Dec 31, 2013; Atlanta, GA, USA; Texas A

Miami Dolphins Scout's Take: OT Cedric Ogbuehi

In our second week of Scout’s Take, we will continue our look at offensive linemen the Miami Dolphins may target within the first round of May’s NFL Draft.

Cedric Ogbuehi, who spent his junior season playing right tackle for the Texas A&M Aggies, will be looked at as a potential first round selection. He has size, athleticism, and solid mechanics, which are all traits that teams will covet.


Here is a more in depth look at big ol’ #70:


Sep 21, 2013; College Station, TX, USA; Texas A

Name: Cedric Ogbuehi

Height: 6’5”

Weight: 300 pounds

School: Texas A&M

Class: Junior

Draft Stock: Moderate, but could rise if Auburn LT Greg Robinson returns to school.

Draft Range: Picks 15-32



Ogbuehi is a solid athlete for a guy his size, which seems to be a recurring theme for this year’s first round crop of tackles. He’s an athlete at the tackle position which certainly boosts his stock for teams looking to add some spice into their offensive scheme.

This kid, similar to Luke Joeckle and Jake Matthews, has some great footwork. I don’t know what they’re putting in the water at this school, but they’re pumping out some seriously good tackles with merely flawless footwork.

One thing that college offensive linemen seem to struggle with is realizing stunts, and then being able to trade off men on the fly during a stunt. Ogbuehi does a great job when facing stunts, which is probably another key reason why he’s receiving a first round grade.

Along with being a good athlete, he bends well at the hips and possesses a good punch when first making contact with his assignment.

The last thing that Ogbuehi excels at is being able to mirror his man in pass pro. With a quarterback like Johnny Manziel, Ogbuehi and his fellow offensive linemen have been asked to mirror their men in pass pro to allow Manziel to move around in the pocket to extend the play. He’s almost pro ready in this faucet of his game.



Although he is very good at mirroring his assignment, he typically struggles to stay with his assignment on a consistent basis. He tends to make contact and then allow his man to get away from him, rather than continuing to fight to stay in front of his man.

I really saw that Ogbuehi tends to struggle while being blitzed, especially by a defensive back or a delayed blitz. Ogbuehi will need some coaching in this area of his game.

The last real weakness I’m seeing from Ogbuehi is, well, weakness. He needs to get stronger and lose some “baby fat”. He has the body type NFL teams and scouts will fall in love with, but he needs to get himself into better condition and needs to add some more strength, similar to, dare I say it, former Miami Dolphin Jonathan Martin when he left Stanford (Don’t think that I am comparing his game to Martin’s, though…).



Ogbuehi will be an interesting name to keep an eye on as the next few months pass. If he can show improvements in his game at his pro day and the NFL scouting combine, he may be able to work his way up into that top 12 range – who doesn’t need some offensive line help!?

Could he be a fit for Miami? I think the staff with have to decide if this kid is an option at left tackle or right tackle. We saw San Diego take a shot with Alabama OT DJ Fluker, who many thought would be a solid fit as a right tackle, in the top 15 last season.

Personally, Miami really needs to nail down the left tackle position first and foremost, and Ogbuehi will need some more polishing before he’s a stud left tackle. Ryan Tannehill can’t take another season of 58 sacks…

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  • Dolfandave Uyemura

    This guy looks like a great prospect for us imo. Forget the Texas AM connection, I know Philbin, being a former O Line coach, will love this guy’s mobility for his zone blocking scheme. There is one YouTube video on him pulling all the way from his RT spot, that’s RIGHT Tackle, and leading a sweep around the LEFT side. Actually depending on who we sign in free agency he may play guard for awhile until he can move to tackle. Just a thought.

    • TylerMcMullen

      That play is actually a staple in A&M’s offense. I noticed they do it at least four or so times per game, pulling both guard and tackle from the same side of the line. But, yes, it is very interesting how athletic he is. And that is a though, also. My David Yankey take should be up tomorrow morning, and I threw that same idea in there, just not about Ogbuehi lol. Yankey IS a guard, but the team could look to go guard at 19 if they sign a guy like Branden Albert or Eugene Monroe this offseason.

      • Dolfandave Uyemura

        That is what I am thinking for free agents, go out and “buy” one. We saw what happened last season when Fisher, Johnson and Joeckel went very early. Joeckel got hurt so I believe the jury is still out but early in the year Johnson really struggled and Fisher didn’t play to expectations. I would rather pay for a free agent to come in and solidify the line at LT and then work on the rest. If they can get another free agent in the interior line and then draft a guy in round one they would help us tremendously, even benefitting the defense by moreso being able to dictate the tempo of more games. I would rather draft a tackle in round one than a pure guard. A tackle can play guard but it is harder the other way around. A decent guard should be a viable pick in rounds 2-4. It is harder to get that in a tackle.

        • TylerMcMullen

          In my honest opinion, if I’m Miami’s GM, I’m spending money on Grimes, Soliai, Clemons, and Albert, then filling minor needs with left-over cash. Then I’m taking the BPA at 19 and filling my needs along the offensive line through the remainder of my draft. A guy like Cyril Richardson in round 2 at guard? A guy like James Hurst in round 3 at RT? So on and so forth.

          • Dolfandave Uyemura

            Baylor O Linemen scare me. I advocate the “it’s the player not the school” approach but makes you wonder. We have one on our team who failed expectations fwiw.

          • TylerMcMullen

            This is true, but the kid was also much, much older than you’d want in a rookie and never had time to adjust. I like Gabe Jackson, but he’s not Miami’s “style”.

          • Emmett Buck Stiernagle

            Yes get Albert or Monroe but still need to draft tackle in first cuz Albert isn’t the long term and can’t wait till the second or third miami needs to nail their tackle in the first especially the amount of talent that’s out there hopefully Robinson declares and talent falls to us. If I was GM that’s how I would do it maybe just maybe tho if Mosley was available then I would cut wheeler depending on the cap hit other then that no other way. gotta solidify that O-Line to give a couple years with Tannehill under center to evaluate. If he’s not the guy with a great line then no use waisting time me personally he is the guys so c’mon Jeffy let’s get our lineman

          • TylerMcMullen

            Cutting Wheeler results in roughly $5 mill dead money….could happen, but likely will not.

      • Emmett Buck Stiernagle

        They need to get either Monroe or Albert and also draft tackle in first round. Miami needs to resign jerry and pick up guard in the second. If the second round guard starts that leaves jerry brenner Thomas and Gardner to fight for other starting guard spot and backup to O-line. Line goes from worst to average,

        • Emmett Buck Stiernagle

          The year after that grab stud guard in the first if nothing then wait till second but don’t miss gotta hit the right guard, the following year go tackle to replace Albert. Patriots have proved that O-Line is the most important, in today’s nfl the passing game is what it’s about put points up by protecting your QB. When o-lineman gets old or too expensive you have to see it coming and prepare

        • Dolfandave Uyemura

          Exactly, that is why a player like Ogbuehi intrigues me. He can be an understudy for OT in the long run and log quality playing time playing G first. We can even re-sign McKinnie and put him on the right side if that will work or Eric Winston is a free agent again. That would help a lot. We need O Line help badly and it will benefit the entire team, even the defense by extending drives. If we get this O Coordinator McAdoo from GB maybe they can talk Packers FB John Kuhn to come over?

        • Dolfandave Uyemura

          I recall the days of Shula and Sandusky that they would put their 5 best O Linemen out there. If Philbin does the same we can easily grab a tackle prospect in the first round and play him at either G or T.