GM Won't Have Say Over Philbins' Retention

DSC00694 is reporting VIA both the Miami Herald and the Palm Beach Post that Miami Dolphins CEO, Tom Garfinkel, stated that Joe Philbin is the Dolphins head coach.  According to the Herald, Garfinkel was asked if the new GM would have power to decide Philbins’ future.  Garfinkel responded.

“Steve has a lot of confidence in Joe. Joe’s our head coach — a lot of confidence in Joe Philbin,”

“In my conversations withRoss, we are looking for someone with a proven track record of evaluating talent — a football person,” said Garfinkel, per the Miami Herald. “That’s going to be the first criteria. Someone with a lot of intellect. A collaborative team player. Someone who’s creative and open-minded.”

The statement seems to add depth to the rumors that the teams management system will consist of Dawn Aponte retaining much of the teams control.  There is no evidence yet that a “czar” of sorts will be added and it’s possible that the GM will report to Aponte.  If that is the case the field of legit candidates for the job could be thinned considerably.

It was reported yesterday that Tom Gamble is the number one choice for Stephen Ross but it’s unknown if Cable would take a non-controlled position unless he had full and absolute control over the roster.  Jason LaConfora reported earlier that Gamble was a highly recommended talent by Jim Harbaugh who Ross tried to woo a few years ago.

If the Dolphins are indeed set on using Aponte as the powerhouse in the facility, the GM could be a position that yields nothing more than a title.  If Tom Garfinkel is interpreted correctly that could very well be the immediate future for the Dolphins.  The team has been in disarray for years but it appears that the “light at the end of the tunnel” may be fading a little further away than fans like.


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  • Will Crawford

    I don’t read his comments that way at all. They seem EXTREMELY vague, in fact. I’m still encouraged that if Ross wants Gamble(not Cable), all these details will be negotiable.

    • txmedic5

      Personally, I hope you are right. I hope this is the standard company line and he is referring to “Joe Philbin is our head coach NOW” routine…but seeing that he is interviewing for new OC’s it seems to lend more credence to the other.

  • Bill Stowers

    Ok please dont judge me if im blatantly wrong lol but you dont mean tom cable the Oline coach do you?

    • Chris

      You are blatantly wrong but I do not blame you. The Tom Gamble referred to in the piece of fiction above is the VP of Player Personnel for the Eagles.

  • gofins60

    Philbin should have been fired too.

  • Chris

    I’m confused. The only thing that leads to the wild speculation that is this article is Garfinkle saying the new GM should be a “collaborative team player…” From that, you derived: the new GM will be an uncontrolled position, reporting directly to Dawn Aponte, and be “nothing more than a title,” which will thin the field of legitimate candidates. Wow, and the award for “Most Speculation In One Article” goes to……
    Btw, I think everything Garfinkle said about what they were looking for are admirable qualities of any desired General Manager.

    • txmedic5

      I think the qualities are admirable to. But Dawn Aponte is running this show and the GM will be a figure head if Ross doesn’t hire a serious up and coming GM…like Gamble. This isn’t speculation it’s reasonable deduction.

      • Chris

        “Dawn Aponte is running this show”

  • tpl

    He didn’t say anything earth shattering. It makes me wonder if Ireland worked with Philbin at all in drafting players. The article makes it sound like he did not. And any GM should work with the coach on who to draft. My guess is they will hire someone like Alonzo HIghsmith, who is a good judge of talent, and has obvious ties to the Miami area.

  • txmedic5

    Oh and so we are clear on one point, the article title says he won’t have say over Philbins’ future…This year Philbin is staying and the incoming GM has to live with that. Of course the Dolphins haven’t exactly been doing things in order so having your HC interview for OC’s while looking for a GM to oversee the HC hiring his OC should mean that the HC will not get fired this year by the GM…even after he hires his OC…LOL

  • corners

    dawns has never done scouting or even drafting the players, how could she have the gms power?