Dec 15, 2013; Miami Gardens, FL, Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross looks on from the sideline before kickoff against the New England Patriots at Sun Life Stadium. The Dolphins won 24-20. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

CBS Sports: Sherman, Ireland likely out. Philbin likely to return.

Jul 26, 2013; Davie, FL, USA; Miami Dolphins offensive coordinator Mike Sherman (right) talks with head coach Joe Philbin (left) during training camp at the Doctors Hospital Training Facility at Nova Southeastern University. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Jul 26, 2013; Davie, FL, USA; Miami Dolphins offensive coordinator Mike Sherman (right) talks with head coach Joe Philbin (left) during training camp at the Doctors Hospital Training Facility at Nova Southeastern University. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Ryan Wilson of CBS Sports is reporting that Stephen Ross is seriously considering an organizational shakeup. For Dolphins fans and people around the league, that news isn’t new. After Sunday’s loss, we all knew this was a possibility. However, we didn’t know how much of a shakeup it would entail.

As I mentioned in my other column (It Was Perfect Until It Wasn’t), everything was lined up perfectly for the Dolphins heading into the last two weeks of the season. That’s when everything fell apart against the Bills and Jets.

Wilson reports that Ross has been meeting with this top advisors before deciding whether to fire anyone. I believe that some of those advisors include Nat Moore, Carl Peterson, Don Shula, and possibly Dan Marino and/or Tony Dungy. Wilson reports that these meetings began on Sunday evening and will resume on Thursday, where a decision on where the franchise is headed is likely to be made.

Wilson says that Ross became so disgusted with the team’s performance in the season finale that he turned away at one point because he couldn’t watch.

According to the report, Mike Sherman is almost guaranteed to be fired. Jeff Ireland could also lose his job. The most shocking revelation from the report states that Joe Philbin is likely to return in 2014.
Of course, if more details come out and as Ross and his advisors have had time to think about this, plans can change. We will have to wait on Thursday and Friday to find out.

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  • jacobin777

    I don’t see Philibin as a “motivator” and I’ve seen a lot of mistakes both on the field and off the field made by Philibin. That being said, ostensibly the players like him and while I feel the Phins won’t get too far with Philibin and Ross will eventually fire him, he probably does deserve 1 more year just so everyone (including Ross) can say with 100% surety that Philbin doesn’t have what it takes.

    IMHO, Sherman, Coyle and Ireland need to go for sure.

    • Jerr1233

      Possibly 2 years. Next years schedule is going to be rough we play 5 (Chiefs, Chargers, Packers, Broncos,Pats) of the 12 playoff teams including the Pats twice as well as the Bears and Ravens. Not an easy schedule. But considering Miami beat 4 of the playoff teams this year it may work out well.

  • Bond, David Bond

    Mr Ross, I hope that you decide to (CLEAN HOUSE). The reason that I recommend this, is because the dolphin nation was hurt too severely by those two losses at the end of the season. The dolphin nation will not believe anything this regimen has to say now; and why should they? They also cost you millions by us not making the playoffs; when we could have easily made the playoffs with Matt Moore or Pat Devlin. Tannehill has to go. What legitimate coaching staff would stay with a QB who could not throw the deep ball and allow two losses to two sub-par ball teams with the FARM on the line. THINGS TO CONSIDER: there was no QB competition. Tannehill was inserted as the starter, solely because he was a 1st round draft pick. He was not the best QB. Tannehill could not throw the deep pass; which cost us about 20 touchdowns / the division and a 1st round bye. By the way; Matt Moore and Pat Devlin can make all of the throws. What is more, there are many promising QBs coming out of college this off season, who can truly start right away.
    So, Mr Ross, if you do not want to deal with more of this same up and down, unpredictable sh&%*t, next season; you have to clean house! There are several good coaches available now. (Dennis Greene, Lovie Smith, etc.

    • David Henderson

      Totally agree!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Phil

      Dennis “they are who we thought they are” Green and a fired Lovie Smith????? Seriously?

    • Jerr1233

      Wow!!! you would rather have Matt Moore playing than Tannehill? You must be a Jets fan trolling. I mean don’t get me wrong I like Matt Moore and if he had gotten the nod last year, I would be OK with that…but once Tannehill won the job in his first year, then that’s it…he’s the man unless he gets injured or completely stinks the joint up. To put Matt Moore in right now is the worst possible decision this team can make. You want to be like the Jets, Bucs, and Vikings with the QB carousel? I think anybody who has watched more than 2 Dolphins games knows that Tannehill has to work on his deep pass. There are times that he under threw it and Wallace had to come back for it and there are times he over threw one of the fastest receivers in the game. So I’m sure working on the deep pass is very high on the off season to-do list.

  • Scott Duttera

    Sherman is not the problem. He regularly called exactly the right play, and put his players in perfectly position to make a big play, and he did that MANY times over the course of the season. I can’t count the number of times we had a guy WIDE OPEN for a big play, and T-hill under no pressure at all, would consistently miss him. Brady, Manning, Rodgers and Brees seldom miss those opportunities, and they even consistently complete those passes when they’re under pressure too…you leave a guy wide open to those guys, and they see and hit them consistently…that’s what makes those guys elite, and T-hill isn’t even remotely close to being elite. We left at least 25 TD’s on the field this year that we SHOULD have scored if T-hill had any kind of down the field accuracy. Of the record number of 58 sacks we gave up this year, for at least 2 out of every 3 sacks, T-hill could have safely dumped the ball, but he took the sack instead. The guy has absolutely no pocket presence what-so-ever. T-hill has all the physical attributes you want in an NFL passer, but he has none of the intangibles…he doesn’t have “IT,” and he never will. T-hill is a clone of former Bills QB Rob Johnson…he has no accuracy on deep throws at all, if his first read isn’t there, he rarely sees his 2nd option…and he regularly takes sacks when he could have easily unloaded the football…the guy doesn’t know how to throw incompletions, and for some unknown reason, doesn’t understand that an incompletion is almost ALWAYS better than taking a sack. As long as Ryan Tannehill is our starting QB, the Phins will NEVER make the playoffs. Granted, we need O-line help in a HUGE way, but we need a QB even more. I think Devlin is a MUCH better QB than T-hill, and Moore is better as well.


    I root for Miami and anybody that plays the cheats, Jets, and the Crimson Tide!

    • David Henderson

      Scott while I agree with you that T-hill is not the answer at QB Sherman’s plat calling is porous at best, fourth and one and we hand off to a tight end who gets nothing, all season long the play calling was terrible and will continue to be as long as Sherman is calling the plays. I am not sold on Philbin either.

      • Scott Duttera

        We wouldn’t be talking about Sherman at all if T-hill hit on just HALF the long balls he missed wide open receivers on this year. Instead, we’d be discussing who we’d be playing in the divisional round, as we’d have a bye this week.

    • Shwan

      So you’re saying Sherman is the problem.

      Ryan Tannehill has only been coached by Mike Sherman. Every snap taken as a Quarterback for Ryan Tannehill has been a Mike Sherman influenced play. Funny you should mentions Drew Brees in your list of elite quarterbacks too. Lets compare some stats:

      Attempts/Completions ~ Yards ~ Completion ~ TD/INT ~ Long ~ Sacks ~ Rating
      356–205 ~ 2,108 ~ 57% ~ 11/15 ~ 68 ~ 21 ~ 67.5

      That’s Drew Brees’ second year as a starter right there. They benched the guy after 11 miserable games one of which included the Dolphins/Chargers at Sun Devil Stadium. So don’t act like people like Tannehill can’t be improved upon with the right coaching, something which he doesn’t have right now thanks to Mike Sherman. If Sherman is let go and #17 still struggles then I’ll accept your argument but if I have to choose between an inept OC or a QB that’s put up the best numbers in the 10+ years and 15+ quarterbacks since Dan Marino, I’d rather take the QB. Some last food for thought:

      “Sherman was fired, according to a source, because he had a losing record in conference play in four years, but continued to lose in the same manner — late in the game after watching leads dissipate.”

      Funny if I take out the part about Texas this quote that talked about Sherman getting canned from Texas A&M, I can 100% apply it to him getting fired in Miami.

      • Draft Teddy

        Shwan, Stop comparing Tannehill to Drew Brees please. Try comparing him to people like Chad Henne or Matt Moore. Thanks

      • Scott Duttera

        Apples to oranges: Brees didn’t have anywhere near the level of talent around him that T-hill had this year. As I said in another reply below, we’d be talking about who we’d be playing in the divisional round right now, as we’d have a bye this week, if T-hill had hit just HALF the deep balls he missed on to wide open receivers. Sherman can only call the plays…it’s up to his players to make them, and T-hill missed wide open guys left and right all year long.


        I root for Miami and anybody that plays the cheats, Jets and the Crimson Tide!

        • Shwan

          Yeah, because:

          David Boston
          Eric Parker
          Antonio Gates

          Were just total scrubs compared to Hartline, Wallace and Clay. Lets also take your argument for a second though. If Sherman had this supposed same exact problem @ A&M then WHY IN GOD’S NAME WOULD HE WANT TANNEHILL AS HIS QB IN THE NFL?

          Your argument even shows how stupid Sherman is and that he needs to be let go.

    • jacobin777

      Sherman is VERY predictable with his calling. There was also nothing
      really “dynamic” about the offensive plays. No changes to schemes/calls
      during games.

      Also, while Philbin is the “captain
      of the ship”, Sherman as the OC has a lot of authority as well. If
      Philbin isn’t motivating MIA’s offense then its up to Sherman-I neither
      saw nor heard of him doing it either.

      Part of
      Sherman’s job is to make Tannehill improve to the best of his abilities.
      We’ve seen RT perform excellently at times but not consistently.

      The last 2 weeks showed just how bad the coach/coaching staff is from “X & O’s” to motivation.

  • Johnny

    Yada … Yada… Yada…. Nothing will happen as usually…. Philbin isn’t going anywhere and shouldn’t …. Sherman has to go… And Nolan should have stayed as DC… But If Coyle can work on his Run Defense… It will be all good. He (and Gimes) help us have the best Secondary in years!!! In which the secondary has given us problems for years… OUT::: Sherman… IN::: Philbin and Coyle…. As for Jeff Ireland??? I’m mixed… He has brought in some talent, and found some gems… On the other hand… He forgot about the OLine, which is most important position on a Football Team (other then QB)… Ask home 1 QUESTION::: If he thought Jonathon Martin would be a NFL LT… If he answers Yes… Get rid of him quickly!!!!
    I said this a dozen times before the season started… I said Martin was WEAK (benched 15 times at combine) susceptible to the bull rush and quick move… In other words, he is NOT a NFL caliber LT… If I can see this and he can not.. Then there is a big problem and he must go!!!

    • Jerr1233

      What people keep forgetting about the O-Line is that it was built for Sparano’s/Parcells power running scheme and Philbin is a zone scheme. We had the wrong players for the scheme. Now that doesn’t excuse the 58 sacks this year, but does shed a little light on the running problem. Don’t forget that Ireland did try to address the LT problem by first trying to resign Long, then trying to trade for Brandon Albert (who should now be a free agent) and then finally falling back to Martin. Martin was the 3rd choice. Now granted, he could have addressed it in the draft, but then your choices are a 2nd year player at LT or a rookie at LT. I wish they didn’t let Mike Nolan go, but if you remember, it was wait and hold on to Nolan and if the new (yet to be named) coach wanted somebody else then we would have been stuck paying his salary plus the new DC salary. So it made financial sense at the time.

  • Barry Paul

    Based on watching 6 years of Ross’ ownership, this is what I see as the most likely scenario going forward:
    1) Ireland, Philbin & Sherman all receive 1 year contract extensions.
    2) Ross seeks out additional recording artists and movie stars to add as minority partners, being convinced that true Dolphins fans want Hollywood glitz & glamor.
    3) He will generously give Miami-Dade voters one last chance to increase their taxes to pay for the gorgeous new score boards he wants at his beautiful stadium.
    That’s it, all bases covered. One more successful off season for the Phins!

  • Bigonza

    Is Philbin worth keeping? I’m not sure about this. Not if it hampers a new regime, IMO.

    Ireland screwed up by taking such as risk on Dion Jordan when we needed O-Line so badly.
    Isn’t this the GM who gave the Fans a bunch of baloney regarding Odrick & Starks?
    The GM that went several seasons without addressing RG at all?
    Ireland copied on the Center pick for Pouncey, which is ok but not really a sign of great GM’ing.
    Otherwise, Jon Martin’s a bust, Jon Jerry should’ve been beaten out by now, Incognito is someone else’s retread, and Clabo isn’t good enough to stop his Buffalo counterpart (2x yr).
    Ireland also let the Defense slide when it comes to LB’s, but I guess you could credit him for picking up Grimes when he let go of Sean Smith? I dunno. Grimes was already good- just an injury risk.
    Wallace was obviously let go by Pittsburgh because he can’t be bothered to slap down balls he won’t catch. Wallace just lets the opposing DB pick it off every time…not exactly a downfield threat.
    Hartline is a try-hard guy, but very skinny & seems to be affected by big hits…fumbled a lot last yr but played pretty well this yr. Otherwise, I’d give Ireland a “B-” for WR talent.
    Our RB’s are a joke. People have never heard of our backs for good reason…even with a bad Line, we still need a real RB that can break his own plays open sometimes.

    Sherman didn’t change the Wallace routes up to safer angles that would get chemistry going. I think the coaches were OK but not great. I really think Tuna was right about one thing: You are what you’re record says you are, 8-8/average again. Thanks ESPN for sabotaging our locker room, by the way. Meanwhile you still have Ray Lewis on your set…nice soapbox. The Fins were totally out of gas after dealing with all that BS, which amounts to nothing.

    The Defense went downhill and the new kicker lost 2 games for us. I think the mediocrity was a team effort. I don’t have any venom for Philbin, but I lack faith in Ireland. I think Ireland needs to go and I think we should be flexible on the new GM’s desire regarding the coaches. Otherwise, I think we get more mediocrity…well I guess…I mean does anybody feel like this team is really about to do anything…really?

  • Jill Mcclusky

    Rob Ryan for HC and Chud for OC