and always will be but I no longer have faith in these coaches and admittedly Jeff Ireland too must move on from Miami.

The Dolphins have been a downward spiraling team for the better part of two decades and frankly it doesn’t work well anymore.  I like Jeff Ireland but if you are going to get rid of the coaches you may as well get rid of the GM as well.  Start over completely.

The Dolphins should be far more attractive to a new HC and GM simply because they have a ton of talent on their team.  They are in great fiscal shape and have some young promising youngsters on their team.  All the reasons one would keep a GM instead of fire him.  For Ross the deal is far more complicated.  The fans no longer want to see this runaway train continue.  They want something to believe in.  They showed up like the team wanted and the team rewarded them with nothing.  Losing a game is fine, a close one is acceptable but playing like you don’t care?  That’s so far beyond anything a fan can take.

Miami has done it two weeks in a row.

I like Joe Philbin but I have to question the intensity level of his coaching style.  It’s a shame to see Rex Ryan jumping up and down on the sidelines and then seeing our own HC with the same look every shot.  The Dolphins need something fresh and fans are no longer supporting the Jeff Ireland plan.  Coming within one game of the playoffs is tough and overlooking that to keep your staff in place is an easy choice.  For Miami however it’s not that they didn’t make the playoffs, but how they didn’t make the playoffs.

How can Stephen Ross convince the fan base, the season ticket holders, and everyone else to support the franchise come next season with the same coaches and general manager?  You can’t.  I have blasted the fan base for not supporting the team but frankly you can’t support a team who doesn’t play like they want you to support them.  Lack of effort, lack of coaching, lack of adjustments, and lack of pride.  It effects the play on the field and that affects the support off of it.

For met money, and I own no stake in the decisions that Ross will make, I would fire Philbin as early as tonight should he refuse to fire his DC and OC.  At the very least they are the ones that should go.  As much as I like Jeff Ireland, at some point Ross has to ask himself how long he can keep dragging it along waiting for the right coach to win with the players Ireland puts on the field.  When the fans no longer want to support that, it answers that question pretty clearly.

I do not believe that Ross will fire anyone or demand Philbin to fire anyone.  If anything, I could see Ireland gone while everyone else stays.  To me that is the greater of two evils.  In my opinion if anyone stays it should be Ireland.  Simply because he put enough talent on the field to make the playoffs.  He and Ross were let down by the coaching staff.  The team simply has not looked prepared for two weeks now.  The two weeks it mattered the most.

That has to change if Ross is to bring his fans back into the stadium.

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  • J holobinko

    Everyone must go! Including tannehill! You will never win with him as your qb! Maybe wr!

    • Mike

      I agree, all must GO including #17 OR bring in a legite competitor to him

  • gofins60

    Clean house!

  • Shakti96

    We need coaching! We have talent. Look at Dansby now even Carpenter is doing better somewhere else. We need player development and coaches that play to their talent!!!!!!!!

  • Jim Gilmore

    Ireland has to go.. the defensive lapse’s this season is on the poor play by LB’s…his guys the 2 guys he cut are having all pro seasons.. the 2 he signed can’t make a tackle at the line or behind it.

    • txmedic5

      My question would be why is that two Pro-Bowl caliber players are not having the same season this year? Last year Burnett and Dansby sucked and Ellerbe and Wheeler had PB caliber seasons. Now it’s changed around. That points to a coaching issue.

      • Babaila

        I agree that coaching is a problem. However, Wheeler and Ellerbe can’t tackle or cover anyone. Then that ridiculous holding penalty against Wheeler. That’s not coaching.

  • Chris Logel

    I am really angry as well, and Tannehill has to work on the deep ball, but everyone who is calling for the dolphins to get rid of Tannehill is crazy. Who do they replace him with, josh freeman? That is simply unrealistic. Like it or not, he is our best chance right now.

    • Babaila

      Well, I felt all along that Matt Moore should have been the starter and that Tannehill should have carried a clipboard for at least his 1st two years.

  • txmedic5

    Ryan Tannehill needs to be out from under Mike Sherman’s tutelage. Not worried about Tannehill..more worried about the stupid play calling.

  • Sean Chevelle


    • Babaila

      Now there’s a thought if he were to leave early but, I don’t think it would happen. They will stick with Tannehill .

    • Doug Ro

      How we going to trade up to #1….it would take most of our picks this year and next…and we need lineman, linebackers…many needs. Not happening.

  • John Singh

    First of all we need to get rid of Mike Sherman! We have a weak Offensive line but he still continues to call the same long drawn plays. Tannehill is absolutely terrible as a quarterback. He is inaccurate and slow in the pocket. It takes 3-4 seconds just to snap the ball. On top of that he completely miss threw so many passes to our receivers especially to Mike Wallace.

  • Carlos Pondog

    How could you LIKE Ireland!? He’s a cancer!

  • Doug Ro

    Uncle Fester Philbin has that deer-in-the-headlights look. He is as bland as our offense. The lack of enthusiasm rolls downhill from the top like crap…right down to the players. Clean house or lose the remaining fans.