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The Miami Dolphins head coach has another year to coach.  His offensive coordinator is for now, out of football.  I was over on Finheaven.com earlier and this question was posed to their readers.  “Should Joe Philbin have stood by Mike Sherman?”

It’s an interesting question.  In Tennessee Mike Munchak refused to fire his assistants and it cost him his job.  In Miami there was rumors that Philbin could have lost his had he not fired his OC.  Was this a right move by Philbin or the wrong one?

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  • Shakti96

    Absolutely Right Choice

  • James Babka

    Right choice. Also if Sherman was such a good friend to Philbin he should have seen this coming saved his friend the agony and resigned.

  • Daddio

    All you needed to know about Sherman is his insistence to run Daniel Thomas wide left/right. Again. And again.

    • Pentax Shooter

      Yup. He refused to tailor his scheme around the admittedly limited abilities of the roster.

  • Johnny

    Pretty simple… He can NOT design plays according to his personal!!! And yes running a wide left or right on 3rd and inches is not the play to call… For instance, every 3rd and 1 (or less) NO Saints ran a QB sneak… Or even a HB dive… By running wide your adding yards to the first down… If anything, change it up and go deep once in a while… Also.. with a terrible OLine.. How about a QB roll-out / boot-leg??? I believe I could have called better games!!! And the cadence… I’m at all the games and can hear the “go-go” and knew what was coming… Good riddings… Norv Turner???

  • CdnFinFan

    If Philbin believed in his friend and that he was actually doing a good job, then that tells me Philbin himself would not be capable of being a quality head coach.

  • tpl

    Many is the time I have seen shula change his offense to hiss personnel.